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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I hope someone has a good idea for my little problem... I recently acquired a Quadra 630 and, unfortunately, it did not come with a CD-ROM drive, so I purchased one on eBay (AppleCD 300i Plus). The SCSI bridge was broken during shipping and I tried to plug it in just in case it still worked, but the computer did not even see the drive. I noticed that whenever the non-working drive was plugged in the computer, my external ZIP drive wouldn't work (the extension had a red X at boot), but when the CD-ROM was unplugged, it was working. Since the ZIP drive uses SCSI ID 5 or 6, and the CD-ROM uses 3, I assumed there was an issue with the termination jumper so I removed it from the CD-ROM. Alas, despite my best efforts at fixing the bridge, the CD-ROM never worked, so I unplugged it, and replugged my ZIP drive this morning only to see that it too was not being recognized by the Mac. SCSIProbe sees something at ID 5 but cannot give any details (while it did not see anything at all for the CD-ROM), and reinstalling the Iomega driver and even the system folder did not solve the issue. The computer says no ZIP drive is connected. I guess there was a short circuit or something coming from the damaged bridge, it is possible that at one point pin 13 touched pin 11 and maybe pin 15 (pin 13 was broken and I tried to solder it back, it could be possible that some solder was under the pins and touched them). Would this make any sense? And if there was one, or some kind of power surge, what exactly could have been damaged on the logic board? I don't know which chip is the SCSI controller (or whatever it is called). I haven't tried zapping the PRAM since there is no battery on the logic board at the moment. If anyone has any idea, I'd be glad to hear it! If a chip is damaged if it is surface mounted I'm not sure I could fix it but it may be worth a try. I really needed the ZIP drive to work on this computer, more than the CD-ROM... Thanks in advance!
  2. Floofies

    MicroQuadra 630

    This is an anchor thread for a Quadra 630 project I am starting, which will receive periodic updates as the project progresses. The primary goal of this project is to build a custom, minimal vertical case for the Quadra 630 logic board. The case will not support internal expansion except for the PDS slot. All other peripherals and devices (CD-ROM, Floppy) will be made external. I have already created a 50-Pin to C50/DB-25 SCSI adapter for the CD-ROM drive. For materials, I want to use wood and perhaps black acrylic. I recall seeing a similar wooden AIO project once- a replica of an actual Apple design that never came to fruition -but I can't find it for the life of me! The project's main goals, in order of importance: Find a working CF Card (or SD Card) to IDE adapter. (There will be no room for a traditional hard disk in the case) Construct a minimal vertical case that will house only the logic board, PSU, CF/SD Card, Video-out board, and Front Panel Controller. Construct or hack together a smaller PSU. (Not required, but very convenient!) Create matching external enclosures for the Floppy and CD-ROM drives. Create a special cable and ports for the Floppy drive. Create a special audio cable and port for the CD-ROM drive. Modify the Front Panel Controller, repurposing the rear programmer's switch to create a light-up power button. Modify the video-out board for integrated VGA output. But why the Quadra 630? Along with other Macs that use the edge-connector and wiring harness, the Q630's internal design is very modular; a prime target for a custom case. It's also worth mentioning the Q630 has one of the worst designed cases I've ever seen Apple produce. In terms of ergonomics and usability (You can put your monitor on top of it...), it scores very high; but from an engineering perspective it's unnecessarily bulky for the amount of expansion it offers. If you never utilize the video or communications slots, you have a lot of dead space. There's also the fact that I generally dislike horizontal computer cases nowadays: LCD monitors are small enough that finding space is now a non-issue, resulting in the Q630 taking up way more space than I prefer. Expect some chunky photos of the early prototype soon! Cheers.
  3. Floofies

    Q630 Dyna-Comp PSU

    From the album: Schematics & Designs