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  1. pb3623

    SE/30 Unstable behaviour after 128MB RAM install

    I've tried everything from the paper clip "spring," to the rubber band, to a trimmed-down plastic card/shim and the fit still leaves something to be desired... sometimes mine doesn't chime at all or, if it does (after a whack to the right side), it's not stable until I pop the case, take out the board and give the ROM a tune-up, fit-wise. I don't blame Doug for the design at all - it's got to be a tough supply chain and next to impossible to capture like .76 mm (the difference between .50" and .47" as you noted above) like 25+ years later.
  2. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    I didn't mean to slight you or accuse you of ripping off an imperfect design - I honestly just misread your message. Sorry.
  3. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    No, I wasn't implying anything like that - other than if you knew it was there, it could've saved you a bit of work. Turns out you did know it was there and used that as a starting point. The one I uploaded and printed from Shapeways has a slight gap on the right side but I think I used too thin a material (flimsy). But it (measuring, modeling, and creating the STL yourself) is a good skill set to have anyway, as you noted - especially with supply drying up quickly on old parts like this.
  4. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    With all due respect to @360alaska, I appreciate the work done on this (that seems to mirror the work that was documented here) - truly, I do - but so we’re on the same page, the bezel I’ve been asking for (which some folks actually have and have been willing to part with temporarily) is the caddy-load bezel that really only has the caddy-length slot and a round eject button. The one you’ve made is the style I currently have that is more of the universal variety; example, I’m using it with a caddy-load 300i. I’m just glad I didn’t get ragged on for bumping an old thread
  5. Indeed it was - and it came with 4 x 16 MB SIMMs so it was a nice surprise. Still haven't gotten the 950 board sorted yet.
  6. This is an excellent point and I didn't mention the roughly 20% of sessions where I have some sort of freeze... the rest of the time, it could run for days on end. Still, I do occasionally swap it back out for the 50 MHz 030 PowerCache to have a desk full of A/UX goodness (w/ a IIci, Q700 and Q950)
  7. Not as fast as what I think it might do with a 601 card but that's just greedy... the Snooper benchmarks have it right there at 100% the speed of a (also 33 MHz) Quadra 950.
  8. Thanks for the offer! (I'm OP) I'm in DC this week but put me down for one - I'm almost certain my Turbo 040 has an older ROM. I'll PM you - I think I can find the original listing I bought it from and should be able to check the photos.
  9. That’s the clip for the PowerPump to “inject” a higher clock speed (configurable in the Control Panel) into the stock crystal (via the Output Enable pin on the IC that the red clip attaches to). So you could just reattach both leads and still be OK. Or are you going to go without (33/66 MHz for the 040 and 601)?
  10. Yes, it can and has been done. Hence, the .bin file (yes, it's a ROM - ignore the file extensions) I linked you at the beginning of the thread when it took a turn towards JDW-ville (the ROM dougg3 created for olePigeon). And we know creating and appending a ROM .dsk image can be done, because bigmessowires has done so and documented it (based on previous work by Rob). I believe the current dilemma (if you want to call it that - or we can say "gap") is that we don't currently have the combination of the working ROM image with Turbo 040 patching WITH the ROM disk and there is no shortage of speculation why it doesn't just work. There's just a shortage of hired guns with the skill sets needed to dive in and work it out. From there we talked about the 601 and other enhancements like an in-ROM GUI/menu to load the images on-the-fly (à la Floppy Emu) but the above passage in bold is my assessment of where we/you are now.
  11. pb3623

    Macintosh IICi SuperMac video Card

    If it's like the two Thunder/24s and Spectrum/24 I have, then it's slightly different - you hold down Option past Happy Mac (even through the Welcome screen) and it should dump you to a black screen and start the cycle, and you would press the space bar to accept the current resolution/sync rate and reboot. Note, on my 950, sometimes the space bar doesn't register so be ready to just hit the reset key (from the inside of the case if you don't have the IIci key switches) just in case.
  12. This is weird - I could have sworn I replied but must have closed my browser before I actually submitted. But it would have gone something like this: Thanks for these links, @bigmessowires - I had a question about a passing comment you made on your programmer's product page. (https://www.bigmessowires.com/mac-rom-inator-ii/) On it, you said: Is this actually implemented somewhere or was that a suggestion of what the possibilities were by building some logic into the existing A/R/X boot menu?
  13. Weird - I won't rule out it's the PSU but it does boot with another MB installed (albeit with the ADB flakiness I describe above). But thanks for the observation - just goes to show the variability from one component to the next.
  14. Personally, if I had a choice of ONE effort to dedicate my time to, (getting the ROM disk working on the SIMM I have that's already working with the Turbo 040, versus working on Turbo 601 compatibility) I would take the latter but that's because I have two Turbo 601s... obviously, if I didn't, I'd be in the first camp. I'm out of town on travel this week with a little peace & quiet in the evenings so I'll gather everything I have and start a new thread, perhaps even including past posts (and they're out there) where folks talked about things like SE/30 + Turbo 601 but the thread went stale. With enough work dedicated to this project, I think it's be pretty cool to build a UI that, based on checked boxes, you could go through a workflow to build a burnable ROM file based on machine type (i.e., SE/30, Quadra 950), desired options, and bootable ROM disk contents. Basically what has been up to this point, but scripting what goes where (offsets) based on selected params and maybe even test it in Basilisk before writing to SIMM.
  15. Hi, @JDW - Check my comment, the 4th one above yours and you'll see the ROM link (which I PM'ed you as well). I alluded to the challenge in building a custom ROM AND a custom bootable disk image. I found it's not as simple as concatenating the ROM + the disk .IMG and ta-da! You have a bootable ROM disk. There is something in the ROM that serves as a disk driver and points to the correct offset where the IMG starts. (check out this link for details). With three small kids at home, I just haven't had the time to develop assembly programming skills but I'm sure it can be done... After all, if a "base" 32-bit clean ROM can boot off an embedded disk image, then it should just be a matter of figuring out if/how everything gets displaced with the 040 ROM added to the top of the stack. I own a programmer, a 4 MB ROM-inator II and an 8 MB MEGA. I bought the MEGA for the same reason you're considering it; to add additional apps, mostly for diagnostics and I wanted to at some point consider putting the A/UX MacPartition on it - the 4 MB version doesn't really have the space to add Disk Utility without doing some rearranging but I had a folder on a separate partition called "Copy Me to RAM Disk" that contained Disk Utility, Snooper, etc. that I could copy over and run once I booted from RAM Disk (another option the SIMM gives you) and with 128 MB RAM, I wasn't using that much memory for anything else. The MEGA is only what, $23 more than the 4 MB SIMM... so you may want to just go for it. I don't think the 4 MB is prohibitively expensive ($36) if you started with that and found yourself outgrowing it (just toss it in a IIci or even a Quadra 700/900 to disable the memory check) Btw - I don't mean to sound like an expert - I'm far from it - I only really started building my childhood collection last July but these are things I've learned along the way these last several months. As always, YMMV!