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  1. travistouchdown

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    So i get my new video card and DVD drive in and put everything back together, and sure enough my 80GB hard drive that I got a year ago from the headgap store dies on me! Damn...if it's not thing it's the other. I'd like to replace it with an SSD drive, any way to get that working with an IDE interface? Or even Compact Flash to IDE. What are peoples thoughts on replacing HDD's at this time? Seems like anything spinning is just bound to fail sooner rather than later, the QA not being what it used to be on these.
  2. travistouchdown

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    You guys are the best! Going to snap up a 7500 today and attempt to put the baseplate from my 16mb factory card on it. If not, oh well, I keep my 17" Studio Display plugged into the ADC port full time anyway. Thanks again!
  3. So i've tried once to upgrade the video card for my G4 cube, which has 16mb VRAM from the factory. I have found that the few other cards for G4 tower computers that technically *will* fit in the Cubes short AGP slot, but do not fit well, they need things removed, don't fit flush (ie are recessed and monitor cable doesn't plug in well), etc. etc. The G4 cube supposedly had a factory 32MB options from two companies (source Low End Mac): ATI Radeon with 32 MB of VRAM Nvidia GeForce2 MX with 32 MB VRAM Had anyone seen these in the wild ever? Do both of them exist to peoples knowledge? Would love to find one someday, but starting to lose hope on the factory upgrade card.
  4. travistouchdown

    Bodge Wires on LC III Motherboard?

    I have similar wires on my LCIII and remember the old thread from when I got mine and had to look it up! Yeah must have been a factory PCB error that needed mass repair. Fun stuff. The repair must have been decent because it seems like most of them are still working!
  5. travistouchdown

    Got a free Power Macintosh 6500

    Nice clean find! Love it; looks close to it did right out of the box. I am a big fan of apple monitors and always try to use OEM when possible over old PC monitors, which of course isn't always easy to do.
  6. travistouchdown

    Clamshell SE and Snowball 17”

    Great finds, love them both! Pretty great to have OS9 on the imac...one of the last I believe that would run it.
  7. travistouchdown

    My quest is at an end

    Wow great find! I hate to say it, but I like the paint scheme on the donor computer. Reminds me of early Silicon Graphics machines of the era... very late 80's/early 90's!
  8. Super helpful! I will be referencing this thread for a while until it is all fully ingrained. I knew most of this at one point but the 5 1/4 needed to be at the end of a chain I did not...so super helpful thanks to you both.
  9. Bueller? Amy succinct explanations are welcome.
  10. I know this is a dumb question, and i'm sure a i'll remember after the first post. But how does a functioning daisy chain work/function best again? So the primary disk drive is plugged into the computer, and the second floppy drive is plugged into the first...but when you fire up the computer it only reads off the first correct? If there was a program with a disk two, would you have to hit a button or key sequence for it to run the second disk. For example on an apple II, IIe, c, or gs. If anyone is up for it please remind me how best to utilize the second daisy chained drive. I guess on the GS, or computers with a GUI, both discs are visible and you can choose to run either one, so what about earlier Mac Dos systems? Thanks in advance!
  11. travistouchdown

    G4 processor swaps

    Thanks everyone!! Much appreciated. 1Ghz should be plenty for even the most demanding OS9 gaming.
  12. travistouchdown

    I want to buy this 4 MB RAM for apple //gs

    Cool thread. Guess I should hold out for the A2 8mb card to come back in stock, though the 4mb is tempting... Installing these seems pretty easy, I think even if you don't "trust yourself" it's plug and play here. There's not much opportunity to break anything.
  13. travistouchdown

    G4 processor swaps

    I guess i'm not sure. From what i've been reading, part of me thinks this processor upgrade should be plug and play with OS 9.2.2. If anyone knows otherwise, please let me know before I spend $50-$100 bucks on a paperweight Thanks
  14. travistouchdown

    G4 processor swaps

    Question. I am looking at a 1ghz Powerlogix processor upgrade for my 450mhz G4 Cube which I use as an OS9 Gamebox (among other things.) I only run 9.2.2 on an 80GB hard drive. At any rate, the CPU upgrade card comes with a fan but no install instructions (pretty sure I can figure that out) and no firmware. This is what worries me. I don't want to buy the CPU upgrade if I can't find the firmware that might be needed. There are some good install videos here: https://everymac.com/systems/apple/powermac_g4/faq_cube/power-mac-g4-cube-how-to-install-upgrade-processor-cpu.html And further info here: http://www.xlr8yourmac.com/g3CARDS/G3_1.1GHz_vs_G4_1GHz_review/index5.html Any tips? Do i NEED the firmware? Or should it run "plug and play" on a fully updated 9.2.2 OS. Thanks!!
  15. travistouchdown

    Apple IIe Craigslist find

    It looks like his VGA scaler is specific to the IIc. Is there anyone that makes one for the IIe or would that one work? What would you do to this IIe that is necessary you think to get it running in top form? The processor, more RAM possible/needed, VGA Scaler, Disk Emulator, anything else? This computer is a keeper for me so i'm not afraid to put in the time/money over the next few years. Thanks!