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Found 3 results

  1. MattB

    PB190 Battery Leak

    I have a working 190 that I salvaged from my high school several years when they were disposing of old hardware. When I got it the battery had already leaked slightly and it hasn't gotten any worse over time since I pulled the battery out and store it separately, but now I'm on a restoration kick after doing some work on my Kanga and I want to bring my 190 back up to factory condition. The condition of both the battery and the bay is in the attached images. The machine works properly on AC power with no issues and for obvious reasons the battery is never inserted. Given the current condition, how should I go about cleaning up the battery bay? Or has the acid done too much damage to the contacts to ever run on battery power again?
  2. Just ordered a LaCie MO 230 drive, looks like it is for the PowerBook 190/5300. It says 230MB on the label, but I have no idea what it means by that; looks like a floppy drive to me. Anyone know anything about this?
  3. td4dotnet

    PB190 acid attack victim

    The campus I work on is busy shutting down buildings to move to new shinier centres (me included). A sad day for some but not for me, I dug through all the various skips that housed dustry treasure and got a load of stuff including a Powerbook 190... Much like the last unit I salvaged from the dump this one has suffered the same fate - a leaky MiMH battery has had its way with the board. The unit does make the happy mac bong on startup but the only thing I get on screen is a vertical yellow line (the backlight does appear to start up). I can hear the HDD spin up but I have no idea how far along the boot sequence this is getting as there's nothing on-screen. I have got another one of these babies in my workshop at home so I might be able to swap the boards? Any help on getting the copper sulphate off and ressurecting this would be warmly recieved. Real horrowshow: