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  1. Hey, I have written a nice program that allows the user to plot into the screen and when I click on D for done it suppose to store the design in a file as combination of plot x,y and color=<number>. But I do not want to do it this way as it could end up been thousands and thousands of lines as I am plotting complex graphics. How do I convert the plotted image in the screen as either binary picture (stored in hard drive) or as combination of read and data instead to be plotted as sprite in the screen in BASIC? Is there a book or something I can read that helps me to do this as I want to modify my program to store the image more efficiently. Thanks in advance.
  2. xboxown

    Apple IIGS Variations?

    AH!!!! Ok! Ah well. I guess for games that refuse to work on apple //gs and I really want to play it. I will run it in AppleWin then
  3. xboxown

    Apple IIGS Variations?

    I am trying very hard to understand what you typed there. Sorry. I may read it again later and try to understand it, however...there are many apple // 8 bit games not working in my apple //gs ROM 03 though. Some even include text adventure games but will work instantly in appleWin Emulator.
  4. xboxown

    Apple IIGS Variations?

    You know what I really like is have a card you can put in any of the spare slots that have ROM01 of apple //gs and cancel ROM03 (while the card is in there) for backward compatibility being better and anytime you can disable the card by a switch behind it if you wish to return back to rom03 That is something I would buy in a heart beat.
  5. xboxown

    Apple IIGS Variations?

    Is it possible the bug in ROM03 could also be the reason why so many Apple // games not working? Even a text adventure game seems to fail in my apple //gs ROM 03 but works on AppleWin emulator.
  6. xboxown

    Apple IIGS Variations?

    I want the ROM 4! Will it work on my ROM 4 motherboard? What am I expecting with the ROM 4 and what about compatibility? Would I be able to go straight with System interface like Mac 68k and be able to boot into DOS inside the OS directly for Apple // games? I would like to turn my Apple //gs into Mac heheh!
  7. not at all. I have picked a successful method. Call Mac laptop and it works...it instantly read the SD and showed the partition. Just like that! - flicks finger - it even ran half of the application in my PPC laptop like that by running OS 9 emulator in the background. So if I want to continue playing my game from my mac lc 475 at the bus...I take the SD..hook it in my laptop and bingo.
  8. I never said there is anything wrong with using OSX to be a server for Mac 68k. I am just saying I have not being able to get my Mac 68k online no matter what I did and it have an ethernet card. I am saying it failed in attempting to use Apple CD 300. I am saying it failed in attempting to get it online using my ethernet card..no matter what I do it fails and I cannot get it online and it have the worst TCP/IP configuration software on planet Earth using MacTCP. I have to guess what 24948556 equals to as xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx meaning if I wanted to have a it have to equal to 92874561 or some such number. I am using ubuntu laptop to share network to any advice. In my Amiga it is instant. I hook the ethernet cable into my ubuntu laptop and from the wifi of the ubunto laptop it provides internet to my Amiga. I take this same laptop and I hook the mac 68k into it...forget it...it is futile. It will not work even if I used the same ip address the Amiga uses when it hooks to the laptop...futile. I go to netscape and try any website and says cannot find dns and fails to open any page. So I quit in attempting to use internet as means to transfer data between PC and Mac. So I thought Apple CD 300 would be the optimal solution but that failed. I figured if I toke the microSD from scsi2sd adaptor and hook it into the PC and through windows and some software I can "explore" my partitions from the MicroSD but that also failed. But today I realized I could use my ibook g4 and hook it through the SD reader directly and all the partitions will show up that way. So I am going that route instead and just transfer data to it that way. I already posted my Apple CD 300 in eBay to be sold. In hopes someone will buy it. I have no intention of keeping defective items in my home. If someone can take it and clean it or repair it and get it to work good for them..
  9. Nothing..not even silver CD works. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. All I have is taking space, heavy weight and nice green LED. I aint having a big metal device just for green LED. Nu uh. I am selling it. I am done with it. Doooooone! I just love the idea of having a mechanical media device with motor and open try that uses mechanical motor to open it and close it and then use the CDs to read with it. I have all these CD's in home and wanted to give them a purpose as in my PC I have blue ray burner and never used it for years. But alas...I guess that did not go well. So no...done...- shakes head- I am selling the Apple CD 300 and will be honest with them not going to lie. I am going to say it is not working..unable to read CD's...selling it as IS and starting bid for 0.99. Whatever price it goes..it goes. I do not need this in my home just because I own it...I also have at home a long external MicroSD extension cable that allows me to have the MicroSD outside the case of the case in behind port of my Mac LC 475. This way I do not need to open the cover anymore..anytime I want to transfer data..power off my mac...put this little chip called MicroSD in an SD reader..use my Mac OS X in my laptop and transfer data that way...NOW MY MAC IBOOK G4 HAVE A PURPOSE AND NOT COLLECTING DUST...AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I am an idiot..should have thought of this long time ago!!! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!
  10. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!! I am an idiot!! I JUST REMEMBERED??! I HAVE AN G4 IBOOK MAC OS X!!! Why don't i just hook the SD in USB SD card reader like speedy suggested and then hook it in ibook g4 and transfer data that way??! THANK YOU GUYS!! Thank you! Thank you all for your different suggestion. No you are right...don't quit right away!! I am going to post my apple cd 300e for sale and say it is unable to read cd's selling it as is. I do not need anymore when I have an ibook g4 mac os x sitting in my closet!! I know this laptop there is no keyboard but I do not need keyboard when all I will be doing is transferring files between one icon to another...so it's setting make a perfect ...aaaaaaaaah! I am idiot!!
  11. That is it. I quit, i have officially agreed and submit with the idea that if I want to transfer data to my mac 68k from pc it have to be done through a floppy disk. Meaning limited to 1.44 MB. I have ethernet card...I could not get it online. I have apple cd 300 with all the drivers and still cannot get it online. I toke the MicroSD card from scsdi2SD and hook it into my PC and tried to find a software to access the partitions in the SD in windows and attempt transfer files that way and still failed. So I officially resign with the idea I will be using disk exclusively to transfer files into my mac 68k and at that point any awesome games or files that are larger then 1.44 MB I resign with the idea I will never...be able to experience them in my mac 68k. So I quit.
  12. xboxown

    Help with external apple cd300

    I am having the same issue with mine. can you recommend a replacement cd drive for my apple cd? Do you know of a model name or something i can get in eBay. I am in the exact same boat. THANKS.
  13. That is hot!! I do not know why..but I start picturing Apple // when I saw this picture.
  14. xboxown

    Transwarp GS clone made again

    I am going to start saving money and order this card! It may take me 4 to 5 month to save it..but I am buying it!!! I have an Apple //gs!! Plus it have a fan heheheheh!!