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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm having this super annoying problem at the moment. I downloaded MacTCP, and when I try to drag it into my Control Panel, I get the message: "You cannot move MacTCP to the folder Control Panel, because an invisible item with the same name already exists in this location" Is there a way for me to unhide this invisible item? Or to delete it or something? I have tried searching for "MacTCP", but nothing is found. When I try to run MacTCP from another folder, my whole system freezes, so apparently I can't do anything until I have solved this problem. Any advice would be much appreciated! CM
  2. CodeMonkeyZA

    Serial Network Programming

    Hi, So, I would like to do some "network" programming on my Macintosh SE/30, if it is possible. I am fairly versed in C, and I was hoping that I would be able to listen to as well as write to the ports. Unfortunately, I have been unable to locate any reference to how it might be possible to do this. Does anyone know how to listen to a port using C, or any other programming language for that matter? During my search, I saw someone was able to communicate to an Arduino using a vintage Mac, so I assume it must be possible to read and write to the ports... Any suggestions? Thanks a ton! CM
  3. CodeMonkeyZA

    Mac SE/30 booting troubles

    Hey guys, So, I've been creeping on this forum for a while, looking for help for my first *brand new* Macintosh SE/30. When I bought it, everything was working fine, except no bong. I was so excited to start coding on this awesome old machine! (I'm into programming on vintage platforms, so this was a very exciting buy for me). Alas, when I got home, I turned it on and just got the blinking question mark. I read on your forum it might be the caps. As I live in a small town in South Africa, I decided to do it myself. Everything went fine, except for some pads that lifted, so I had to lay some jumpers. I put the whole thing back together, and.... nothing... I actually got the bong for the first time, which indicated that I must have done something right. I turned it off, and on again, and it actually booted! I was so happy, and scared at the same time. Why didn't it boot the first time? After I played on it a little, I decided to reboot again. I was greeted with the blinking question mark. I investigated further and read that the head on the hard drive might be stuck. I opened everything, and looked at the head of the hard drive. It didn't seem to move on startup. I tapped it a little and it jumped into position, just to go limp again, without booting... So now, after my sob-story, I have the following question: is the problem with the hard drive, or the motherboard? I am willing to order a scsi2sd card to replace the hdd, as finding a original scsi in South Africa proves to be impossible. The problem is just, it is expensive to get it here, and I don't want to buy it if it's not gonna fix the situation. Thanks very much for the amazing forum you guys keep! I have learned so much about this little machine, and I am desperate to get it working again!