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  1. MacintoshMan1999

    Macintosh plus and tape drive

    I've heard to use Suntar or Mactar. They're for tape and some other stuff as well.
  2. MacintoshMan1999

    System Saver And Hard Drive Enclosure

    How much smaller? Anyway, I just wanted to snap them into the slots on my Mac Plus & Keyboard just 'cause, however they seem too uncommon. My IIGS also has the same type of slot, come to think of it the one on the IIGS might be smaller... I'll check.
  3. MacintoshMan1999

    System Saver And Hard Drive Enclosure

    I’ve been trying to find some, are they rare?
  4. MacintoshMan1999

    System Saver And Hard Drive Enclosure

    What are these called?
  5. MacintoshMan1999

    Sony 800k Drive Repairs

    The drives seem to be sufficiently lubricated, I'll point out that I did replace the gear in the eject assembly that is almost always cracked/broken. From what I can tell there are two separate motors, one to move the read/write head and another to spin the disk. the motor that spins the disk abruptly stopped working, and the read/write head motor appears to be weak. Are there any fuses or known faults to look for?
  6. MacintoshMan1999

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    Well, that's a bummer.... Could you please post if anything advances or changes?
  7. MacintoshMan1999

    Sony 800k Drive Repairs

    Sorry to jump in but, my BOTH of my 800k drives are not working! I'm not sure where to start, The drives symptoms are that the first drives head doesn't move and on the second one the read/write head & disk motor are not moving. So I guess that means no 800k drives for me. At the moment I've got 4 things I need to fix: 1. Get both disk drives working 2. Get System 6.0.3 disks working (and make copy's) 3. Get the hard drive working (The drive itself and the SCSI ID No. selector) 4. Get the ImageWriter II to advance the ribbon cartridge. And eventually get: 1. A matching System Saver (Platinum) 2. A FloppyEmu 3. An Apple branded Dial-Up modem (Or get a cord for my current one) So, yeah. -Jack
  8. MacintoshMan1999

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    How is the project going?
  9. MacintoshMan1999

    What is this

    Do you miss it?
  10. MacintoshMan1999

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    I recall a similar event happening to me when i picked up my two Apple //e's (Both with 1 Disk ][ Drive, 1 Monitor II, 1 80Col Card, 1 Box of Apple ][ floppy's (came with computer when new), and all of the original manuals (along with Disk][, Monitor II, and (I think) 80Col). There were also two expansion cards, one is a "PRinterface" (Made by Practical Peripherals w/ manual) and the other being a"Printech II" (Made by SMT Systems Manufacturing Technology w/ manual. And lastly a C. Itoh Dot Matrix printer (w/ Manual). Sorry about the tangent, anyway when I flipped the switch the power supply made a high pitch "charging" sound and lit up both lights. The monitor did flash as well like you said.
  11. MacintoshMan1999

    How to spot a counterfeit Capacitor

    That would be great! Will be interesting to see the results.
  12. MacintoshMan1999

    Mac Classic II randomly restarts

  13. MacintoshMan1999

    Mac Classic II randomly restarts

    I know this thread is kinda dead but, My Macintosh Plus does the same thing when I move it. I think it’s the connector between the Analog and Logic Board. Not sure if it still does it, but it's been a while since I’ve moved it so I don’t think so.
  14. MacintoshMan1999

    PRAM battery

    Well, they are coin cell batteries. The battery my Mac Plus uses looks like this:
  15. MacintoshMan1999

    PRAM battery

    I know this thread is kinda dead, but I've always wondered if there is a rechargeable PRAM battery (specifically the 4.5v) Has somebody encountered something like that?