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  1. chu-oh

    Assigning SCSI chains

    You should try and your hands on a scsi-to-ethernet adapter purely to see how far this can go.
  2. chu-oh

    Radius SE 2.1 ROM Dump

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the only proprietary part of the accelerator boards is what's on the ROM chips isn't it? Could you theoretically reverse engineer your own accelerator boards with off the shelf parts and a PCB?
  3. chu-oh

    SE/30 Restoration Fun

    Thanks, I've done a good clean with isopropyl and a scrub with vinegar around where you suggested and It's still occurring. So recap and report back. Thanks for your input, really appreciate it.
  4. chu-oh

    SCSI2SD instalation on SE easy-peasy...almost

    I'd check the SCSI2SD settings first.
  5. chu-oh

    Looking for a New Flyback Transformer Macintosh SE

    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com.au%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F400922654856 Very expensive though, might be better finding another mac with other problems and cannibalising it for parts.
  6. chu-oh

    SE/30 Restoration Fun

    Finally got my hands on a (some what) affordable SE/30, perfect recapping project for the Christmas break. The Ebay listing said it's been upgraded to have an ethernet card, 20mb of ram and a 252MB hdd. Got some pretty bad screen flicker, the floppy won't read or eject, no chime and it looks like the HDD is dead... I got it to boot once, but not since. I did get a bomb on boot once saying there wasn't enough memory but mostly I'm just getting a flashing question mark. Anyhow I thought I'd document my journey getting it up to scratch. First things first, the externals: The company that did the ram upgrade... looks like they still exist: http://xyber.com.au/ The back with the ethernet card: The horizontal flicker with burn in: Weird thing, it booted to my SCSI2SD fine, but when I shut it down and came back to it about 5 minutes later the same screen was there (wasn't at all responsive): The ethernet adapter: The logic board, with no sign of leaks which is a good sign. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do first?
  7. I managed to score an SE30 for the same price as the HD20 a few days ago and it's listed as having a 250mb drive. So when it arrives I'll see the condition of the drive and put it in the HD20 if it's all good and put my SCSI2SD in the SE30. Anyway I'm going to try the oil the MiniScribe to see if I can at least get it to read, I always get a kick at looking at what kind of data is on these old things.
  8. Too late! I was having real trouble with the back fan one so I went around and loosened the others - by the time I got the fan one out I forgot to check the others and the front left one snapped when I was lifting it up. Stupidly careless of me considering I paid too much for this thing. I used to have a tool for opening Xbox 360s that would have worked a treat with this but I must have thrown it out. I'm going to try and repair the drive, if not I might stick my SCSI2SD in there or try and find a cheap replacement.
  9. Thanks @JDW, my 20sc just arrived. You video will be super useful.
  10. chu-oh

    Mac Rominator issue

    I had a similar issue with mine, turned out it was just some of my d-grade soldering and some pins weren't in right. I'd check for continuity first, if that doesn't help maybe contact Steve from BMOW, he's really responsive and helpful.
  11. Weird one, but my newly purchased and yet to be recapped Performa 650 seems to only have a 16 mhz CPU (MC68030FE16B). Did some googling and found @techknight had an LCIII with the same CPU. As far as I can tell it's definitely an LCIII board and not an LCII. Anyone got any thoughts on this? Probably not a good idea to overclock the poor thing.
  12. chu-oh

    Serial cable issues

    Haha fair point! I'll try and wire up a new one and see how I go.
  13. chu-oh

    Serial cable issues

    Weirdly enough it was old/new stock labled as a Mac Plus serial adapter. But I'll check with the multimeter if the pins match up. Otherwise I'll fashion a new one. Cheers.
  14. chu-oh

    Serial cable issues

    I've been trying to get my Plus to talk to my iMac via Z-term, a serial cable a gender changer and a usb to serial adapter. But I can't for the life of me get them to talk to each other, I've got matching settings on both, the Belkin adapter's TX signal lights up when I send a string from the iMac end and the link light flashes on the Belkin adapter when the Plus sends something - but nothing appears on either end. Midi works fine on the Plus's modem port fine so I don't think there's any issue with the Plus, I've also tried 2 different usb adapters with and without the gender changer and no luck. I tested continuity on the cable with a multimeter and this is the only pin that doesn't get a signal, does that mean it's faulty? I've got a few Arduino Nano's floating around so I could probably fashion something with them and a Mini DIN-8 connector, but I'm not sure what the difference between simple RX/TX and the Serial Pin out:
  15. chu-oh

    2011 iMac

    And you lose display backlight with Windows 10 unless you flash to the Dell firmware.. which in turn doesn't work with MacOs. The DHCP tables don't match up (I believe because Apple doesn't use lvds like most laptops). I tried a 780m for a few weeks but as I still had a working 6750M that I reverted back to because it wasn't worth the effort. Though according to this thread a custom (paid) firmware may come out at some point: http://netkas.org/forum/index.php/topic,13815.30.html. This would solve all the issues boot screens, brightness control and bootcamp etc.