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  1. Popjoel

    Emailing with SE/30

    Thank you guys, Baton Mail is no longer available .... Can someone pass it to me? I leave a week on vacation, without connection .... I'll talk to you later. Joel
  2. Popjoel

    Emailing with SE/30

    Thank you, Dog Cow, you're right, but I'm still looking for this email provider SE30-Neal, before starting with Rasberry, tell me a little more about Baton !!!! I am interested. Thank you both Joel
  3. Popjoel

    Emailing with SE/30

    Hi, I would like to send mails with my SE / 30, I installed Internet Explorer 4.01 and it works fine but Outlook does not connect with my Gmail mail .... Is it the fault of Gmail? Do I have to make another account on an emailer more suited to 68k? Which ? I write to you from Spain, from which I can find no answer. I hope you can help me. Thank you.