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  1. Hello, I am using system 7.5.5 and I hooked an external scsi dvd-rom model pioneer dvr-5201 LaserMemory and to no avail my OS cannot see it or talk to it. I have hooked it in both top and bottom port of the scsi port to no avail. I even have terminator on/off and still fails. The ID is set to 4 and I have no idea to how to change it physically. Any idea how do I get this working? I have like 1 GB worth of stuff I really want to put inside of it but i cannot because the OS cannot see it. Help anyone!!
  2. Network software selector??!!!! Apple Extras??!! I don't understand what you guys are talking about!!? You guys are speaking alien language to me!! I checked in my mac and I don't have them
  3. I am using latest system possible for 68030 CPU. System 7.5.5. Erm open transport??? - scratches head -
  4. I have purchased the Ethernet card for my mac LC III but it stops here. After that I am unable to get it online. I have installed the necessary software (driver) that came with the Ethernet card and I have enabled appleTalk but I do not know from here how to configure the IP address, gateway, subnet mask and everything else to get it online. Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciate it. I thought perhaps hooking the mac into my PC ethernet and doing bridge would be the ultimate solution. I just realized now that is not a good idea. Best solution would be to have directly in the router, but how do I configure the computer to go online in the network? Thanks in advance.
  5. Browsy - A browser for System 6

    Can this work on Apple //gs?
  6. Warning! Exploding Maxell PRAM Batteries

    I wanted to ask about replacing the Apple //gs and Mac LC III batteries with no leaking and explosive ones. Are there safe batteries that I can replace for the Apple //gs and mac lc III that I don't have to worry about them leaking or exploding? What advice can you help in this? One other question, does the mac lc III really need the battery? Can I do without it?
  7. Warning! Exploding Maxell PRAM Batteries

    DOH!!!!! I guess when they went pseudo mac with it they really went pseudo mac!!!!
  8. Warning! Exploding Maxell PRAM Batteries

    Ppphhewww...good thing apple //gs do not have to worry about leaking battery! Since they don't have one! Phhew!
  9. Do Mac LC III need recapping?

    * Sob * I love my Mac LC III! IT IS MY FAVORITE MAC 68K MODEL EVER!!!!!! By the way the motherboard is sooooo clean, so beautiful...so shining! I think recapping might be an option for me. While I am at it..I am going to ask the guy who is recapping it to replace the battery with a non-leaking battery so I don't have to worry of a leakage battery if i keep my mac lc III offline for a while. Or worst case if that is unavoidable I will have the battery case external..outside the case the case so no damage can be made into the motherboard.
  10. Do Mac LC III need recapping?

    Thanks for the info!!!
  11. Hello, I am just wondering if Mac LC III need recapping? I understood from couple of websites that they do not leak and don't need recapping. Is that true?
  12. Hey, I am using SD Disk II emulator for the apple //gs and I have loaded two .hdv images one where my system boots from and the other one is a 32 MB ProDOS .hdv. In ADT Pro it sees Slot 7 Drive 1 and Drive 2 just fine no problem, but when an attempt is made to have drive 2 appear it is not happening in System 6.0.4. Any advice how to make slot 7, drive 2 appear in System GS?
  13. Hey, I own an SD Disk II emulator and it have an SD that is 8 GB in size but have one single partition of 32 MB on it. I want to make multiple partitions of proDOS of 32 MB but when I go to advance disk utilities to partition it, the partition button is disabled. How do I make it in such away that I can be able to partition the SD drive? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thank you so much! So be it! Is there an icon editor for system 6.0.4? I want to make an icon for the new copy I will be making today and have it black with A> _ on the top left corner and rename it Terminal.system (of course it will be a copy of basic.system) and put it in the desktop! This way, ones I get 4 MB of RAM arrive home it would allow me to double click that icon..and from there type pr#6 or pr#5 without trouble! I also bid on TML Basic from ebay with manual and disk...I intend to write some nice System 6.0.4 application and games and play classical apple // games hahah!