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Found 2 results

  1. I recently bought a Macintosh Quadra 700 off of eBay (https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Apple-Macintosh-Quadra-700-M5920-Desktop-Computer-w-Harddrive-Mac-iMac/273781054522?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649) and it has some corrosion on the logic board from a leaky battery. When I was cleaning the corrosion off, several components fell off of the board. The parts that came off were R71, C61, R76, R77, Y6, and C65. D5, D6, and U91 are still on the board, but their pins don't look too great. U92 has nearly all of its pins broken off and it is hanging on by two or three pins. I tested the continuity of all of the traces that I could follow in the damaged area and everything seemed to be connected. When I try to turn the computer on, the power LED lights up and the speaker clicks once (but does not chime). Do you think that the symptoms are caused by the missing parts or are the power-on issues more likely the fault of bad traces that I didn't catch? If any of the missing parts are necessary for operation, please tell me the correct component value so that I can replace them. I hope that U92 is not needed for the machine to power on because it seems to be a custom chip that is probably impossible to find. Attached are some pictures of the damaged area so that you can see what I am referring to. I hope I can save this one because I have always wanted a working Quadra 700!
  2. So, my Q700 that was only in my hands for about a month is suddenly having hardware/ADB issues as well as the 950 I've written about here. Background is above. Pardon the crosspost but I wouldn't normally hang out in the Peripherals section so maybe others wouldn't either... and this graduated from a problem isolated to the video card to impacting the entire machine! Here it is in its glory/gore. Thank you in advance for following along! Above PC 24x jacked up my Q700. Machine at the time had a upgraded/soldered 33 MHz crystal, PPC 601 PDS card, PowerPump NuBus card and companion SIMM that was supposed to increase the clock from 33 to around 40 MHz but I never could get it to work. The Quadra came to me without an 040 CPU so I bought a MC68040RC40A (note the 40 MHz so it should handle the overclock just fine) and installed it, even though the 601 runs most of the time. I have a 3-port ADB/HD15 KVM switch that works (seemingly) perfectly. Plugged in the Radius card to revisit the issue I noted in the above post and it basically the mouse went out shortly thereafter (after a couple of reboots, there wasn't a particular moment of failure). Clicks work but no x,y movement. The pointer is grounded in the upper-left corner, regardless of boot disk (SCSI2SD or original HD), OS version (7.6.1, 8.1, 8.5) or H/W configuration. Booted from Legacy Recovery CD (7.5 IIRC?) and FloppyEmu (various versions). I've cleared PRAM countless times I have 64 MB matching 30-pin RAM (+4 MB onboard), that I've taken out I have 2 MB VRAM that I've taken out I plugged in a known working PrecisionColor 8xj NuBus from another machine I left in/took out the PPC 601 card I pulled the 68040 and forced it to let it run on PPC 601 only I took out all NuBus cards and ROM SIMM I *think* I tried to run a stock Quadra 900/700 ROM onto a ROM SIMM I burned but I'm not sure if I did it right (just got the programmer last week) I bypassed the ADB KVM by connecting wedge mouse and AEK II to both Quadra ADB ports I disconnected AEK II and connected multiple mice directly to both ADB ports I verified AEK II and mice work in other machines I removed and replaced the (tested good) PRAM battery I've used ADB Renewal and Mouse Jolt utilities that are supposed to reset the ADB/bus and don't require a mouse to do so I've had success with TechTool PRAM zapping as it claims to be more thorough (beyond the initial ~192 bytes they claim is wiped with a regular Cmd-Opt-P-R?) but can't navigate TechTool without a f-ing mouse I get an 0000000F/00000021 occasionally when I try to boot from SCSI2SD, usually if I don't pull the PRAM battery AND power for ~30 sec. I have a Snooper NuBus card that I'm not even sure is working. It lights +5V, +12V and -12v light up but no ADB or Activity - the orange clock LED blinks rapidly ... but it does the same thing in my working Iici too. The main symptom is STILL: the mouse clicks but doesn't move. (which is great if the Apple menu were a "FIX ME AND GET FILTHY RICH IN THE PROCESS" button). I'll buy a Q700 board if someone has a working one for sale but that's a last resort. But I also want to get this solved and put my front bedroom/lab back together soon. Is this a lost cause? And thank you again for hanging in there with me!