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Found 7 results

  1. Hello Folks ! recently acquire a Macintosh Portable M5120 non backlit , as usual washed and cleaned motherboard , recapped with new capacitors , cleaned as if there no tomorrow hybrid but on start up Portable start immediately with sad icon , distorted video and stripes (see video) the "intermittent start and stop on video at first is due to the fact that power supply was not connected and battery was low ,Portable normally start up with sad icon ( 2 distorted ) and stripes , hard drive spins but nothing else . Maybe Techknight can "unlock " the secret thank you
  2. godfatherq8

    apple portable keyboard

    Hi I use the case of my portable with new macbook but I want to keep the original keyboard, do anyone know how can I use the macintosh portable keyboard and change the IDE interface to USB so it works with new Laptops?
  3. redruM69

    Mac Portable troubles

    I'm currently working on a Mac Portable, backlit. Its been cleaned, recapped, fresh battery installed, w/ SCSI2SD. System 7.1 installs fine, but as soon as it booted the first time after install, I get the message: "No battery reserve power remains. The Macintosh will go to sleep within 10 seconds to preserve the contents of memory. Good Night." And then it sleeps. Waking it back up just gives the same message, and it cycles again. Booting a System 6.0.8 floppy works fine, as I assume it does not monitor the battery. The battery is charging correctly, showing ~6.2v alone, and ~7.3v if the AC adapter is connected. I have also tried a bench supply @ 6.5v to eliminate the battery being part of the equation. I haven't torn it down again just yet. I dug around and saw some older posts mentioning diagnosing the hybrid chip for a somewhat different, but related issue. Is the hybrid where I should start? Any additional tips?
  4. godfatherq8

    macintosh portable not working

    I just bought a macintosh portable thats from Ebay but it is not working I want to repair it can you please tell me where to start. a step by stem what to do and what need to be change and check? I have a new 6V 4.5Amp lead batter and new 9v backup battery but still not working(no power up, no sound). So what I have do to next change what the capacitor or wash it or what ?
  5. Hi all, Picked up a Mac Portable 5120 (non-backlit) last week; before powering it up, I removed the logic board, removed the caps from it - all of them, except the tantalum cap on the hybrid board - cleaned the board, replaced the caps, and got a new black 6v 4.5ah brick battery. Putting it all back together, it won't boot off of the battery alone - the screen flickers, and it either hangs on a flickering mouse-pointer screen, or flips over to the chimes of death. With the original Macintosh Portable power adapter and new battery connected, it will boot 90% of the time. When it falls, it simply does nothing. Based on previous threads here, I'm suspecting the hybrid board. I did find one bad trace on there, which I have bridged, but no change. Wondering if anyone here has any ideas to help narrow down the next vector of attack. I want to test continuity on all of the hybrid board traces, but I lose some of them beneath ICs.
  6. Canby Fat Mac

    Macintosh Portable Card ID

    Came across this card inside a 5120. Can't find much of anything online about it. Anyone know what it is?
  7. I found a Macintosh Portable 5126 south side of London from the original owner. Got it back to the states today, put in a new battery and was surprised to find it works flawless (even the clock was set powered with 9v dated 9/94). Took it apart to remove the British invasion of dust bunnies and was even more surprised to find all the original caps are installed. Inspected them and see zero signs of leaks. Now should I stick to the side of "Preventive Maintenance" and have the board recapped? Or the side of the purest and leave it "Original as designed by Apple" and "Dont fix whats not broken"