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Found 3 results

  1. patatas

    New acquisitions..

    Just got hold of the following in full working order: IIfx with Radius Thunder IV GX 1600 IIsi LC475 Laserwriter 320 HP Deskjet 550c with AppleTalk Stylewriter Apple CD300 2 x Mac Video adapters 8/32 RevB 2 x Macintosh II adapters 2 Apple Color Monitors 1 Apple LC monitor working on compiling configurations. Attached a couple of pics of the IIfx...more to follow
  2. onemoremac

    LC 475 Beeping noise

    Dear people, Two years ago i've bought a clean and nice second hand LC 475. Since a year i just tried to boot it up and it made a terrifiying ticking noise. To me it sounded like a somehow wrong electricity flow. Last time I booted it up every thing was just working fine. I stored the computer under my desk (climated controlled room) in a box. I have never changed someting on the inside. Thanks for reading and please help. Cheers from the Netherlands, Levi
  3. Hi all I need to get a new PSU for my Performa 475 (or, at least, I suspect that I do). I have an LCIII. Are the PSUs between the two interchangeable? The values written on them are a little different but, from what I have read, it seems that the LCIII PSU will work in the P475. I would like to test the P475 PSU in the LCIII. Is this a bad idea? How about the LCIII PSU in the P475 until I can order one from uniserver? Thanks for your help aa