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  1. Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    In Australia unfortunately thanks for the offer though. There's another pb100 on ebay at the moment with a missing battery and a broken track wheel, it's fairly cheap currently and I doubt it'll go up due to the condition it's in. I might merge the 2 into a working one.
  2. Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    UGH, it just arrived - the screen is smashed and the hinge is broken too. Neither of which were mentioned in the description. I'm pretty pissed.
  3. I scored a Powerbook 100 from ebay for super cheap, however it didn't come with a power adapter. It should arrive some time this week. Can someone let me know what kind of power adapter it requires, is it a standard socket or does it have a property one? I've found this nearby https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apple-PowerBook-M1893-Taiwan-Laptop-Power-AC-Adapter-Charger-1994-16v-1-5A/253162131886?hash=item3af1a391ae:g:LhcAAOSwqF9ZwLHe but I'm not sure if the models match up.
  4. Lost Mac Plus keyboard cord

    I can take a photo of both ends of mine if it helps.
  5. Macintosh Plus Disk Question

    Can the SE boot from the disk you've made?
  6. Need help with Installation of SCSI2SD.

    Yep, though I run Ubuntu through Virtual Box on my mac, the mac version doesn't play well with High Sierra. For some reason it only sees the first scsi2sd formatted drive which is annoying as I have to (slowly) copy everything over to my files drive on the Plus. Here's what my settings look like, happy to write a quick guide if it'll help.
  7. Need help with Installation of SCSI2SD.

    I've found BasiliskII is better, lets you mount your sd card to transfer files over and it shares your files out of the box.
  8. Mac Plus & scsi2sd bizarro behavior.

    So just a quick update for any other people who are trying to get a mac plus booting with the scsi2sd who come across this thread in the future: I kept getting errors when trying to format disks larger than 1gb with the vanilla Apple HD SC Setup Utility that came with my System 7.0 disks (it identifies as vB1-7.0), so I decided to try a few other options to see if I could get the ideal 4x2gb partitions working. Leaving my first drive 500meg I tried creating 3 other 2gb drives with Lido 7.56. When I tried restarting I got the reboot loop with the clicking noise and the weird screen patterns. I then tried tried booting (by using a floppy boot and inserting the sd card) and then wiped the 3 drives (including deleting the driver partitions) and restarted... I still got the reboot loop - so Lido is some how altering the driver partition on the first drive - I'm not sure it's all very odd, but I could have a) clicked update and not remember or it's updating them when it scans (which would be a very odd thing to do). I then tried again, wiping the sd card and setting up 4x2gb drives with the scsi2sd utility. I then booted and tried formatting the first drive with the patched Apple HD SC Setup Utility v7.3.5, after a few hours of waiting for the drive to verify (Lido skips this so it's much faster) and rebooting, I got the same clicking/reboot loop. So it seems that Lido 7.56 and the Apple HD SC Setup Utility v7.3.5 both install the newer scsi drivers that won't play nice with my Plus. I'd be really interested in other Plus/scsi2sd users trying to initialise with the un-patched earlier version of the utility and see how they fair. It could be the key to getting the Plus booting with the scsi2sd with all the rom variants.
  9. With osx you can do a DD command to clone drives with terminal, super simple: dd if=/dev/rdiskx of=disk.img bs=512 dev/rdisx is your sd card - run diskutil list to find what its path is.
  10. Is it the patched HD setup tool? If not you need to configure the scsi2sd as a seagate drive - see here https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/27215-fitting-a-scsi2sd-in-a-68k-mac/ I'd set it to a small size like 40meg first to see if it works then fiddle around with larger sizes. It takes ages (I'm waiting for one to complete now) to initialize large partitions so you should see if it at least works first.
  11. Mac Plus & scsi2sd bizarro behavior.

    Well so I figured I'd try something whilst I was waiting for the patched util disk to arrive - I put a blank sd into the scs2sd and setup the scsi2sd as the seagate drive as per here (https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/27215-fitting-a-scsi2sd-in-a-68k-mac/). I then booted with the unpatched diskutils disk and whadyaknow it let me initialise it. So after that I installed the system 7 installs disks I have and hey presto.... I have Mac Plus booting from scsi2sd - which as far as I can tell is a first. Wooooo. So issue was a - using a serial cable and b- something with Michael's install process that gets weird with the plus.
  12. Mac Plus & scsi2sd bizarro behavior.

    Spoke too soon - it's still doing it with the scsi cable/centronics ribbon (maybe I've fried the scsi controller), but it's still letting me to install to the sd if I insert it after the happy mac screen. The disk utilities disk should arrive in the next couple of days, I'll report back once I've tried with that.
  13. Mac Plus & scsi2sd bizarro behavior.

    Oh my I feel like an idiot! I didn't even realise it was a serial cable until Michael pointed it out after I sent him a link to the ebay listing, I very naively thought DB25 meant scsi. I should have known anyway as I used parallel port printers for years in the pre usb days. Still super weird that I was able to install to the drive. Anyway I'll sit here in the corner with my dunce hat on for a bit So today I went through a box of stuff I had in storage at my old place and found an actual scsi DB25 to centronics cable and the centronics to internal ribbon cable that I pulled from the original scsi drive that died (could have avoided all this if I bothered to look for these first sorry). I briefly tried the scsi2sd and the Mac Plus with this this afternoon, I'm not getting the reboot loop, but the drive isn't appearing as an install option on the Install 1 disk. The scsi2sd does flasheswhen I try and run the unpatched Apple HD utility disk - so I think it's at least being detected. I'll have a patched version in the next couple of days so I can format the drive with that and see what happens once I install to it.
  14. Mac Plus & scsi2sd bizarro behavior.

    So a minor update: I spoke to Michael who designed the scsi2sd and he seems to think it could be the cheap cable I'm using (it's a 2m serial cable not even a scsi cable) so I'll source a legit scsi one give that a go.
  15. Classic II Recap Project

    Just on the subject on de/recapping - I got one of these suckers when I did my Plus analog board: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Pro-Dual-LCD-Digital-Soldering-Desoldering-Station-Iron-Gun-2-in1-ZD-917-Rework/272856139965?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 The quality build isn't amazing but takes off caps quickly and cleanly, would highly recommend.