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  1. chu-oh

    Broken floppy drive

    Sounds like a broken gear, very common and pretty easy to fix. Give this a read: I got mine from eBay from a guy in Italy that sells them. If you're not fussed I believe you can remove the gear alltogether and just manually eject disks.
  2. chu-oh

    Zip Drive

    I use BasiliskII to mount my HFS formatted scsi2sd drive on Mojave. Should work the same with the zip drive: First I unmount the drive, then give my user account root access to the drive partition eg: sudo chown chu-oh /dev/disk2s2 then I add that drive as a volume in BasiliskII. BasiliskII allows you to mount folders on your mac as drives so you can drag and drop files to the HFS drive.
  3. chu-oh

    Dry joint example

    Thanks for this, just got my MacPlus with no video working again because some of the joints needed to be reflowed.
  4. chu-oh

    Mac Plus no video.. again

    And for posterity's sake I'll update - got this working, just needed to reflow the solder the logicboard connector pins on the powerboard. The pirate mac startup is so satisfying.
  5. chu-oh

    Mac Plus no video.. again

    Just realised if I move the screen a bit it flickers on, I'm guessing this means my connector joints need to be redone? IMG_0446.mp4
  6. chu-oh

    Mac Plus no video.. again

    I managed to get my rom-inator working finally on my plus and it booted to the pirate finder logo (yay). So I put the back case on screwed it all up, booted and I've no longer got video. I recapped about a year ago after having this issue so the caps should be fine. The crt electron gun is glowing so it's getting some power there too. Any suggestions? I guess I could reflow some of the solder joints to see if it's all good, but are there any quick tests I can do with a multimetre to see where the issue is?
  7. chu-oh

    Mac Plus Error Code: 01bf00

    Yep that did it, ta! Now I just need to try getting the rominator going again.
  8. chu-oh

    Mac Plus Error Code: 01bf00

    That's what I was hoping for, the broken one has the v3 rom with decent scsi support so I'll give it a swap soon and report back. Thanks!
  9. chu-oh

    Mac Plus Error Code: 01bf00

    So I stupidly stuffed my previous logic board up with some dodgy soldering on cpu (was trying to install a rominator), and despite my best effort it no longer boots (just random noises and screen patterns on boot). I found a replacement for $30 aud in unknown condition, but it's giving me a 01bf00 error on boot. Anyone got any idea what that means? Quick googlin' didn't return much.
  10. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    And an update for anyone who cares whilst I wait for my caps to arrive: The PB100 with the damaged screen also has a modem and a larger 40mb hard drive. From the looks of it the ram is the same, not sure how big they are though. The fluorescent(?) bulb for the one with the non-broken screen is out, but the one from the smashed screen works fine so I'll do a swap. The non broken screen is showing all black on boot, so I'll need to recap that too. The one with the non-broken screen is missing the mouse button, I was planing on taking the button from the broken-screen one, but I'm not sure how easy it will come out. I can't simply use that bit of case because it has a hairline crack in it, it's also really yellow compared to the other one - not sure if RetroBrite works with these space grey™®© coloured macs. Anyone have any info on the modem (see photo)? It has a picture of Australia on it - could this be an Australian made modem? Typing from my 2017 macbook pro you really appreciate how modular and repairable these old things are.
  11. chu-oh

    Memory troubleshooting on a 128K

    I've got the combo soldering/desoldering station version of this. It makes recapping/removing components a dream. Can't recommend enough.
  12. chu-oh

    Plus ROM duplication

    I just got a PM from Steve saying he's going to do one last batch of rominator v1s, the parts are ordered and they should be on sale in about a month.
  13. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    Ta! I just found this which features the caps on the inverter/lcd:
  14. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    Anybody got a parts list for the caps?
  15. chu-oh

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    Finally got around to getting a power adapter so I can test what's happening with these bad boys. One of the right is first one that came with the broken screen (looks like its the same as what's going on here: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/53821-powerbook-150-screens-all-destroyed/) and the broken hinge. It powers on and chimes, hard drive ticks loudly so it's probably broken too. Can't really see where it boots to due to broken screen. One on the left's track ball is broken and it's missing a battery, but it's otherwise in great condition. It also powers on and chimes and the hard drive also ticks loudly. The screen flickers but there's no video. So next steps - I'll order replacement caps and try and get the one on the right going, then harvest whatever the trackball etc from the broken hinged one.