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  1. Hey guys, I think I found couple of compile basic programs for apple // 8 bit mode not DOS 3.3 basic mind you. I think one is called Z-Basic or something, I don't know. Anyways, I want to know what is the best paint program for apple // where I can draw and save the pics then be able to open the pics in basic program? I want to make a text adventure. OH! Another thing, is there a book or tutorial in how to code to open a pic in basic program? Thanks in advance.
  2. I am manually translating the entire book into English and putting it into .doc file then uploading it here for other people to benefit. I am translating it via google translate.
  3. awww There is no English version?
  4. Hey guys, Ones I get a HDD installed in my Apple //gs I will install TML basic to start writing projects, but in the meantime I want to study TML BASIC. Is there is a book (PDF) that I can use to practice and learn all the commands, specially programming GUI windows, menus, I/O data (binary, encrypted), etc for TML BASIC? Does anyone know where I can find such book?
  5. New Lisa Hardware Coming

    I know, right!! ]'> ]'> ]'> ]'> ]'>
  6. New Lisa Hardware Coming

    Can Rom01 be emulated via software or something or kickstart it into memory? Like ROM01.ROM say (32 KB or whatever size) is now residing in memory and it boots from that over the physical ROM03 and by powering off the apple //gs it returns back to Rom03?
  7. New Lisa Hardware Coming

    Is it possible to have a rom switch to switch between rom1 and rom3 with an apple //gs?
  8. New Lisa Hardware Coming

    I know right. I mean look at the Amiga community for example. They are hobbiest community with a very small niche community and the team that produced the best accelerator for Amiga community in a very long time at a start was under attack by everyone. They attacked the team with questions: Why? Amiga is dead, why bother make this product? There are emulators that can do this already. If you need fast Amiga just use Windows and emulator instead. No one is going to bother buy this, why bother make it? BLAH blah blah blah blah blah blah But the team stood firm and now I can watch dvd movies in my Amiga 500 mind you, with 16 to 32 bit colors of highest resolution possible. SDL games are being ported to it and same goes for application. The Amiga community now have netsurf as a browser and I can even view youtube into it. They united all the Amiga model as one. When I threw a suggestion of improving a faster graphics output for apple //gs to by pass the 1 Mhz limitation and add sprite, scrolling, etc I am dismissed with the fact that it will shrink an even small niche market to smaller niche market. Instead of thinking that perhaps everyone who owns an Apple //gs in the world even if it is just totaled to 300 people worldwide those 300 people would love to buy this card and start making new software even if it is just a hobby. Something positive perhaps. Anything positive. I would sure buy the video card if it produces the same graphics style of apple //gs but add missing features and enhance speed. Maybe make it same speed as the 8 Mhz accelerator or even 16 Mhz for graphics instead of the limited 1 Mhz? I don't see why not. Sure the current library will not exploit it. But what if it opened opportunity for 2017 software or 2018 to use these features. I am sure one single person out there from those 300 people would showcase the ability of this new card and push the 20 from 300 to make new stuff. Anything is possible. Perhaps it will bring another 100 people back in to the community when they see this hardware. You are aware if it have 16 Mhz CPU speed and fast graphics output it will match bar and even be better than the earlier Mac 68k no doubt. Maybe the new card will increase resolution to 800 x 600 or 640 x 480 or something... I know I am dreaming and I am sure I will be squished common sense and logic that will dismiss me down. But that very act is what the Amiga community have being bombarded and under attack for so long, over 25+ years to be exact and now it returned back ever more stronger! Now I can play this game in my Amiga 500 as that is my video and my computer . If the community kept on agreeing in negative feedback I would not be able to post a video like the one in that link.
  9. I know. In previous posts I declared in hopes they make a llgs version. I am aware of that fact.
  10. I agree! But Apple //gs is famous for adventure games and click and play adventure games like king quest etc. So the only games I want to develop for is very funny, most intensive graphics possible, animated, with hilarious and good stories with seasons and episodes like telltale game did with walking dead, etc, but with style of king quest or space quest. I have seeing there is an animation program for apple //gs from ninja force website. I will contact them and see how did they did, I may be able to implement this feature into my games with ability to play audio (voice+music) in the background of the animation for in-game cut scene. I believe apple //gs is superb for adventure games as it can do it just fine.
  11. I AM IN LOVE WITH NINJA FORCE! I AM GETTING THAT 8 MB RAM AND HDD JUST FOR THAT KABOOM GAME HAHAHAH!! I want to support ninja force and have them release new stuff for the apple //gs! I will donate, anything just to make sure they keep on running!!!!!!!!!! Apple //gs to me is the true Mac 68k!!!
  12. I am literally laughing and giggling at your post [ ] ]'> ]'> ]'> But can I say something? You are right! Everything you posted above is 100% right and me laughing is not at you but more at how you put the words together hit me in the funny bone . You are right again about the colors of the apple //gs and how it displays GS/OS and that it is real eyeball scrocher and as for "garbage" graphics of the Apple //gs? You are right again! To me that is what makes it magical for me! That! Any time I want to go into chaos and garbage graphics and colors fix after usage of perfect and clear and HDMI graphics...I can always go back to my trusted Apple //gs and enjoy the primitiveness of it and take me to simplicity world. I use the Apple //gs and it puts me in the same as someone sitting in nature and hearing the gentle flow of water stream. Ones I am done with my superior Amiga and enjoyed Playstation 4 and PC game, I go back to Apple //gs for that feeling it brings me. ]'> I am craving for apple //gs games by the way, new ones so I can get the fuzzy little kid of the 1980's with his new toy! By the way about the SNES part, yes you are right there too! But what makes me really jumping with joy and enter super fuzzy feeling is to get snes like games on my Apple //gs. This way I can hit two birds with one stone. I know it s fantasy.
  13. I am going to read that article when I go home. You said let's be realistic because of lack of programmers? By the way. Just so you know. Someone can add an accelerator graphics hardware that uses the exact same apple //gs famous graphics output, composite or rgb etc but add missing features such as sprites, blitter, hardware scrolling, etc as a new hardware fpga or whatnot upgrade for the apple //gs. You get to enjoy the way apple //gs display colors and whatever make it different than the other system but just add missing features in the hardware for graphics output and possibly increase the speed of the graphics from 1 Mhz to say for example 14 Mhz for better performance. Yet you still can get the graphics outputted either through composite port or rgb port. I see no reason why not.