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Found 8 results

  1. Basically, title. Got a couple of G3s a few months ago. One of them in great shape, 512 MB RAM, PCMCIA 802.11n card (although it only works under OS X) and a rare Wegener Media G4 at 550 MHz. The daughter card looks just like a stock one but apparently the folks over at Wegener grafted on a G4 and added 1 MB L2 cache. And I have two other G3/400s, one is in great shape (just needs new hinges), and the other is just for parts. So the maxed-out one is where I'm having problems - 1) It doesn't boot reliably. Sure, it chimes 100% of the time, either with its new battery or plugged in but very rarely POSTs/Happy Mac (or activates the display) without having to reset the PMU (via back panel). 2) Appears to be more stable under OS 10.3.9 than 9.2.2. I reinstalled 9.2.2 and may downgrade to see if that matters but I get a cache failure error dialog every time I boot into OS 9. 3) I need a recommendation on replacing the 2.5" HD with a CF, preferably an SSD. I can't seem to find a good IDE-to-SATA adapter that fits with the SSD inside the Pismo. Elaborating on #2, under 10.3.9 System Information, under Diagnostics, the POST reports: Failed. I downloaded a couple of cache utilities - one from Sonnet and another from PowerLogix - to see if the cache was properly configured (clock multiplier). According to the utility, the 1 MB L2 runs at a 2:5 ratio to system clock, which, on a 550 MHz G4, would be 220 MHz. But that's apparently not correct: according to https://web.archive.org/web/20071230072602/http://www.wegenermedia.com:80/pg4550.htm, the L2 runs at 250 MHz, which is something like 5:11, not 2:5. But, making any change - even to manually enable it - causes a freeze. But I'm only assuming this PowerLogic cache utility is compatible with whatever is on this Wegener-modded daughter card. So I summon the "Oracles of Pismo" to share your thoughts on any or all of the above. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have found a Lombard for spare parts and was wondering, if the keyboard have the same switches as my Pismo (since I lack a few). Perhaps the chassis could fit as well? (Since my sister, spilled acetone nail-polish remover on it in 2002). BW, Kristian
  3. Hi all, im wondering if anyone might be able to make any suggestions regarding a 400mhz Pismo I have. As the title suggests, it boots so long as its plugged in at the mains and the reset button that sits among the ports has been pressed for a bit. The obvious first thing to do was to disconnect the dead pram battery however that hasn't soulved it.Can anyone suggest what I might be able to try next? Many thanks
  4. All, I am on the hunt for a sleeve or skin for my Pismo(s). I'd like to find a simple black one that will fit the thicker Powerbook G3 units. All the current ones I see are rather narrow/shallow both in height as well as with the front-back distance. Is there NOS or left-overs that someone could recommend?
  5. Anyone know the answer to this? I have a buyer looking for a Pismo inverter, would like to cannibalize one non-working Lombard for that, but I can't remember if that is the same part or not... Thanks for any help.
  6. jmgk

    Bronze PowerBooks

    Hallo everybody! I don't think these will excite anybody as much as the likes of hap's collection or, indeed, anyone else's; but I am pretty excited with what I've got. So I found a few old CD-ROMs at a charity shop that won't run on os-x; they're for classic or windows pre-xp only and as my only machine was a series-1 MacBook (fairly vintage too, right?) so I messed around with Basilisk for a bit before asking my uncle if he still had his old PowerBook....which I thought was a y2k FireWire. It took him so long to find it that I had already bought and received a badly described but beautifully kept FireWire/Pismo from your favourite auction site before he dropped it 'round. The auction Pismo works fine, all original spec but with an extra 256 of RAM (400MHz/6GB HDD), yoyo charger and everything works. even the battery works after being charged over night, I can use it for a couple of hours on battery, no probs. I bought a cheap 32GB SSD and some extra RAM from china (the RAM still hasn't arrived), installed 9.2.2 and it does everything you'd ever want to do! other than anything relating to the internet. But this must have been an awesome powerhouse in 2000. And I finally got the PowerBook from my uncle; It's a Macintosh PowerBook G3, therefore not a firewire, but the 1999 Bronze Keyboard Lombard. The keyboard is stuffed, possibly liquid damage, but otherwise works fine. Good software on it. Any tips on repairing the keyboard? And I picked up a reatil boxed set of OS X 10.3 I wish i had the original OS9 discs! I'll post some photos, not that they are any different from normal!
  7. New tech objects in the Smithsonian collection - Pismo on the list! And several other good choices for these artifacts. http://www.adweek.com/news-gallery/advertising-branding/12-modern-tech-devices-smithsonian-saving-posterity-164916
  8. I have a two Pismos with two dead batteries. One is original, other one is aftermarket. When I first got the Pismos, the batteries did try to charge when first plugged, but they stopped at around a third, and then they did not charge anymore after. The first (genuine one), tries to charge for a minute and then stops. If I leave it for about two weeks disconnected, and sometimes it charges to 8-15%, then it just stops. Then the computer works a few minutes from it and sometimes it just shuts down immediately. Voltage in System Profiler is 9300 mV (OS 10.4) when left not charging, it rises to 12100mV when it tries to charge it. Second battery (aftermarket one) did charge at first to 1-2% a few times, but now it just doesn't charge at all, System Profiler shows 8420 mV. I've got the same results on both Pismos with two different chargers. So, is there a way to reset them? Something like a Battery Reset application? I tried OF set-defaults, reset-nvram, reset-all, but it didn't help. I know that they are just too old to be still operational, but hey, perhaps I could get at least a few minutes worth of life. I managed to get about 1.5 hours worth of battery life out of a original PB PDQ battery, using just Battery Reset 2.0 and then calibrating it, but this application doesn't work on a Pismo.