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Found 4 results

  1. I recently picked up a PowerBook 180c that boots up and seems to work perfectly, with the exception of the floppy drive. It will read the floppies just fine, but the Finder always shows the disk locked icon, regardless of whether the disk is write-protected or not. I took the floppy drive out of the computer and the mechanism appears to be bent in such a way that the left side of the floppy is higher than the right side when it is seated in the drive, which seems to be preventing the write protect micro switch from triggering. I confirmed this by pressing on the left side of the disk when it was in the drive, and sure enough, I could write files to the disk. I tried bending the mechanism a bit to permanently fix the problem, but to no avail. Does anyone have any ideas about how to fix this? Thanks! Alex
  2. Unearthed my box of old Powerbooks yesterday and tried starting them up. One that did not respond well is a PB180c (the only one I have of that model). Basically, I plug in the AC adapter, wait 30 seconds or so and then press the power button. There's the startup chime, and the screen lights for about half a second, then there's a noise like a relay clicking (2 or 3 clicks) coming from the right rear corner of the base (around where the adapter plugs in). If I try pressing the power button again, nothing. Unplug, plug in, wait 30 seconds, press power, startup chime, click-click(-click), black screen. This worked when I put it in the box (~7-9 years ago?). Also, somewhere I got a hold of a PB190, but I don't appear to have an AC adapter for it. This doesn't use the same brick as the other PB1xx series, correct?
  3. Hello again. My 3rd problem of the week so far lol. Now my Powerbook 180c will not boot from any external SCSI device. Whenever I hook a SCSI cable up to it(I have 3 of them), it wants to boot instantly into SCSI disk mode. Is there a way around this so I can reload the OS? I don't remember having this problem years ago. Thanks.
  4. My much loved 180 has succumb to tunnel vision and is now used with an external display. Still wanting to take a 1xx around with me, I was given a very nice 180c with a few goodies: system disks, VST ThinPack, and a snazzy case. The 180c is in nice condition save for an annoying trackball but at least it has a port door. After a few disappointments with some 68k portables, I really want this 'Book to be a reliable travel machine. The SCSI drive is tiny and noisy, so I think a CF adaptor is in its future. Any recommendation on the best CF speed rating? I cleaned the trackball innards but it feels like there is a physical problem. Is the solution only a new mouse/keyboard unit? No cracks that I can see in the housing or gunk in the springs. VST ThinPack- salvageable cells? I haven't plugged it in yet but I also know very little about them. I'm assuming its NiMH. I don't have the manual to know for how long to leave it plugged in, but I'm assuming the little LED will tell me. Recapping- No apparent problems so far save for a small speaker pop before an alert sound. Would it be prudent to recap anyway due to age? I have no confidence (or time) to recap myself. Are there any members here who run a save-the-mobo service? Same for replacing the backlight? Lastly, the LCD housing is still quite snug but the left side is starting to pull away. Is there a better solution than glue? I can see the LCD pull away from the front bezel just slightly when gently closing the lid. I haven't done a tear down just yet. I am still basking in the newness and starting to take stock of what needs to be done.