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    • It feels very unlikely to me that you are having a hardware problem (bad traces or bad cable) and the SCSI drive would show up and work perfectly if you start from a floppy.  It sounds much more likely there is something on your hard drive causing an incompatibility.   Have you tried booting with extensions off?   Have you tried installing a fresh OS on the HD (try 6.0.8, nice and small and compatible) and booting from that?
    • Thats a stuck NMI button, or floating NMI.    Look at the NMI button traces. Check for shorts, or opens. Especially the pull-up resistor. R11 being missing may have something to do with this. your missing a few components in that area. 
    • Update:   First, Elemenoh, You were absolutely right!!!  I managed to get some 682 and 204 resisters, soldered them in (lost one since I suck at micro soldering) recapped the board, and plugged it in.  It powered on and booted, but no sound.  So I checked continuity and found a broken trace between R2 and Q1.  No problem.  I bodged it, plugged it in, and BONG!!!   I was very happy!! Then I rebooted and again no sound???  So I powered down and turned it off and back on again (I T Crowd stile) and still no sound.  I'm ashamed to say that it took me several hours to notice that there was a lot of white crud built up around the ram on the other side of the board.  I sprayed it with IPA and scrubbed it with a q-tip (did the same around the sound chip just to be safe).  Now it's back to its full functionality!!   Thanks to everyone who helped me.  I'll try to post a picture of it set up and running when I get a chance.     Oh, one more question:  How do I enter a 2020 date in System 7.5?  I keep trying, but it always reverts to 1920?  I don't seem to have this problem in 7.1 or 6.
    • I have been working on a Mac SE/30 restoration and it is exhibiting a strange problem where it can't boot from a SCSI hard drive. To start, I replaced all the electrolytic capacitors and cleaned the board with alcohol to get rid of any remaining electrolyte. After the re-cap the SE/30 boots from the floppy drive and it the SCSI drive also shows up and can be used.   However, if I try booting from the drive it hangs on the "Welcome to Macintosh" screen. Activity sounds continue from the SCSI drive continue even though it doesn't complete the boot process. I have also tried using a SCSi2SD with the same result.   From here I am guessing that I may have one or more bad traces from the cap leakage, or possibly a bad SCSI cable? Has anyone else resolved a similar issue?