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Found 4 results

  1. Hey there. So I have an issue with my power mac G4 MDD the 876 MHz model. Recently won a bid for two, one works great this one, not so much. Had to replace both hard drives as they just clicked. Installed mac OS 9.2.2 for MDD power macs on them. The one machine works perfect, the 876mhz one wont fully boot. Gets to the Mac OS 9.2 screen then the screen flickers and goes black with just a mouse pointer. It freezes up, even the power button does nothing. Have to un plug it. However, when I remove the video card the machine will boot up I believe but I cant tell. I believe it boots fully because the power button in now responsive and will put the machine to sleep when I press it. If I put the video card back in it, the same results happen. It freezes with the black screen and just a mouse pointer. The video card does show an image when the machine is turned on and shows it booting. It just gets to a point every time and will freeze. Not sure what to do here other than order another video card. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.
  2. maceffects

    My Pride and Joy Conquest - Complete

    I have finally completed my collection for the NEW OLD STOCK PowerMac G4 MDD. This machine is special because it runs Mac OS 10.5.8 and Mac OS 9.2.2 natively. I purchased all items separate and everything (including upgrades) was purchased NEW within the last 2 years. 1) PowerMac MDD 1.25ghz FW400 (2gb ram, 80gb & 250gb, AirPort Card, Upgraded Power Supply) The small drive has Mac OS 9.2.2/10.3 the larger has Mac OS 10.5.8 2) Harmon Kardon Sound Sticks III with sub 3) 17" Apple Studio Display 4) ADC to DVI adapter (to prevent damage to the power supply) 5) AirPort Extreme (first rev) Base station (not shown - required to work with AirPort Card WEP) 6) 3 Extra Power Supplies (in case the one fails - common) Total invested: $1500 - but its a brand new machine from 2003 right down the the upgrades. Runs Mac programs from about 1995 to about 2005, that's 10 years of software compatibility, by far the most versatile Mac.
  3. Hi all, The answer to this question (as seems to be the answer to all MDD questions) is that the PSU is on the way out. However, just in case it isn't, I'm posting to see if anyone else has had this problem and has found a solution. I bought an MDD late last year with a beautiful Apple Cinema Display HD (in box too!). I bought it from the original purchaser and he had taken good care of it. I assembled it all and it works. Yesterday evening I finally got around to plugging it into my HP LP2065 (1600x1200 LCD) and it wouldn't start. Bleh. I changed the PRAM battery. Nothing. I brought it downstairs assembled it again as I had done and it starts up with as loud a bong as ever. I plugged in another LCD monitor while it was powered down and both monitors came up on startup. I tried it with only the LCD monitor in the DVI port. Nothing. Merely a flash on the start button. Not even a bong. I plugged the ADC monitor back in. All OK. I then stuck in a PCI ATi Radeon 7000 and put the LCD monitor into that. Starts up fine. I took out the ADC card (ATi Radeon 9000 methinks) that came with the MDD. Nothing. Won't start. I put the ADC card back in and plugged it in. Starts up fine. Any ideas in getting it to boot up without an ADC monitor? The Cinema Display HD is a feckin' massive yoke. Thanks very much
  4. Hi all, I won an MDD dual 1.25GHz for about USD20 in an auction. I am surprised how loud it is. Aside from replacing the HD, does anybody here have any suggestions on how it can be made quieter - new fan perhaps, replacement heatsink, replacement PSU etc. If so, which one should I replace it with. Thanks very much for your help aa