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  1. parrotgeek1

    The Holy Grail of PCI Macs: Daystar Millennium Quad 604.

    No. It doesn't even on the 9600/200MP.
  2. correction need a 8.1 disk tools disk for hfs+
  3. parrotgeek1

    [PARTIAL SUCCESS!] 7.6 on 32-bit dirty Macs

    There hasn't. I forgot I even tried this. I'm amused someone else finds it worthwhile.
  4. parrotgeek1

    PowerBook 550c

    mac os 8 floppies https://winworldpc.com/download/08e280ba-c3aa-6839-7111-c3a5c290c2a8
  5. I'm trying to insert a PC Card into a powerbook 5300. ( it's the thin kind of card) when I push it in it's hard to push and it doesn't go all the way. then it pops out (like a spring, not like it is being ejected) after 15ish seconds. What could I be doing wrong? No, it's not upside down
  6. parrotgeek1

    Powerbook 140 scsi hard disk failure

    Although it would be interesting to figure this out, it might be a better use of your time to just get another hard drive.
  7. parrotgeek1

    Original 1998 iPhone

    Actually, they're just licensing it! Paying every month. I forget where I read that
  8. parrotgeek1

    Original 1998 iPhone

    When I read the title I opened it expecting to see a shitpost
  9. parrotgeek1

    iBook G3 tangerine

    That is true. I think it's the serial number. It leads to some interesting results with motherboard swaps.
  10. parrotgeek1

    My recent haul

    I think they mean an adapter for the weird monitor connector that only x100 powermacs use.
  11. I just thought of an idea that makes it easier to get disks to/from MFS floppies: a version of mini vmac compiled for os 9 that has direct floppy access. Is that possible?
  12. parrotgeek1

    iPhone 4

    The downgrade thing isn't a bug. It's just a required minimum version for the in place upgrade. Like you can't upgrade from XP to 10, you need 7 first.
  13. 1) install Wish I Were, and ResEdit, and CD Sunrise or other driver, in the current OS 2) make a 7.5+ disk tools disk 3) delete stuff from it to make room for wish I were & its preferences, and CD driver 4) set wish I were to "PowerBook 5xx/PPC" . This name is WRONG. It is actually the 2300c ID. 5) copy CD driver, Wish I were extension (NOT control panel because it won't fit) and its preference file to the disk tools disk 6) Boot from the disk tools disk 7) DELETE the entire system folder from internal hard drive 8 ) Insert 8.5/8.6/9.0/9.0.4 CD, and install it on internal hard drive. Don't restart!! 9) Open ResEdit from hard drive, and open the hard drive System file 10) open "gusd" ID 1 11) change "007C 0024" to "007E 0024" 12) save, quit, restart, yay In order to install any updates like 9.0.4 or 9.1 you need to set wish I were to "PowerBook 5xx/PPC" again you might want nupower system update to fix the floppy bug too http://seth.mattinen.org/files/NUpowr_System_Update.sit If you have installed 9.0.4 you will notice that the shown version is still 9.0. To fix this: 1) open the "PowerPC Enabler 9.0.4" in ResEdit 2) open "gbly" ID -16385 3) change "007C" to "007E" 4) open "gusd" ID 1 5) change "007C 0024" to "007E 0024" 6) save, quit, restart, yay
  14. parrotgeek1

    512k mouse == pc serial mouse?

    Even if he was trying to be funny, anyone who thinks something like that is funny has to be pretty anti-Semitic.
  15. parrotgeek1

    512k mouse == pc serial mouse?

    O_o But I mean, have you seen what is going on in Poland right now?