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Found 3 results

  1. I've had several PhoneNet adapters in my collection for many years but never used them since my SE/30 has an Ethernet card. But today I was thinking about multiplayer games like MazeWars which might be fun for myself and my two kids. I have a Mac 512k (64k ROMs) and a PhoneNet adapter for it (including terminating resistor), and I also have two Farallon PhoneNet adapters with round connectors for use with more modern Compact Macs like the SE/30 shown here: I am running System 6.0.8 and System 7.1 and 7.5.5 on my two SE/30's, and I have pre-System6 operating systems on floppies for my Mac512 (again, which has the original 64k ROMs, not the newer 128k ROMs of the Mac 512kE or Plus). Since I've never used PhoneNet before, I have the following questions: 1. Can one even play games like MazeWars across different Macs and operating systems? (A Mac 512k is quite different from an SE/30 in terms of floppy disk drive capacity, ROM, RAM and OS compatibility.) 2. What specific software must I have installed on System 6.0.8, System 7.1 and pre-System6 Macs? And, is there a minimum System version for this to work? (Is use of a 400k boot floppy out of the question?) 3. Can I use regular telephone wire? (The kind of wire you'd use to connect a wired phone to a wall socket?) 4. Say I have my Mac512 and both SE/30's all connected via the PhoneNet adapters, and say I have all the required software installed. Now let's say I sit down at the Mac512. I assume I will see both SE/30's in the Chooser? And do I select both SE/30's in the Chooser to start networking with them? 5. Will this LocalTalk setup work with pretty much any multi-player networked Mac game? Thanks. P.S. Yes, I am aware of the Definitive Guide to Networking, but it doesn't answer my questions specifically. Indeed, answers to my questions above may become the new definitive guide since they don't seem to be answered briefly and specifically elsewhere.
  2. I think I already know the answer to this, but I thought I would ask anyway... I have two 68k Macs (a Centris 650 running 7.5.5 and a Classic running 7.1), both of which I use for writing and database stuff at home. I also have a StyleWriter II printer which works really well and is completely reliable. The Macs and printer are all located along the same bench in my ManCave (with a Sinclair QL and Raspberry PI between them) within a few feet of each other. However, I would like to have the best of both worlds and have both Macs connected to the printer simultaneously, so that I don't have to faff around switching cables every time I want to print from a different computer; although it wouldn't be a problem to do this, given the low usage of the printer, it seems a rather inelegant way to operate, and I don't associate the word inelegant with Macs in general. So my question is, can I use some configuration of LocalTalk or AppleTalk to connect the two Macs to the printer? Given that I would only ever be using one Mac at a time, there is no real for a printer server setup, but just having something like a 2 ADB to 1 ADB port connector might just work. Is this possible? Any suggestions gratefully received...
  3. napabar

    Apple Watch to Mac 512Ke

    Check out my latest video. I successfully got an Apple Watch and a Mac 512Ke to share files!