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  1. TheMrKocour

    Bridge Mac

    I use Beige G3. Its have old ports (adb, SCSI, appletalk), floppy drive and also you can add USB, FW, better GPU. I am dualbooting Mac OS 9.2 and 10.3.9 on it.
  2. TheMrKocour

    PM9600 - TwinTurbo128 Drivers

    Thanks for reply. ix3d driver worked for 128-3d but 128+ is still running unaccelerated.
  3. Hi, i am looking for driver for TwinTurbo128-3D and for TwinTurbo128+(Long version). I have both in PowerMac 9600. I did clean install os 9.1, but video is unaccelereted (slow scrolling and window draging.) I tried to search for drivers but i only found drivers for standart 128. Thanks TheMrKocour. PS :I am also considering to take 604ev from that 9600 and put it to 7300 - that should be possible right?