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Found 5 results

  1. I purchased this lot just because it was a working IIfx which I've wanted for a while but they don't float by often enough. Turns out this included a second dead IIfx from a PRAM battery explosion. I was not prepared for how large the also-included SuperMac 19" Trinitron was, but I should have known better with how well it fits above the massive Mac II series I'll attempt to repair that one as well as generally re-cap both boards. Both machines included a SuperMac video card (different models) and a third SuperMac video card was included New-in-Box It came with 4 SCSI devices; cartridge-loading CD w cartriges, SyQuest 44MB with bag of cartridges, HDD, and unknown-yet spec DIGITAL Storage Expansion box And a bag full of cables, a second AEKII, and 4 more classic rectangular mice ...Also the guy threw in the DIGITAL (DEC) lappies in with the lot when I arrived. The working IIfx also has DEC software on it. So this guy must have worked for them More pics.... https://i.imgur.com/a3znTUv.jpg https://i.imgur.com/1VkmGvN.jpg
  2. I have been fortunate to acquire some very awesome Radius/SuperMac cards this year. Here are some of the Thunders. First one is a new old stock SuperMac Thunder II GX 1600 - COMPLETE! Next up is a Radius Thunder IV GX 1600, the card to finish up my Radius System 100 dream. Followed by the little baby brother, the Radius Thunder 24 GT 1152, note the missing vram: Next up is classic yet trusty SuperMac Thunder II GX 1360, but this one predates the GX moniker. I have not even tried this card yet. To top of the Thunder madness I even got a copy of the official Thunder IV Manual, soon to be scanned and posted online. But... there is one more thing worth showing... This somewhere rare SpigotPro AV will be going into my 840AV for some old school AV work, whenever I get to it.
  3. I had a bit of an impulse buy today. It's been a very, very, very long time since I bought anything 68k Mac related. Browsing eBay I ran into a fairly cheap SuperMac VideoSpigot for $17 with shipping included. I have two different SuperMac Nubus video cards so I thought this would pair well with either of them. The price was certainly right! Old video capture stuff has always interested me even if I don't have any practical use for it. It's just cool. Lately to escape the troubles and trials of life I have been working on my old computers, selling what I do not need and keeping what matters to me. I stuck with x86 PC's initially as it was just easier to move files between my modern Win7/Win10 machines and the old stuff. Networking between Win95 or WinNT4 to Win10 is still doable with minimal hacks on the Win10 end. Now that most of my old PC's are fully restored I am moving on to making sure my core Mac collection is completely operational. One of the tasks on my plate will be to establish a functional bridge machine between the 68k/PPC Mac world and the modern internet. The card hasn't come in yet but I will do a detailed review and write up of it in this thread once it does. Hopefully the board is in good working order.
  4. patatas

    Spectrum/24 PDQ+ V3.1

    Looking for someone to burn me a couple of Spectrum/24 PDQ+ V3.1 ROMs (I have the ROM dump)
  5. ktkm

    Graphics card ID help!

    What kind of card is this? Please se attached files. Bw, Kristian