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  1. Ive ran into a Power Mac 8100 and even an 8500 that needed capacitors replaced on the logic board in order for them to boot, before they had no chime and a blank screen, ive heard of 6100s needing logic board and PSU caps replaced as well.
  2. Jon183

    $5 Centris 610

    I can vouch for the mechanical pencil method, used it before and its a faster way of realigning pins, the BIC Atlantis 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil 2-Pack is under $5 where I am, so its pretty affordable and you could just use them as pencils after you're done.
  3. Jon183

    IIci logic board power issue

    Well I managed to replace three chips and it works fine all the time now with my centris 650 PSU, shutdown is odd though, says "its now safe to switch off your macintosh" and proceeds to shut down seconds after displaying the message. Going to wire my ATX PSU for the IIci now. Photo is old, trace has been repaired and capacitors were installed.
  4. Jon183

    Multiscan 15" green tint

    Well its been way more than a few days but here is the end result. What I did was resolder the joints to the electron gun I believe and adjusted trim pots on the neck board and flyback. It is WAY sharper now as well.
  5. Jon183

    Power Macintosh 8100/110

    I am happy getting rid of them for the price of shipping.
  6. Jon183

    Power Macintosh 8100/110

    I am definitely interested in giving them up as I will not do anything with them.
  7. Jon183

    Power Macintosh 8100/110

    Somewhere above in this post is where I was talking about the purpose of these two cards, I still don't know but I have some data now.
  8. Jon183

    IIci logic board power issue

    The rocker switch way sounds good but I want to restore it to the point where it can be used with software power. I cleaned the two HC132 chip's and it booted and ran for about 30 secs this time. Will inspect further in about 2 weeks when I am on study break and have better tools.
  9. Jon183

    IIci logic board power issue

    ATX PSU was hardwired to stay powered on, logic board has been washed and recapped. Original owner said it had been off for years, I powered it on without looking inside, straight out of parcel and it died after 5 seconds, now it just switches off. @Bolle
  10. Hi everyone, got a centris 650 that works fine, dropped the PSU into the IIci to find that this whole time, the logic board doesn't work properly, I wasted a PSU. Using an ATX PSU, the IIci will boot up fine, what could be the issue with the logic board? It will turn on for 2 secs and just turn off after.
  11. Jon183

    SE/30 Diagnosis

    The picture is old, also, the caps are new, board came with no caps at all, I used cheap nichicon ones that look a lot like the originals.
  12. Jon183

    Quantum ProDrive Rubber Replacement

    Here is a diagram of the replacement rubber piece, I hope its sufficient, I pulled one out from a 40MB Quantum ProDrive, they seem to have two per drive. Please excuse my autodesk inventor skills, haven't used it in ages up until now. NOTE: Measurements are metric and in millimeters, they may not be that accurate.
  13. Jon183

    SE/30 Diagnosis

    UD8 and UE8 have been replaced and still nothing. Planning to try and repair it in late June. Currently have an iron, oscilloscope, some chips like UD8 and UE8 and will get logic probes. Where should I start?
  14. Jon183

    eMac saved from an e-recycling bin

    Age of Empires I and II are good. Postal 2 is a game that is proper 3D and should run, I have it on my eMac. Also, about tenfourfox and RAM, my Powerbook G4 1.42 or something GHz with 2GB RAM can kind of browse the internet properly, youtube will work better in sandbox mode but will never be that good. A base model G5 with 4GB RAM ran youtube very well for me. Tenfourfox in general without any site open can slow down the computer.
  15. I have the floppy emu deluxe bundle from the link above, its incredible and I haven't ran into any issues with it so far. It isn't cheap but it its a miracle device, it can emulate a hard disk (up to 2GB) on certain systems also. The Plus and 512K are loaded with programs now. If you do plan to get one, make sure you have a SD card reader and follow the simple firmware upgrade instructions so its usable with Macintosh (apple II only firmware is preinstalled I believe). If you don't plan on getting one, don't give up, I agree that using an external hard disk is a good idea, I went from PC to CD to LC630 and then to external HDD which was connected to the Plus when I didn't have the floppy emu.