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Found 1 result

  1. Hi.... My Blue & White G3 was completely dirty and filthy when I bought it. I ended up taking everything apart to clean it and then put it back together. That was maybe a month ago. I have noticed that the access latch is kind of loose. It seems like if I give the computer good shake, the right side panel could fly open. I found the apple service manual for the B&W. I did not find anything in it that talked about any adjustments to make the side panel lock into place securely. I found no adjustments I could adjust. When I remove the logic board, I found what Apple calls "The Latch Panel". It is white plastic that sits between the case and the logic board. It has a lot of thin strips of plastic that move when the access latch moves. Most of the thin plastic strips were broken when I found the machine. I suspect this is the problem. I have checked all the screws to make sure they are tight, and I have checked over any plastic tabs that may have not been seated when I put the computer back together. I can not find anything wrong other then the many broken white strips of plastic. I will build a search on ebay for a latch panel. But in in lieu of that, do any of you know of an adjustment I can make to make to help the side panel close more securely? Thanks mraroid