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Found 7 results

  1. I have a heavily beaten up imac g4 17in usb 2 that i got for 25 dollars. I suspect that there is no 5 volts. The light on the bottom of the motherboard and the fan turn on when the power button is pressed. Does anyone have a schematic cause id rather try and fix it than shell out 100 dollars for a new mobo
  2. therieau

    Clamshell SE and Snowball 17”

    Friends, I’ve ignored the hobby for a while, spending my energies lately looking for a new job and basking in newly wedded bliss. The funny thing is that the hobby will not be ignored... The 17-inch 800MHz iMac was “obtained” from the e-waste recycling area at the dump. It works perfectly, and has a fresh coat of OS X 10.4 installed. Amazingly, the previous owner made absolutely no effort to delete their files, so I did it for them. My friend had been threatening to give me her iBook SE for about two years, and although it cost dinner, I finally have it. The machine fires right up and runs great with the 256 MB RAM I added, it only when plugged in. It looks like batteries on eBay are 40 bucks, which seems cheap. Finding a replacement graphite logo for the lid might be more challenging. It it looks like I’m back in the thick of it.
  3. Hi everyone, I have an Imac g4 17" 256MB 80GB Geforce 4MX This imac was last powered on 6 months ago according to the seller, it now makes no response to pressing power button at all. Here is what I tried: Replaced PRAM battery, reset PRAM by pressing the button, Hold power for 10 sec and plug back in, plug in and power at same time, resat the ram modules, tested diagnostic solder points and got 3.6V for battery, 12.20V for 12V, got 0.01V for 12VLSP and 5V. PSU was tested with multi-meter using the service manual guide and passed the test. I noticed some white and dry stuff around C241 on the logic board (next to 16 pin power connector) that needed to be rubbed off with alcohol, I replaced that cap. What should I do now? I've tried looking for logic boards but ones from the US seem to charge $100 for shipping alone on ebay.
  4. Denus

    iMac G4 upgrades

    From the album: My vintage Macintosh systems

    I bought 2 x 1GB memory for this system, and also an Airport Extreme. Of course, the battery has been changed as well. I'm running OS-X Tiger on it: it's useless to go further, even if it's possible because the system can't handle it that well.

    © @Denus

  5. Denus

    iMac G4 Games

    From the album: My vintage Macintosh systems

    It's so nice to see those old games again....

    © @Denus

  6. Denus

    iMac G4 new screen

    From the album: My vintage Macintosh systems

    I bought a non-working iMac G4 for spare parts with a nice 17" screen which I've swapped on my current iMac.

    © @Denus

  7. From the album: My vintage Macintosh systems

    I found a nice iMac G4/1.25, complete with KB, mouse and speakers & software for a nice price. it is almost pristine, but there's a large scratch on the flatpanel itself.

    © @Denus