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Found 34 results

  1. Charadis

    PowerBook 550c

    Hey, all! I've been lurking around here for a while, enjoying all of the acquisition posts and knowledge from the different subgroups of this community. Reading about the stories posted here really got me excited about vintage hardware from one of my favorite tech companies. I wanted to make sure my first post would be on the "Apple" of my eye. I've been hunting for a PowerBook 550c for a few years, and lately, the time has been ripe. I recently acquired one on Yahoo! Auctions, which had the 100Mhz (or 99MHz?) PPC upgrade and 32MB module installed. I also found a PCMCIA Rev C module and a NUpowr 500 167MHz 8MB daughterboard/set. There were a couple issues: when I picked up the package, I was so excited that I had to open it right there in my car outside on the lot. I was worried about the long trip it had to take overseas that it could be damaged, and I did not insure the package. It was dark, but I had the Map light on, and looking at the unit took my breath away. It was a sight to behold. As I played with the "feet," I ended up snapping the left side foot trying to pop it out. Some JB Wield/superglue remedied that, and has held up very very well so far! Also, the right side battery had corrosion that ruined the battery contacts inside. I'm just glad the unit still functioned, but I wanted a permanent solution. I bought a 520 on eBay recently, and transplanted the right side battery contact module over to the 550c. The transplant was a success, and I successfully revived one of the batteries that the unit came with using the Intelligent Battery Recondition and EMM VST program after reading here on some of the past experiences of users that posted previously. This was merely just so I had some kind of verification that my soldering work was not crap (: Here is a picture of the current setup. I am truly ecstatic about this new addition to my Mac fam, and I truly appreciate the wealth of knowledge I've been reading here on the forums. I am still waiting for a IDE -> CF card adapter. The drive that was included in my 550c was a 1GB Apple-branded IBM drive connected to a SCSCI -> IDE attachment by ADTX. Enjoy the pics! I have quite a few more, but having trouble loading them up here. If I can load more later, I post an update! Cheers
  2. Hello! At some point around high school (somewhere around '99 or '00), my parents got my nephew and I "new" Powerbook 540c's which at the time gave us intermittent problems, but which I got some use out of nevertheless. After years of neglect, I turned mine on briefly back in 2011 to see what was on it and to retrieve a few things, but otherwise it has basically been sitting around unused for quite awhile. I decided recently to try pulling it out once again but was disappointed to find that, other than a meek squeal, followed by the boot chime, it wasn't loading the system, not even a blinking question mark. Thinking the hard drive was dead, I tried booting from a CD using an external CD Rom Drive (the AppleCD 600e!) and an OS 8.1 install disk. While this caused the blinking question mark to appear, it did not get me any farther. However, I noticed that the squealing had subsided, so I disconnected everything and, voila! It booted to the Finder. (It has squealed off and on since then, but it still boots right up.) I've since installed OS 8.1 and have had no issues whatsoever. It seems my problems back in the day were likely caused by trying to run OS 8.5, which is too new for the machine. My mission was then to get the thing onto the internet. While I could burn CDs on a newer machine and load them with the AppleCD Drive, this was not very efficient, so I tracked down what I needed for ethernet, and ordered the adapter cable. On arrival I tried it out and like magic, I was able to connect! Though browsing was not really in the cards (though I certainly tried), I managed to load Fetch 3 onto the system, making it much easier to transfer files to (and from!) the machine. The next step was trying get it working with an external VGA monitor. I ordered the external monitor cable for the Powerbook 500 (my machine, being secondhand, never had one that I'm aware of). However, to my dismay I realized that it outputs to the old Macintosh Monitor cable, which is no use to me. But after some research I was able to track down a Mac to VGA adapter on Amazon that works perfectly! (And no dipswitches!) I just ordered an iFixit Torx 8 screwdriver to open it up, as well as a new Clock PRAM battery from AppleMacParts. However, in the meantime I can sync the clock as needed while connected to the internet using Vremya and the time.apple.com server. After that, the next project is to order and install the 2.5" SCSI2SD Powerbook module and replace the hard drive. While it continues to work so far, at around 20 years old (if not older), it's really only a matter of time before it bids this world a fond farewell.. Attached are some photos of my progress so far.
  3. Hello crews, I hope to find someone here who has a working PowerBook/iBook G3/G4 running Mac OS 9.x and who could help me with the hibernation feature in pre-OS X Mac OS. Mac OS 9 does support system hibernation like OS X does ("Safe Sleep"). It seems to work on laptops only - I wasn't able to activate it in my iMac G3 indigo. This feature can be supposedly enabled in the Energie saver control panel. There should be a check box "Preserve memory contents on sleep" in the "Advanced settings" tab. Can someone running Mac OS 8-9 verify if the above mentioned option is present in the Energie saver CP? This task is a part of my personal project trying to modernize and run Mac OS 9 on the later PPC hardware. Thank you in advance! Cheers Max
  4. DeGingerNinja

    PowerBook 160 issues please help

    Hello, i got got this PowerBook 160 from gumtree sold as is - I recapped the power supply and it’s giving a constant 7.8 volts I don’t get a chime only the screen pictured, no HDD spins up - and there are no electrolytics on the main board for me to recap so I’m stumped and have no clue on where to go from here any help would be much appreciated Please includ as much detail as possible ☺️ thankyou, ‘Jarrod
  5. Just ordered a LaCie MO 230 drive, looks like it is for the PowerBook 190/5300. It says 230MB on the label, but I have no idea what it means by that; looks like a floppy drive to me. Anyone know anything about this?
  6. Hopefully, this would come in handy for anyone curious about the PCMCIA module made for the PowerBook 500 series. I've posted as many pictures from various angles of the board assembly and parts (in case anyone has interest in planning modifications and how much space is inside the module) as I don't intend to open this up very often. If at all. There are three hex screws, one plastic tab, and a sticker holding my Rev C module together. I didn't have a hex bit of the correct size, but a Torx T6 proved a snug fit that allowed me to remove the screws. When I depressed the plastic tab back a small distance, I was able to carefully lift and separate the pieces only slightly, hinging at the sticker in the back. Some patient "working" back and forth allowed me to carefully separate the sticker from one of the pieces, and the unit was opened. I worked the board assembly from the back to the front to lift it from the bottom molding. The module ejection mechanism is separate from the board, and is a fixture on the bottom molding - it may be difficult to replace if it becomes damaged. Here is the bottom side of the board assembly. All pieces, angled, minus screws. Left side top (from front of module). Right side top (from front of module). Left side bottom (from front of module). Right side bottom (from front of module). Overview of bottom of board. All pieces of the module. Front hinging doors of the module. There is one stretched "rubber band" that acts to spring the doors back to resting position. If this part breaks someday, you could probably just install a rubber band to replace it...I'm actually surprised this one hasn't dry-rotted, yet. Or hack another spring assembly to your fancy. Okay. Just let me know when you make USB and cardbus possible for the 500 series.
  7. Unearthed my box of old Powerbooks yesterday and tried starting them up. One that did not respond well is a PB180c (the only one I have of that model). Basically, I plug in the AC adapter, wait 30 seconds or so and then press the power button. There's the startup chime, and the screen lights for about half a second, then there's a noise like a relay clicking (2 or 3 clicks) coming from the right rear corner of the base (around where the adapter plugs in). If I try pressing the power button again, nothing. Unplug, plug in, wait 30 seconds, press power, startup chime, click-click(-click), black screen. This worked when I put it in the box (~7-9 years ago?). Also, somewhere I got a hold of a PB190, but I don't appear to have an AC adapter for it. This doesn't use the same brick as the other PB1xx series, correct?
  8. Hello again. My 3rd problem of the week so far lol. Now my Powerbook 180c will not boot from any external SCSI device. Whenever I hook a SCSI cable up to it(I have 3 of them), it wants to boot instantly into SCSI disk mode. Is there a way around this so I can reload the OS? I don't remember having this problem years ago. Thanks.
  9. imodfrenzy

    PowerBook 540 A Few Issues

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but I recently pulled out my PB 540 and decided to try fixing some problems. These are the problems its having: -Screen is cut off on lower part unless putting pressure on it. -LCD Cable has been cut a little -Audio doesn't work -Not sure if this is an issue but the screen begins to fade from all edges to black after a while. I uploaded a picture of the LCD needing pressure to actually work, and the hinge cable being cut. I figured since this is the only cable going to the LCD that maybe the connections to the audio had been cut on the ribbon cable? (There is fewer wire lines on the cut area, forgive me if I'm way off). Would the pressure problem be an LCD issue if anyone knows? Also I read about capacitors often going bad, should I check around for leaking capacitors? Thanks
  10. Since this is absolutely the place to contemplate this question, I've been thinking about how to make my Wallstreet mobile again. I had a thought: What if you took the innards out of an existing dead battery pack and installed a cheap USB power bank in the case and used it in the slot? Could you run the machine with just the power leads connected, or would it complain if it didn't see anything connected to the charging pins? Would the machine be able to tell the level of charge just from the power output? Basically, does anyone have a schematic for the charging system I can review before I spend any money? I look forward to hearing your thoughts. EDIT: By the way, has anybody used these guys? http://laptoprescue.com/Powerbook-Battery/
  11. Hi folks Do any of you have any idea where I can source a replacement pram battery for a 300MHz Wallstreet (PDQ) laptop? or know the spec of the battery so I can make a replacement? Also, do any of you have any tips on opening the main battery, for rebuild? Before I start trying to hack it open, I'm hoping someone has been there before! I've decided to revive my oldest still in one piece laptop, my old PC laptop went pop, so had to get binned. This got me through university, so has a lot of memories. The main battery does take a charge, but only barely. the PRAM battery is shot as far as I can tell. I'm going to leave it plugged in for a day or so, see if it'll top up the battery and revive it, but I'm not hopeful. The CD drive works, but only if i mvoe the laser to the furthest out part of the track before putting a cd in. I think it's getting stuck right in the centre upon eject, is there an easy way to sort that out, or am I looking at a new drive? It doesn't seem to be a standard atapi cdrom in the case, so I doubt I can replace the guts of it easily I'd like to use it to get files onto my mac classic at some point in the future too, is it possible to use the serial ports in both machines to do localtalk, or are they too far apart in age? Thanks
  12. avadondragon

    Mini vMac on 68k PowerBook?

    While playing on my PB170 I was lamenting the fact that most of the B&W games before 1990 won’t work on it and most newer games dropped B&W support. Then I thought wouldn’t it be nice if you could emulate an SE, Plus, 512 or 128 on these monochrome PowerBooks? Looking at Mini vMac’s site there actually IS a 680x0 port of the emulator available! So maybe this is a real possibility. Has anyone gotten the 68k port to work though? I’ve tried it on my 170 and 180c but on both it makes noise but just displays a solid black screen. Can’t tell if it is actually booting or not. Maybe a wimpy 68030 can’t actually handle this?
  13. FacnyFreddy

    5300cs ... its alive!!!

    Well, I got it brought back to life. I tracked down a NOS 2000MAh battery for a decent price ($39 shipped, last one in stock!) and I swapped for a 58MB memory card. (so I now have 64MB installed) I am doing this until I can finish surgery on the dead factory battery.... project for another day. The old 500MB drive is making lots of noises... not a good sign. But, no errors yet. So I quickly (as much as can be done) copied the contents of the Mac OS 8.1 boot drive onto the 512MB CF card in a reader/adapter (PCMCIA) and then prepped the new SSD. [NOTE: I'll get System 7.6.1 + updates loaded onto the Boot7 partition next week] 16GB Sandisk mSATA<->2.5" IDE adapter It is setup for 8 partitions (boot8, boot7, docs, music, images, data, archive, and VM for virtual memory) I have one broken foot, but, the rest of it is in pretty good shape. The PRAM battery is completely dead and I busted the connector removing it from a while back... so I am on the hunt for a replacement cable. Here is some eye candy for folks to absorb.
  14. Challenger 1983

    PowerBook duo file transfer

    I might be receiving a duo but I have no dock to do file transfers. any ideas
  15. td4dotnet

    PB190 acid attack victim

    The campus I work on is busy shutting down buildings to move to new shinier centres (me included). A sad day for some but not for me, I dug through all the various skips that housed dustry treasure and got a load of stuff including a Powerbook 190... Much like the last unit I salvaged from the dump this one has suffered the same fate - a leaky MiMH battery has had its way with the board. The unit does make the happy mac bong on startup but the only thing I get on screen is a vertical yellow line (the backlight does appear to start up). I can hear the HDD spin up but I have no idea how far along the boot sequence this is getting as there's nothing on-screen. I have got another one of these babies in my workshop at home so I might be able to swap the boards? Any help on getting the copper sulphate off and ressurecting this would be warmly recieved. Real horrowshow:
  16. Challenger 1983

    PowerBook 145b screen ghosting

    Hello everyone my PowerBook has what looks like screen ghosting Here are some pics Can anyone confirm that this is screen ghosting or atleast point me in the right direction Regards Challenger
  17. Carboy7

    Battery help 520c

    I need a bit of help to fix a powerbook 500 series battery. Battery recondition doesn't work. The computer used to sense the battery, but now it is not usable. However, the battery still gives off some power. I'm thinking of recelling the battery in the future. Anyone got suggestions? (because i'm not paying 200$ for a new battery.)
  18. Anyone know the answer to this? I have a buyer looking for a Pismo inverter, would like to cannibalize one non-working Lombard for that, but I can't remember if that is the same part or not... Thanks for any help.
  19. I have 90$. My objective: To buy a new powerbook. I'm thinking of getting a 5300, but any pb will do. Anyone got an idea? Remember. 90$.
  20. Carboy7


  21. Hello, I wish I found this forum 2 years ago, but here I am today. I had a PowerBook G4 given to me several years ago and it worked fine, until one day I couldn't wake it up from sleep. Removing the battery and putting it back in did nothing, so did plugging it in and starting it without battery. One thing that caught my attention was the fact that when tried to turn on, it made a weird pew sound and it happened every time I tried starting it after disconnecting any power source. The sound did not come from any medium like the DVD drive or HDD, but from the speakers(startup chime?). I still have the PowerBook and was wondering what are my options. EDIT:Never mind, I don't know when, but my brother has sold it. I also have a Powerbook 1400c\166 I am currently trying to restore. It boots to a question mark but I can hear the hard drive working, I don't have any official install medium so I burned one to a 700MB CD-R from a Winworld .iso(it works in SheepShaver), but the Powerbook won't boot from it, it would repeatedly try to mount it(I can tell because the ODD keeps spinning the disk quicker and slower and the question mark freezes) but would eventually give up. It used to not even spin at all but after turning the little dial on the ODD I managed to get at least that far. I assumed that the drive is broken so I ordered a replacement TEAC CD224-E from Ebay to replace the current 211E. Currently I am waiting for the delivery and will followup. So, any ideas?, and thanks in advance.
  22. jua958

    Powerbook Revival Fight

    Hi guys! I bought this Powerbook 165 on eBay for 10 quid last week, the seller already stated that it was broken but I liked the idea of having a project to repair a Powerbook. At the end I would like this to become a big guide so other people with similar problems will find it helpful. So far I found these problems: [solved] Power Adapter: At first the Powerbook won't turn on, testing the PSU with my multimeter I found that it wasn't given the correct voltage (the correct is 7.5V), a quick recap and it was up and running! (well, up and giving power). Now the Powerbook boots but I found other problems. Trackball: When I use the trackball it only moves the cursor vertically, disassembling it I found something interesting: When the ball is inserted on the centre of the board, due to the weight of it the wheel mechanism is slightly moved, The y-axis sensors can still capture movement but the x-axis sensors cannot, if I take away the ball and turn the wheels manually both sensors work. Maybe the x-axis sensors doesn't have enough power? I replaced the 2 transistors on the board and it still gives the same result. I tried to bend the sensors a bit but it still won't work and I don't think is the correct solution. Here are some pics to understand the mechanism: Here is the trackball board, the x-axis sensors are on the upper-right corner This is the trackball board with the wheels And finally a zoomed picture showing the x-axis sensors with the front wheel, it slightly move left when the ball is inserted Screen: Ugly lines appear until I mess with the contrast and brightness controls, capacitor problem or irreversible? Energy distribution: This is odd, sometimes the hard drive only turns on when I turn off the screen, and sometimes the laptop shuts itself down, the PSU is giving the correct voltage. Hard drive: Doesn't appear to detect it, does some strange sounds when it turns on. ​ Any help, and I mean ANY will be VERY appreciated, I'll be updating the list and posting solutions as we go.
  23. Purchased a PowerBook 160 off of eBay of unknown condition as a project piece, and also because I wanted a grayscale PB. The unit did not come with a power brick, so I am using the brick from my PowerBook 165c. When I boot the machine: I get the dong Screen turns on I can hear something spinning (fan?), a pause, and then the process repeats. Does not boot up Trying to boot from floppy yields the same result; I don't even hear the floppy trying to spin up. So...any ideas on where to start to diagnose the problem(s)? Cheers. -10d
  24. mac-cellar

    Two in One Week! Merry Christmas!

    So, I walked into my local thrift store last Saturday, and I spotted it from 50 feet away - a 17" Apple Studio Display... one of the clear plastic LCD models with the ADC connector. The tag said $25 and I said, "You're coming with me." I always liked the design of these... all that swoopy clear plastic and that neat kickstand in the back. Not everyone's cup of tea, I know (especially the ADC part), but a real find for me. A few days later on eBay, I bid on a Titanium Powerbook G4 that looked like it was in good condition, working, was advertised to be lightly used and in the original box. $45 won the auction - the Powerbook arrived last night. It turns out that it is in fabulous condition - a scuff here and there is all there is to suggest that anyone used this at all. It included the original box and packaging and the AC adapter... it is a 550 Mhz model with upgraded RAM, and 10.4.11 Tiger with all necessary updates installed. Again, this may just be me, but I love the design of these TiBooks. I remember watching Steve Jobs do his "One more thing..." intro of the TiBook back in the day.
  25. Hello, i bought a Powerbook Duo 270c on eBay. Unfortunately the hinge doesn't work properly. It is not broken but can't hold the display in place. When I disassemble the Notebook I notices a wired substance on the hinges, like dried fat. I attached a picture of the hinge. Is there a way to repair the hinge or do I have to buy a new one? dried fat dried fat