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  • Posts

    • Vague warning that the 128ke is not a great setup - as I recall the 128k ROM loads HFS into RAM, or something, eating up precious kilobytes?
    • Link to original thread's down. Out of curiosity, how does the Snail's speed compare to Asante Cards on the 030 PDS? If I could manage the build, I'd probably get one for my SE that's chock full of Radius cards just to get it a Wifi antenna on the breakout board up and running.
    • Got the Sony Test betas running on the 512!  

        The “Steve sez...” dialog boxes in version 7 are just beyond cool!
    • Cool beans, just thought I should stick my nose in about it in case it might be helpful. Still curious about any difference there might be in thickness between gold plated vs  whatever the silver stuff might be?   Is the difference in thickness really a mechanical problem the contacts or might it be in the retaining seat/clip interface? Offhand I'd think it was topside if rubber bands, clips and such solve the problem? Such would be a mechanical fix topside, no? So I'm wondering about it from both sides ()top to bottom) of the problem as I'm not convinced it's the contact thickness at the root of the problem? Forgot to mention that part.
    • I don't know of any, but in general, check each slot for a dual parallel port card, if installed check each card for the OCD bit - Open Cable Detect, if the cable is connected, there might be a drive there. If there is a drive there, you can try to probe reading of block 0x00ffffff - this will give you the name and size of the drive, and whether it is a ProFile like or a Widget like drive, but don't depend on the text name, look at the protocol version. Take a look at the Widget ERS for this. If you don't want to deal with the crazy multi-block read/write commands, stick to ProFile-y commands only - the Widgety drives are backwards compatible with this protocol, though it's slightly slower.   Note that SunRem and Corvus made compatible drives that may have different sizes, but that -1 block will give you the size of the drive. Please don't do what Lisa Office System and Xenix did - they hard coded the expected drive size inside the driver :facepalm: - as a result, if you attach a 30MB or 40MB SunRem MFM drive you could only use the first 10MB.   The ROM routine for the ProFile only contains a read block routine only for ProFile style disks, but you can pass the address of the VIA and thus test both the motherboard parallel port for an attached hard drive - whether Widget or ProFile (or X/ProFile), and any/all of the 6 possible attached external drives.   You'll need to hook the bus error vector to prevent crashes as accesses to non-existant ports won't properly signal DTACK and so will generate a bus error. You can setup the ISV (Interrupt Service Routine) ahead of time to write a flag saying that port isn't there before you call the ROM profile read routine and maybe maintain an array of info about what's connected where and what size it is.   From what I recall, if you have 2 port serial card, the 2K ROM onboard does a quick check of the port, and then if clicked for boot, would set the right variables to the address of the port and pass them to the Boot ROM ProFile routine to read the block and boot that way, I don't think they contain actual ProFile read routines.