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  1. Powermac 8100 ATX PSU wiring

    Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone knows how to rewire a standard ATX PSU to use in a powermac 8100, my IIci uses one and I have another spare for the 8100. Also, will soft power work straight away?
  2. SE/30 Diagnosis

    Thanks for the reply, sadly, the machine with working sticks and no floppy/hdd plugged in still gives the same blank screen and no chime.
  3. That sounds great, is there a guide on how to get that done? I would like to mount a SFX PSU into the original PSU shell for my IIci so it docks in like normal and has normal power on/off.
  4. Colour Classic blows fuse when turned on.

    Thanks, adjusted using a tool made from a piece of plastic. Display is set to a thousand colours. Ill work on the other trimpots once I find the right tool.
  5. SE/30 Diagnosis

    Hi everyone, I have an SE/30 which was reported to have a working PSU and the logic board had its caps pulled off ready for new ones. The board has had its video ROM chip, RAM and ROM SIMM reseated, board was washed and new caps have been installed. I have checked the continuity of all the caps and they appear to be connected to the board properly. Also checked Fuse 1-3 and they are OK. When turned on, fan runs, HDD seems to make a starting noise but screen stays off and chime doesn't happen. The machine does appear to react to the reset button though, and when turned on, the connected keyboard LEDs flash once. PSU cable on the logic board end was used to test PSU, 5v, 12v, -12v and -5v tested fine. Wondering what I should do, I dont know what chips and traces need testing for this sort of issue.
  6. Colour Classic blows fuse when turned on.

    It works now but screen is fuzzy and has tint.
  7. Colour Classic blows fuse when turned on.

    Got a replacement board and recapped most of it including the largest cap. It now has a chirp-like noise on loop when turned on, does that without the logicboard inside as well. 20180301_222245.mp4
  8. Powerforce G4 350 configuring

    Thanks, it produced a chime the first time I tried to use it after a recap of the card but it produces a blank screen.
  9. Powerforce G4 350 configuring

    Trying to get it working with powermac 8600/200
  10. Hi everyone, wondering if anyone knows what the default configuration of the powerlogix powerforce g4 350mhz is on the dip switches and if anyone knows where the configuration chart is.
  11. Hi everyone, decided to ask for help with repairing the colour classic analog board instead of using it for parts. The details: Fuse was blown on stock CC analog board. Board has been recapped, some new resistors and zener diodes replaced, blew new fuse when switched on. Logic board has been recapped and works inside of my LC575. DF2 is still original and hasn't been checked yet. Any ideas for what to look at?
  12. Colour Classic analog board issues

    Thanks, Ill order all the new parts soon.
  13. Power Macintosh 8100/110

    The text for the taped off connector says "J4 SERIAL". Also, there is a 68030 chip on the "processor card". Ill go and find a IIci PSU.
  14. Colour Classic analog board issues

    Anyone know the value for DL21? I know DL22 is bzx85c18, accidentally broke DL21 while removing it.
  15. Power Macintosh 8100/110

    forgot to say, i clipped that. every chip appears to have at least one corroded leg, looks like crap inside.