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Found 15 results

  1. I saw this in the Ebay Finds thread: And yes, that is a very cool feature. My first Asante card did not have this so here is the MacGruber I needed to do to run the Asante with a video card: I made the back plane out of an old PC case sheet metal with some Dremel work. The card is rotated 90 degrees so that I could use the mounting screw for the "Thick" connection to hold it in place. Because it was close to the back of the tube it is protected with a plastic sheet covered in electrical tape. Fast forward to the only real "deal" I have come across on Ebay. That was for a Misc Mac parts grab bag. It was a single auction that included 3 of the Asantes with the special detachable "Thick" daughter card and a MicroMac Carrera 040 with the IIsi card. I think it was only $65 w/ shipping. So here is one of those cards in action:
  2. jefframsey

    Ethernet on my CC

    My Color Classic is repaired, and I have loaded 7.1 on it with Update 3. Now I want to install either MacTCP or OT and setup the ethernet. I have an Asante MCLC Twisted Pair card installed. When I plug in a cable, it lights up. I have tried unsuccessfully to get this working. First I installed the Asante Ethernet Installer 5.2.9, that installed MacTCP 1.1.1, but it would not connect to my LocalTalk network via EtherTalk after that installation. Serial LocalTalk works fine. I searched the net a bit and found a walkthrough for installing ethernet in an SE/30 running 7.0.1 or 7.1. Using that guide, I installed the Network Software Installer, followed by MacTCP 2.0.6 and the patch to 2.1. Still, I cannot get any communication to work over ethernet. Does anyone have any advice for me? Did I mess things up when I installed the Asante stuff first before I installed the Network Software Installed and the MacTCP 2? Should I be using different versions of this stuff?
  3. WTM = wafer thin mint...if anything else is added, it may explode. OK, I had this setup running several years back but never documented it...so here it is: In this configuration I get 1024 x 768 at 256 colors. If I change to the Apple 13" monitor colors increase to "Millions" but resolution drops to 640 x 480. I prefer the former. Above is System 7.1 and it runs fine on 7.0.1. 7.5.5 shown below: Chooser is showing my 3 networked Lubuntu servers, one of which is a VMware Fusion VM running on the MacBook Pro I am authoring this post on. The Copy is one of these screen captures. Here is how this all made it inside the case. This is just before the lid goes on: Under the floppy sits the Asante daughter card with its rainbow ribbon. The ethernet cable was poached from one of those retractable travel units as it is thin and pliable: The 180 MB Adtron SSD sits in the stock drive tray and has its own LED that I zip tied just under the IIsi LED so both can be seen when there is activity. To have a working fan, I purchased a dead IIsi fan enclosure and made some mods: Modded fan is on the left where I added a thinner fan that has the standard 3 wires, one is a rheostat for fan speed (white wire) which is not presently used but may be in the future. Below is shows the fan grill snipped out. This is where the rear-facing edge of the Daystar SE/30 adapter pokes through and rests. Final assembly had me removing a bit more of the already-cut inner ring so that the area from about 8 to 9 o'clock are gone. Now the fun part... Above is the bottom of the video card with all the goods attached. To make this work I had to lose the video card's video capture daughter card. This freed up its PDS pass-through and gave me an opening to slide the ethernet cable through. In the PDS are first the Asante card with its math chip removed...same for the riser card which also had a math chip. To get things to fit, the Asante has a 90 degree PDS inserted and then 2 straight PDS inserted. Not shown is a rubber stick-on rubber bumper thing on the back side of the 2 straight PDS pieces. This allows the 040 to rest on when it is in position. Also not shown as the zip ties in the 2 corners of the Asante PDS where the 90 degree PDS is inserted. These ties fight gravity pulling the works out of the Asante. Next is the Daystar SE/30 adapter for Cache/030/040. I went with this card as it was unused, smaller than the IIsi adapter with pass through and that adapter would have the 040 doing a 270 degree backflip vs the 180 backflip with the SE/30 adapter. Here is the top of the 040... It gets 2 90 degree PDS units so it can attach to the SE/30 adapter... I have had this together for about 36 hours and all seems stable. The only crash I had was when I was trying to decompress a new word processor and I don't think that was related to the configuration. To do list: 1. I'd like to add a rheostat to the fan as it runs at 100 percent and I think it could be dialed down some 2. I need to get the motherboard recapped...It has never been and its chime is starting to fade
  4. I am having trouble getting my LC II to connect to the internet. I am trying to connect directly via ethernet using an Asante MCiLC network card. I've installed all relevant drivers, and I am using Internet Explorer 4.0.1. I am using System 7.5.5. When I connect my Ethernet cable directly from the LC II's network card to the router, the upper light on the network card blinks quickly. However, when i open up Internet Explorer 4.0.1, I get errors such as "Data transfer error (-28)" and "The website could not be found" for every website I type into the address bar. I have set my TCP/IP settings to DHCP. Am I missing anything? Any and all help is appreciated! I have been working on this all day and now I am very tired
  5. mattislind

    Asante Maccon SE/30 drivers?

    I traded a Radius board for a Asante Maccon board for my SE/30 and now I need the drivers. I failed to find them through google. Anyone has them? Downloadable? /Mattis EDIT: Maybe I should have written diagnostics disk. So I could check that the card is found in the machine.
  6. fimbulvetr

    Fimbulvetr's finds

    I picked up an SE/30 with keyboard and mouse off kijiji today. The seller was a young guy, and wanted CAN$140 for the thing. The ad said it was upgraded with a 2GB and worked great. I noticed it had an Ethernet card and looked clean and in nice shape, so I decided to check it out. The guy said it was a gift and he had no use for it. After giving it a test run I bought it, and of course the first thing I did when I got home was open it up to check the condition and look for a maxwell bomb that might need diffusing. Not only did I find that it was beautiful and clean inside, it had been recapped (with original style SMD electrolytics), had a new battery, an Asante MacCon Ethernet card, 2TB 50-pin HD, and ... a Daystar Digital 50 MHz 68030 powercache! Somebody must have really liked that guy to give him such a nice SE/30 as a gift.
  7. ktkm

    FriendlyNet Hub

    I’m looking for a new power adapter for a 5-port Asanté FriendlyNet Ethernet hub (since I bought it without one). The hub states 5VDC but how many amps is the output? I have tried 1A but can’t get a stable network going between my PowerBook G3 (Pismo) and Mac IIcx (MacCon+). (They sometimes show up in the Chooser). The strange thing is, when I use port 5 for the Mac IIcx, next to the up-link port connected to my cbn router, I can connect to the Mac IIcx from the PowerBook, but when I try to connect from the Mac IIcx to the PowerBook the chooser crashes. Help really appreciated! BW, Kristian
  8. Are AAUI transceivers interchangeable between brands, both the cards and transceivers? The reason I am asking, I have a combination video and Ethernet card for the IIsi that has an AAUI port. I have an Apple branded transceiver that works great with my Quadra 700. But when I use it with that combo card on my IIsi, it doesn't light up at all. The combo card has an Asante branded Ethernet portion, so will I need an Asante AAUI transceiver? Or is something hosed with the Ethernet portion of the combo card? TattleTech does see both the video and the Ethernet portions of the combo card. Anyone else have one of these combo-cards?
  9. I’ve bought the “#2 Asante MacCon-IIET Ethernet Network Card Mac Macintosh II 09-00100 NuBus” from eBay, without knowing if works I have no experience with this card but maybe some one here do? Really appreciated! BW, Kristian
  10. TimHD

    MacCon+ 30iET PDS connector

    From the album: AsanteMacConSE30

    PDS connector of MacCon+ 30iET network card See Figure 2-15 of http://www.asante.com/downloads/legacy/mcmlrb.pdf
  11. From the album: AsanteMacConSE30

    RHS of MacCon+ 30iET network card See Figure 2-15 of http://www.asante.com/downloads/legacy/mcmlrb.pdf
  12. From the album: AsanteMacConSE30

    LHS of MacCon+ 30iET network card See Figure 2-15 of http://www.asante.com/downloads/legacy/mcmlrb.pdf
  13. From the album: AsanteMacConSE30

    Rear of MacCon+ 30iET network card See Figure 2-15 of http://www.asante.com/downloads/legacy/mcmlrb.pdf
  14. TimHD

    MacCon+ 30iET Front

    From the album: AsanteMacConSE30

    Front of MacCon+ 30iET network card See Figure 2-15 of http://www.asante.com/downloads/legacy/mcmlrb.pdf
  15. massiverobot

    Asante MacCon SEE small

    From the album: SE

    SE ethernet Board from Asante