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  1. Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24x

    I think I have 3.2.5 (since it appeared to be specifically for NuBus cards) but I'll take another look and even boot from my 7.1 MacPartition to test it out. I'll also dig out another VGA adapter (currently using an ADB/HD15 KVM switch) since this thread suggests the refresh rate might be getting thrown off (doesn't explain the lingering effects to PRAM when you unplug it, though). Thanks for the suggestions!
  2. Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24x

    IIci: 7.6.1 and 8.1 This machine has a DayStar Turbo 040 but I have the problem running the stock '030. I also have A/UX 3.1 on this but don't have the balls to tempt fate and try this card in A/UX since I only recently got things stable. Q700: 7.5.5, just updated to 7.6.1 last night. I can install Radiusware and try again, now that I know how to fix whatever is happening (TechTool PRAM zap)
  3. Radius PrecisionColor Pro 24x

    No on the Q700, yes on the IIci but other threads have pointed out (if I'm explaining right) that the "base ROM" of the card allowed for basic (non-accelerated, 1-page, no pivot, etc) functionality and communicate to the OS what its capabilities are... resolution- and depth-wise. It's a shame if it is a bad card because it looks to be one of the higher-end NuBus graphics cards (for straight graphics, no DSP or niche uses like Photoshop, JPEG compression, etc)... I have 2 MB VRAM on the 700 so no real loss there but looks like my IIci is stuck at 640x480 at present.
  4. PM 8600/200 Startup Annoyance

    I have this problem on a Quadra 700... and it comes up from time to time, which is why I suspect a flaky video card but it seemed like I was able to truly zap the PRAM by using TechTool - for some reason it appears to be a more complete zap or complete wipe of that space vs. maybe a less aggressive version built into the boot ROM (Cmd+Opt+P+R). I also have this problem on a beige G3 (no video) where I think it's still doing the memory test but I'll actually hear the system beep I hear when it either hasn't shut down cleanly or it's auto-mounted a network share. But Open Firmware has a different course of action, I was just sharing possible causes. Try TechTool to zap and restart? You can even save to a file and restore, not that there's anything to save if you've already trying zapping via keyboard (and it would probably restore any corruption anyway)
  5. Hi, I am troubleshooting issues with a Radius PC 24x that I recently acquired (model #632-0187-03 Rev. B). So basically this card boots up fine but to default resolution and bit depth (B&W) - but the minute I change either of them (even to gray), the entire screen freaks out and I'm left with a scrambled gray mess. At this point I am unable to reboot the machine (both a IIci and Q700), as I get no chime (but it does power-cycle) and the only way to recover is the take out the PRAM battery, unplug and let sit for about 30s to 1m. Even then, it will only boot correctly (even with the card removed) ONE time only, after which I have to repeat this process. I was able to determine the PRAM is actually getting corrupted when this happens, and pulling the battery and letting it sit may clear it but it's still jumbled somehow - I took the "one boot only" finding seriously as I booted, connected to my SE/30 via AppleTalk and pulled over TechTool to zap the PRAM - and that did the trick! I then physically looked over the card, which I suspect is bad, but don't know in which way. I noticed that of all the tiny caps on the back of the card, C28 is missing - you'll see just the pads. Was this a live cap? Did it break off at some point? I don't know - but a similar card on eBay has the same missing C28. What I'm trying to figure out is, could this be the cause of my problems or is it something like like the v2.0 ROM that needs to be updated or replaced? No obvious damage to the card itself.
  6. Hi, I have a BMOW Mac ROM-inator II for my SE/30 and love it so much that I have held off putting in a newly-acquired Daystar Turbo 040 because it is known that the 040 has its own ROM and tries to patch portions of the system ROM, which has been moved around by the SIMM so it chimes. So for now I've put the 040 in my IIci and am keeping my eyes peeled for a 50 MHz PowerCache as a "consolation prize." Does anyone else have experience with the combination of the BMOW or DougG3 ROM SIMM and Turbo 040, and can you share your .ROM for me to write to my SIMM? Also, I have a Q700 and Q950 with close to max RAM and would like to do the same for them; also, to use the bootable ROM disk, possibly for the A/UX MacPartition. Thanks!
  7. I'm not a total newbie when it comes to pricing and buying old technology online. This particular Iici was advertised on Fleabay with such eye-opening superlatives like "Super Clean," "Near Mint," "Works Perfect (sic)" and "Flawless" so I was willing to pay a little more to say OK, at most I'll have to look at caps and the battery if it's an estate sale or family hand-me-down and they didn't have to do anything preventative. To say nothing of the two missing feet and scratches along the side (the side not photographed) Well, I'm connecting the dots and the near-absent sound, I start to see a lot of electrolyte and I just decide not that I'm not up to the rehab job but not at the price I paid... for, as I'm trying to explain, old computers are like baseball cards and guitars - to people like us that collect this stuff, words matter and I can say for a fact I'd put up with all of the faults if it had the typical "As Is" verbiage we're used to seeing so we can pull the trigger w/ low expectations and maybe we'll get lucky and get a gem. Sorry to turn this into a bitch post but the seller actually Googled around enough to call me on my personal cell phone to accuse me of scamming her - I shouldn't have opened it up (to change the battery) and damaged it," etc... she has a return policy so it really shouldn't matter why at this point.
  8. Ack, I have a feeling it's capacitors... it's gotten progressively worse - now by the time it's ready to launch Finder I get a bunch of wavy lines, like a loss of horizontal sync... thought I would at least get a few weeks out of it before needing to get it recapped.
  9. Because I can't get to the Finder to launch and I can't even boot from floppy as long as that drive is connected... I assume if it actually crashed or something like that that it wouldn't even get that far, extensions, inits, etc. I can try booting from my FWB recovery CD tonight (but I don't think the II series can boot from CD). Any way to hot plug the drive after it's already been booted to Finder with it unplugged/unmounted? Because that appears to be the tipping point.
  10. Losing my mind, y'all... Got a Iici last week in great shape (though I really wish it had the programmer/reset switches for aesthetics). Included was 20 MB RAM, a Radius PrecisionColor 8xj, and a Quantum Trailblazer ~850 MB SCSI HD. What was interesting about this (in that I'd never seen this before) is that it had a "Quality Tested & Certified" sticker from APS Technologies with a barcoded serial number. I was able to temporarily install my Turbo040 card and Apple NuBus NIC before happily installing 7.5.5. I installed the Radiusware stuff but was stuck at 640x480. But that's a minor inconvenience for now... I wasn't quite sure was APS was or why FWB, Lido, or HD SC Setup wouldn't detect the drive (but clearly it's bootable). MacEnvy, TattleTech, etc all identified the CharisMac (Anubis?) driver so I downloaded the Anubis tools, which detected the drive and I attempted to change the drive icon, of all things... Whether that upset the SCSI gods, I don't know, but here's the deal: I can't boot (normal, Extensions Mgr or Extensions Off) from this drive or a floppy with the HD connected. PRAM Reset: no change Normal Boot: Extensions load without an issue, cut to blank desktop with MultiFinder and 040 menubar icon, then menubar, then bomb - "Finder - Unimplemented Trap" error and Restart Cmd-Shift Boot: Bombs on "EM Manager" as soon as the Extensions Manager loads, same error + Restart Shift Boot: same bomb/error Boot from Floppy (7.5.5 Disk Tools): same bomb/error, unless hard drive is disconnected, then it boots! So it's got to be the drive, but this isn't useful since I can't mount the drive after the system's booted. 24/32-bit Mode: no effect, same results Turbo040 vs. Cache Card vs. No Card: same results So it's either the driver on the drive or something like a corrupt Desktop DB file that is crashing Finder - that's my theory at this moment. But I can't mount the drive so I can't even format the damn thing - not that I want to... but if I have to, I'm dual-booting with A/UX like my other capable machines. The only things I've yet to try are to #1 mount the hard drive from the external SCSI port (perhaps it's a bus issue but unlikely), or #2 change the ID and mount in another machine. Can I get out of this unscathed? I don't know, but I'm confident Ye Old 68k Gurus can answer the call to action! Thanks!
  11. Need help hot-rodding my Q950...

    I'll check it out. The Q950 is rock-stable for me, and I have it on most of the time, and I have plenty of RAM so it makes sense to put it to work for me... Thanks for the recommendation.
  12. Need help hot-rodding my Q950...

    Should just be site:68kmla.org appended to your Google search terms. Totally agree on eBay tips, but I suspect we're just bidding against each other anyway
  13. Need help hot-rodding my Q950...

    I have the Spectrum/24 with DSP card (it's still SuperMac, before Radius bought them?) - but what I've found online indicates it performs much better (and is compatible with the SuperVideo cpanel) with the 3.x ROM update... the chip for which I haven't been able to find. Haven't seen any OrangePC cards w/ NuBus - what I've seen have all been PCI but definitely seems to be part of a Q950 owner's wet dream, along with the JackHammer and CPU cards. Anyone know about or have a custom bootable ROM for that SIMM slot?
  14. Need help hot-rodding my Q950...

    Interesting suggestion re: eBay. I had searched saved to take off the Location filter (from "Default" to "Worldwide") and it's the same old stuff. I have so many searches saved, it's virtually a part of my morning routing. Will creating rules on the international sites themselves have a different effect? (i.e., not on US eBay.com) Isn't there an extension or INIT that helps maintain the contents of the RAM disk/sync to HD? I hadn't thought of that - I have 7.6.1 and 8.1 installed on separate partitions but mainly run A/UX.
  15. Need help hot-rodding my Q950...

    Thanks, will do. I expected to do this over the course of the next year or two - due to the scarcity of these parts.