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  1. 29 minutes ago, Unknown_K said:

    and make sure you use the old lead solder with rosin core.

    This is absolutely crucial! The lead free stuff, while less toxic, sucks.


    I would also recommend a temp-controlled soldering iron. I’ve got a 75-watt one I got for around $70 or so, IIRC. Well worth it. It’s not the best one in the world, but it’s been working great for me for almost 5-years now. 


    A lot of people think they can’t solder because they’ve probably been using a cheap iron with lead-free solder, which you can’t do sh!t with! Once you get a decent iron and some good leaded solder, it’s super easy. Flux also helps a lot.

  2. I’ve actually found that the LC and LC II can be hit-or-miss on cold-boot without a PRAM battery.


    I used to think mine had issues because they wouldn’t always start up, but I threw in a good battery, did some testing, and they booted every time after that.


    Then I removed the battery, and they immediately started having trouble again.

  3. Very cool! I will +1 for the Syquest; that’s my favorite (most reliable) removable storage I have found for Macs so far. I do like Zip too, but as we all know, they can be iffy. I remember a couple of years ago, I had two Zip drives fail in two different PCs in the same week. I’ve had better luck with the external units so far. 


    I’d like to have a Bernoulli drive for my IBM PCs and XTs. They are pretty hard to find unfortunately.

  4. If it feels fine, I would agree that leaving it alone is probably the best bet.


    But, if the hinges are actually stiffer than they should be, that can be a real issue. I’ve had several laptops with stiff hinges that I decided to leave alone, and inevitably, it started to crack the plastic.


    Now when I get a laptop in good shape with stiff hinges, it gets pulled apart and fixed immediately. Not worth the risk of destroying the hinge mounts.


    I’ve found that on the “sealed” hinges, spraying liquid-wrench on the and then following that with some regular oil loosens them up pretty well.

  5. I absolutely love my 190cs. It’s one of my favorite PowerBooks. I still need to install the NOS display housing I bought for it.


    As Trash said above, having an IDE hard drive and PCMCIA is quite nice. I actually still run the stock 500MB IBM drive in mine because it’s big enough, and I like the sound it makes.


    I’d actually like to have one of the black and white models too. 

  6. On 7/16/2019 at 9:01 PM, Gorgonops said:

    Because the Sony drives actually worked. Twiggy was a disastrously ill-conceived and badly engineered failure, a monument to the worst of Apple's worst "Not Invented Here" tendencies.

    Exactly. People weren’t thinking about “collectibility” with these in 1984. They were thinking about reliability and functionality.

  7. I acquired these two Osborne 1s recently:







    The one in the first pic is an early, tan-case model, and the second one is a later model “1A”.


    While the Osborne 1 wasn’t the “first ever portable computer” like so many people think, it was the first fully-featured and commercially successful portable computer, which is pretty damn cool.


    The Osborne 1 was actually released several months before the IBM PC was.


    Isn’t that 5-inch monitor just adorable? It’s an incredibly sharp little display. You can also see that the older one has a black & white monitor, while the newer one is green.