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Found 2 results

  1. Upgraded my Performa 640CD from 16 Mb of Mac RAM to 52 Mb of Mac ram. The ram for the Dos portion was 32 Mb before and after the upgrade. After upgrading, the Macintosh System 7.5.1 portion seems to run without issue, but when I try to boot into the DOS portion, I get a blank screen. The DOS portion was working before the upgrade. Does anyone know why this might be happening?
  2. First post. Woot! I thought I might share some knowledge and get some feedback on my process, but first the backstory. I have a Performa 640CD I acquired from a longtime client around 12 years ago. She donated it to me because the power supply failed from a lightning strike. I happened to have acquired a Performa 630CD around that same time, so I moved the 640CD logic board over to the 630CD chassis to test it. Lo and behold: the 640CD powered up. Life happened and I promptly forgot about the machine. I got back on a preservation/restoration kick the last couple of years and finally got back to the 640CD. Still no power supply, but I wanted to at the very least get started on preservation. I yanked the power supply from the 630CD and moved it to the 640CD so I could get the system working "au naturel". My primary goal was to convert the hard drive to CompactFlash. Good idea too, because on the first powerup, the original drive suffered a bone chilling head crash. Now to the point of the post. I couldn't find a single process anywhere after two days of 'net searching that details everything necessary to completely restore one of these machines from nothing if you don't happen to have the original software media. I pulled together several different resources and my other ancient cobwebbed Mac/PC knowledge to create a single set of instructions for restoring the software on one of these machines. I'd like folks input on my process: maybe there's some steps I can eliminate? A better set of software tools or installer disks I can use? At the very least, I wanted to share this process here so others who might someday need it could get use out of it. The process is several pages long so I'll link it externally. If that's frowned upon, I can post the entire process here. http://inanis.net/museum/quadraperformalc-630-software-restoration-process/