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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I own 6 PowerPC Macs in total (see them in my signature), and most of them I've found uses for. G5 is my main Mac, iMac G4 is for music and writing, iBook G4 is laptop, Intel iMac is file server. iBook G3s are collectables. But then I have my Mac mini G4 which is not being put to good use right now. Which is sad, as it's one of my fastest systems. It just sits there, never used. Any ideas for a good use for this guy? Thanks, Henry
  2. Just recently, I did some work for a client who paid me with what I thought was a Powerbook Duo 280c and a Duo MiniDock. Knowing the 280c was a 68k Mac (my first 68k!), I gladly accepted it. When I finally got a power adapter for the unit, I discovered its ACTUALLY the case of a 280c with the logic board from a 2300c. So, a 100 MHz PPC unit. Not what I was expecting, but OK none the less. Anyways, I find myself in a situation (just lost job) where I need the money more than an extra vintage system. I've tested the system and it works pretty well, case is in pretty good shape and only seems to have one issue: part of the rubber of one of the port covers/stands is missing. Ports work (Express Modem and printer port), dock port works, speaker/mic work. MiniDock's printer/modem ports, Express Modem port (or pass-thru... not sure), ADB, sound and monitor port all seem to work, but can't test the ethernet or floppy ports. System specs: 100 MHz PPC 44 MB ram Mac OS 7.6.1 Some software, including Photoshop 3, ClarisWorks 4, Print Shop Deluxe, FileMaker 2.1 and a battery that held up to about 10-12 minutes charge (!!) I'm figuring about 120 or so for the dock, duo and power adapter. Does that sound about right? Probably selling this to a friend, but may list here if he decides against it. First time selling a vintage system, so input would be appreciated