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Found 4 results

  1. moosefuel

    Newton Documentary

    Hi all, I am in video production and also a fan of almost all things Apple, I have put together a crowdfunding campaign to make a film about Newton and the people who still use it. Almost everyone who owned one has really great feelings about it, I want to make a film about Newton and the people who "carried the fire" after it was discontinued. Shameless self promotion, but I think if anyone would be interested it would be the people here, and if not please spread the word: newtfilm.com. We've raised $1695 so far, and we're about halfway through the campaign. I'd also welcome any ideas about the campaign or the final film. Warm regards, noah
  2. As mentioned, any guides to achieve that as I don’t have any cables for my eMate
  3. johnnycat


    I hate to ask this question. I have tried several times to contact Tactile Systems online. I'm not sure if it's even the correct Tactile Systems that wrote the old NewtFTP, but it seems possible. Anyway, they never return my emails. I'm trying to find (even buy from the source) a serial number for NewtFTP 2.0. I'm stuck. no such luck. Does anyone know anyone to contact regarding buying a license? or does anyone HAVE a serial number? Ugh. Abandonware makes me so depressed. Maybe I should stop living in the past, but most days it sure beats living in the now.
  4. Westinghouse

    Newton Keyboard X0044 -- no shift?

    I've had a Newton Keyboard to go along with my MessagePad 2100 for years, and they have always played well together. Today, though, I find that neither shift key on the keyboard is doing anything. Typing input with a shift key depressed yields a lower-case letter (or the 'lower-case' typographical symbol on a key-- ';' instead of ':'). Caps Lock still provides capital letters. Every other key works, including Ctrl, Option and open-Apple. Same behavior when used with an eMate 300. Any ideas as to what might be causing this behavior? Is it likely within the keyboard, or in the serial adapter?