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  1. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    And an update for anyone who cares whilst I wait for my caps to arrive: The PB100 with the damaged screen also has a modem and a larger 40mb hard drive. From the looks of it the ram is the same, not sure how big they are though. The fluorescent(?) bulb for the one with the non-broken screen is out, but the one from the smashed screen works fine so I'll do a swap. The non broken screen is showing all black on boot, so I'll need to recap that too. The one with the non-broken screen is missing the mouse button, I was planing on taking the button from the broken-screen one, but I'm not sure how easy it will come out. I can't simply use that bit of case because it has a hairline crack in it, it's also really yellow compared to the other one - not sure if RetroBrite works with these space grey™®© coloured macs. Anyone have any info on the modem (see photo)? It has a picture of Australia on it - could this be an Australian made modem? Typing from my 2017 macbook pro you really appreciate how modular and repairable these old things are.
  2. chu-oh

    Memory troubleshooting on a 128K

    I've got the combo soldering/desoldering station version of this. It makes recapping/removing components a dream. Can't recommend enough.
  3. chu-oh

    Plus ROM duplication

    I just got a PM from Steve saying he's going to do one last batch of rominator v1s, the parts are ordered and they should be on sale in about a month.
  4. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    Ta! I just found this which features the caps on the inverter/lcd:
  5. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    Anybody got a parts list for the caps?
  6. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    Finally got around to getting a power adapter so I can test what's happening with these bad boys. One of the right is first one that came with the broken screen (looks like its the same as what's going on here: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/53821-powerbook-150-screens-all-destroyed/) and the broken hinge. It powers on and chimes, hard drive ticks loudly so it's probably broken too. Can't really see where it boots to due to broken screen. One on the left's track ball is broken and it's missing a battery, but it's otherwise in great condition. It also powers on and chimes and the hard drive also ticks loudly. The screen flickers but there's no video. So next steps - I'll order replacement caps and try and get the one on the right going, then harvest whatever the trackball etc from the broken hinged one.
  7. chu-oh

    Retr0Bright Questions

    Was it fluro type or just a bulb? Sorry for 100s of questions, all the resources on this stuff is scattered over forums and youtube videos - it's good to get info from someone in the same geographic location as me.
  8. chu-oh

    Any point in using a CD-ROM drive on an SE?

    My understanding was that you can't boot from cd's on 68k macs, so that's only useful if upgrading.
  9. chu-oh

    Retr0Bright Questions

    @AP Great advice, I'm in Melbs too, I tried doing the bottom of my plus keyboard in the sun and it was streaky af. I used gladwrap and only applied the creme once. Few questions: What lamp UV did you get, a bulb or a florescent lamp type? There's $10 bulbs at Bunnings but I'm not sure if these will do. Does temperature matter with the indoors/UV method? What formula did you use? I found "Hi Lift 40 - 12%" creme at Chemist Warehouse that seems to work well. Seems to be the same as the Salon stuff that 8bit Guy Recommends, but I'm unsure.
  10. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    Ok I've won another faulty pb100. Paid too much for it but the heart wants what the heart wants. Shall report back on my progress.
  11. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    In Australia unfortunately thanks for the offer though. There's another pb100 on ebay at the moment with a missing battery and a broken track wheel, it's fairly cheap currently and I doubt it'll go up due to the condition it's in. I might merge the 2 into a working one.
  12. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    UGH, it just arrived - the screen is smashed and the hinge is broken too. Neither of which were mentioned in the description. I'm pretty pissed.
  13. I scored a Powerbook 100 from ebay for super cheap, however it didn't come with a power adapter. It should arrive some time this week. Can someone let me know what kind of power adapter it requires, is it a standard socket or does it have a property one? I've found this nearby https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apple-PowerBook-M1893-Taiwan-Laptop-Power-AC-Adapter-Charger-1994-16v-1-5A/253162131886?hash=item3af1a391ae:g:LhcAAOSwqF9ZwLHe but I'm not sure if the models match up.
  14. chu-oh

    Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    I can take a photo of both ends of mine if it helps.
  15. chu-oh

    Macintosh Plus Disk Question

    Can the SE boot from the disk you've made?