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  1. Did you reflow the entire daughtercard or a specific area on the backside? I have a hot air rework station so this should be a piece of cake at lower temps.
  2. Basically, title. Got a couple of G3s a few months ago. One of them in great shape, 512 MB RAM, PCMCIA 802.11n card (although it only works under OS X) and a rare Wegener Media G4 at 550 MHz. The daughter card looks just like a stock one but apparently the folks over at Wegener grafted on a G4 and added 1 MB L2 cache. And I have two other G3/400s, one is in great shape (just needs new hinges), and the other is just for parts. So the maxed-out one is where I'm having problems - 1) It doesn't boot reliably. Sure, it chimes 100% of the time, either with its new battery or plugged in but very rarely POSTs/Happy Mac (or activates the display) without having to reset the PMU (via back panel). 2) Appears to be more stable under OS 10.3.9 than 9.2.2. I reinstalled 9.2.2 and may downgrade to see if that matters but I get a cache failure error dialog every time I boot into OS 9. 3) I need a recommendation on replacing the 2.5" HD with a CF, preferably an SSD. I can't seem to find a good IDE-to-SATA adapter that fits with the SSD inside the Pismo. Elaborating on #2, under 10.3.9 System Information, under Diagnostics, the POST reports: Failed. I downloaded a couple of cache utilities - one from Sonnet and another from PowerLogix - to see if the cache was properly configured (clock multiplier). According to the utility, the 1 MB L2 runs at a 2:5 ratio to system clock, which, on a 550 MHz G4, would be 220 MHz. But that's apparently not correct: according to https://web.archive.org/web/20071230072602/http://www.wegenermedia.com:80/pg4550.htm, the L2 runs at 250 MHz, which is something like 5:11, not 2:5. But, making any change - even to manually enable it - causes a freeze. But I'm only assuming this PowerLogic cache utility is compatible with whatever is on this Wegener-modded daughter card. So I summon the "Oracles of Pismo" to share your thoughts on any or all of the above. Thanks in advance.
  3. pb3623

    PowerBook 1400 CD ROM

    @AlpineRaven Do you want to sell one or two of them? If for no other reason, I want to get rid of the gaping hole on the front of the two I have
  4. pb3623

    Complete TechStep

    I haven't been able to find a manual for my Snooper card (and I half-expected there to be some synergy/special functionality when running the Snooper application/test suite). My card has an ADB port that I thought I might be able to use to bypass the onboard bus on the one 700 I have where the mouse clicks but doesn't move. I don't recall any lights working the card itself besides the card power and rail power LEDs. Now a (Rich Man's) TechStep... that would be something special. When should I send my 700 up your way?
  5. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    That's a good move. I don't have the 5-bay drive cage from the AWS95, but I do have a SCSI2SD in mine, so I just used Velcro tape on top of the rear bracket that slides forward (where you move the HD to). Make sure you include the Shapeway options you selected when you post pics I think we'd all like to see the best material for this particular type of model (where you need some rigidity on the thinner parts).
  6. Can you try updating the disk driver from within Disk Utility? I've had issues with drives formatted/partitioned using FWB & Anubis and had to pretty much commit to using Lido... which I wouldn't imagine would give you any obvious benefit if it's an Apple-branded drive.
  7. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    Awesome work! What material would you recommend?
  8. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    Don’t forget a DDS-DC drive...
  9. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    I wasn't concerned (at least initially) with getting it perfect. I had an AppleCD 300 (external) that I wanted to mount internally and, not having any 3D modeling or drafting experience, this was just-plain good enough for now. Surely it could be built on and made more durable but I didn't want to spend more than $20 for more than aesthetics (at the time).
  10. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    Note: the bezel in the picture below is not 360alaska's model! But, while a bit flimsy (thin substrate and lacking the additional stability), about 6 months ago, I ordered a bezel in "White Natural Versatile Plastic" from Shapeways for $16 USD plus S&H and was able to install it without any angst. The texture was rough but it seemed to match that of the Q950 case somewhat.
  11. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    Most excellent work!
  12. pb3623

    SE/30 Unstable behaviour after 128MB RAM install

    I've tried everything from the paper clip "spring," to the rubber band, to a trimmed-down plastic card/shim and the fit still leaves something to be desired... sometimes mine doesn't chime at all or, if it does (after a whack to the right side), it's not stable until I pop the case, take out the board and give the ROM a tune-up, fit-wise. I don't blame Doug for the design at all - it's got to be a tough supply chain and next to impossible to capture like .76 mm (the difference between .50" and .47" as you noted above) like 25+ years later.
  13. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    I didn't mean to slight you or accuse you of ripping off an imperfect design - I honestly just misread your message. Sorry.
  14. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    No, I wasn't implying anything like that - other than if you knew it was there, it could've saved you a bit of work. Turns out you did know it was there and used that as a starting point. The one I uploaded and printed from Shapeways has a slight gap on the right side but I think I used too thin a material (flimsy). But it (measuring, modeling, and creating the STL yourself) is a good skill set to have anyway, as you noted - especially with supply drying up quickly on old parts like this.
  15. pb3623

    3D-Printed Objects

    With all due respect to @360alaska, I appreciate the work done on this (that seems to mirror the work that was documented here) - truly, I do - but so we’re on the same page, the bezel I’ve been asking for (which some folks actually have and have been willing to part with temporarily) is the caddy-load bezel that really only has the caddy-length slot and a round eject button. The one you’ve made is the style I currently have that is more of the universal variety; example, I’m using it with a caddy-load 300i. I’m just glad I didn’t get ragged on for bumping an old thread