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  1. Osgeld

    Apple III- Is it Worth It?

    its not "that" rare, its sorta junky and currently broken, I wouldnt
  2. Osgeld

    Lisa 2 - Funky analog board

    of course when you want paint to stick to plastic, it peels off in a week sux dough-nut
  3. Osgeld

    Apple //e potential issue with disks

    well you can still do ADT transfers over the audio jacks but its really slow if you want to beef up your software when you get some down time I would try and download a copy of Carmen to a "fresh" floppy and see if it works
  4. Osgeld

    New HD - What to look for?

    if its 50 pin scsi pretty much most will do (apple or not) , its a matter of software which most will be able to breathe in a second
  5. Osgeld

    Mac IIsi a fire hazard??

    I bet it was a cap too, regulators usually burn not explode (though you never know), as far as safety have it unplugged (done) for a while and it should even back out, if your paranoid you can use a (insulated handle) screwdriver to short capacitor leads together
  6. Osgeld

    Mac IIsi a fire hazard??

    something in the power supply? sniff around
  7. Osgeld

    Considering a Mac II...

    I can assure your friend that nothing will be of use no matter what you give him ... apple // = LS-TTL chips requires a bunch more current than what is out there, and modern HC stuff wont drive it (though cmos can be driven by ttl), and all chips combined your looking at about 15 bucks in parts outside of the LSI parts pc-jr, same anything newer, smd and LSI, so if he really wants to desolder a 140pin qfp marked 1988 apple with zilch on what it does or how to even connect it ... aside from that, pennies worth of resistors and diodes with unuseable short leads, bunch of 20+ year old caps that are probally mostly rotten and maybe a fist full of 1 foot wire segments and some old motors they would be much better off by buying some surprise boxes from electronic goldmine if they are serious about doing something other than ripping apart old boards (and there are plenty of vcr's and alarm clocks down at the thrift store)
  8. Osgeld

    Best all-round Apple CRT monitor?

    it had the green tint when I first got it and had it running on a EGA (ttl signal) card combined with the darkness I always assumed someone left the joker on 24/7 I used it daily for years but turned it of whenever not in use, and far as I can tell the picture quality has not gone noticeably more south also I dont think I have it setup for SOG, as the dip switches allow you to have 2 seperate sync's while on RGB I will check it out sometime soon, but I am not dragging the beast into my apartment, I sorta like life and my wife
  9. Osgeld

    Best all-round Apple CRT monitor?

    no its had the green tint since I got it (its also a bit dark), in the early 90's (for really cheap, it was my first color monitor for my then EGA machine) no matter what cable I stick on it or signal into it I dont have the model number on hand, the monitor is at my parents house (found it online JC-1401P3A), but here is a pic from google of what it looks like , and mine has a date of 1985 on the back there is a series of piano style dip switches so you can set different signal attributes for the expected incoming signal, an Atari style toggle switch to flip from TTL to RGB and a female 9 pin connector on top there is a little flip up door which is your usual full set of screen adjustments and a couple switches I cant remember what they do It is the first monitor to carry the Multisync name from NEC, its heavy as hell and runs hot currently it still works fine but I need to take it apart and blow it out (its been on a workbench in my parents garage for a decade) and do the usual inspection
  10. Osgeld

    Best all-round Apple CRT monitor?

    i think it was around 98-99 but its long gone, I sold it as a gaming machine package to one of my friends, as it was big n heavy (though great picture) and yes my personal preference was the NEC multisync's, they could usually be found cheaper and the picture was top notch, but I dispute your mid 90's, as I have one (i call the heater, with a failing screen) from the mid 80's, if it didnt give everything a green color it actually has a decent picture, and will do upto 800x600 56hz rgb... though it really does not like that, along with TTL, which is the reason I keep it, you can plug ANYTHING into it
  11. Osgeld

    anyone have ...

    wanna send me a copy, Ill host it
  12. Osgeld

    anyone have ...

  13. Osgeld

    anyone have ...

    a copy of the ADB Analyzer that was listed at ftp://ftp.apple.com/developer/Tool_Chest/Devices_-_Hardware/Apple_Desktop_Bus/ADB_Analyzer_1.0D6.sit.hqx thanks
  14. Osgeld

    Best all-round Apple CRT monitor?

    dell (ugh) had a series of trinatron tube monitors (I snagged a 19 inch some twit marked as a 15 inch new back in the 90's for 99 bucks WOOT!) for a while sony was hard to beat for quite a while in that market