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    What is the current view on these hard drives?

    I’d be careful with certain early 90s Quantums, as some of those have the rubber bumber under the platter and are almost impossible to repair. I have plenty of SCSI-era Macs without a hard drive because I just can’t find reasonably priced SCSI drives these days. I think more than $35 shipped is way too much for one personally. I’m not paying 50, 60 and 70 dollars for one drive. Period.
  2. PB145B

    Apple IIe - Finally!

    Thank you! Thanks! Yep, I’ve already been using ADTPro, and it is absolutely fantastic! I’ll make sure to check out a2heaven. I’ll try not to spend $1,500 though. Thanks for the recommendation on the games. I was always slightly overwhelmed at which ones to try because there is a BUNCH!
  3. PB145B

    Apple IIe - Finally!

    Even though I have a “finds” thread, this is really special to me, and I feel it deserves it’s own post (I’ll add a link to it in my finds thread). I’ve finally acquired my all-time favorite 8-bit computer! An Apple IIe! These certainly aren’t rare by any means, but I have wanted one of these things for about 9 years. I’d look on eBay for them off and on, but every time I would look it was mostly just “buy it now” listings for insane prices. Recently, I looked on eBay and found this one with a very reasonable starting price, and got it for $52 which I think was pretty good considering it was tested working, had the Super Serial card, I/O card (disk controller), and the 80-column card. It was, however, missing 5 keys, but the parts to fix this are available extremely cheap, so that was no big deal. Cosmetically, it’s not perfect, but I don’t care. The pics above are after cleaning and repair of the keyboard; here’s what it looked like when I received it: It was definitely needed some help! This machine has been fantastic so far. I’ve even been reading up on Apple Basic a bit! Also, Mario Brothers for the Apple II (which is actually a leaked beta I believe) is the funnest Apple II game I have ever played! I’m not sure why they never released, because it’s great. I already had a Duo-Disk, so my disk drive situation is covered, but I’ve got to get the Apple IIe monochrome monitor! It will be the next addition to this IIe setup. For now, I’m using my Commodore 1702 monitor which looks okay, but looks like crap in 80-column text mode. Clearly wasn’t made to be used with an Apple II. I had an Apple joystick IIe already also! I got that years ago, even before I had my IIgs. I also want to get the mouse interface card for this at some point. I may also get a set of Disk ][ drives for it at some point, because I love the look of those. Having the disk drives under the monitor is pretty nifty though! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this, and I’m sure anyone one who knows their IIes will have noticed already, but this is an enhanced IIe. Upgrading a regular IIe it an enhanced IIe is incredibly simple though (just the ROMs and CPU I believe). There are still people that sell kits (just as Apple did back then) to upgrade a regular IIe. My one is from 1986, so it was an enhanced from the factory. Anyways, that’s all for now.
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    First conquest in a long time...

    Great score! That’s super cool. I’ll have to see if I can find a disk image of it and see what it’s like
  5. I would just replace the mainboard at this point. The 140, 145, 145B and 170 all share the same mainboard, so finding one should be very easy and cheap. Cold solder joints are very possible though, but it’ll be a needle in a haystack to find.
  6. PB145B

    John's Finds

    Congratulations! That is one sweet haul!!!
  7. PB145B

    $30 LCII from eBay

    I have never seen one with that in-place. I think that was an optional thing for schools in order to keep kids from being able to remove the top. Just a guess; don’t know for sure.
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    Powerbook XXXX

    It’s a prototype 5300. I’m assuming it was made before they had decided on “5300”, so they just put “XXXX” there until they figured out what they were going to name it.
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    My second SE/30 was just like that when I popped it open for the first time.
  10. Yep! I once went through the trouble of changing the sound IC on an LC II only to find that the sound still didn't work. Plugged headphones in and sound was load and clear; unplugged them and sound was working fine again. From now on that will be the first thing I try before I go changing ICs.
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    What is this

    I’d also recommend keeping that machine. I think the Apple IIs will grow on you. They are a lot of fun Now this is just me, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that machine the way it is, but I’d hunt for an original II top case to put back on it. But again, that’s just me and If you like it the way it is, by all means leave it
  12. PB145B

    Apple IIe - Finally!

    80-columns is looking pretty sweet now So glad it made it in one piece.
  13. PB145B

    Recapped SE PSU vs new?

    I’d say which ever you prefer. I usually prefer to recap the originals and use those. I personally have had very good luck with recapped original PSUs so far.
  14. Correct me if I’m wrong. Could be way off here, but aren't the boards in these just standard ATX form-factor? If so, that should work just fine. Stealth G4
  15. Only the 100 LB should need to be done. 140 and up are all tantalum on the LB. The passive matrix models do have electrolytics on the screen and inverter that should be replaced. The 170 is also all-tantalum on the LCD as well. There is 1 electrolytic on the 170’s inverter that may need replacing.
  16. PB145B

    Saddest eBay Listing I've Ever Seen

    Makes perfect sense! Kind of like someone taking the engine out of an antique car, being unable to get it back in, and as a result, send the whole car the the junkyard and just keep the engine.................... *Said with heavy sarcasm*
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    Free Clamshell iBook!

  18. PB145B

    Apple IIe - Finally!

    @Gorgonops Here is what Apple Desktop look like running on the LUMA connector. I think it’s a *little* bit better, but not by a whole lot. One thing i have found that make GEOS and Apple Desktop look better is to turn the color knob on the monitor all the way down. Stuff like Apple works still look terrible no matter which connector you use.
  19. PB145B

    Apple IIe - Finally!

    Cool stuff Gorgonops! Thanks for the info! I actually haven’t tried the IIe on the LUMA port yet! I’ll give it a shot!
  20. PB145B

    Legit "barn find" Apple IIe

    Poor IIe! Definitely at least save those keys off of the keyboard too! The case plastics may also be fine once washed up.
  21. PB145B

    Apple IIe - Finally!

    I got the Apple Desktop running on this thing! I wasn’t sure if it’d start without the mouse interface card, but it will! And you can even navigate the cursor with the keyboard! You hold down Control, open apple, closed apple, and then release closed apple and (while still holding Control and open apple, use the arrow keys to move the cursor! Pretty neat! And to select stuff, you use the closed apple key (while still holding Control and open apple). Here’s a pic of it running: Doesn't look the best on this Commodore color monitor, but this is soon-to-be-replaced with an Apple monochrome green monitor, which will improve text dramatically (games should also look really cool in monochrome green). I prefer monochrome on the pre IIgs Apple IIs. The text looks better, and It’s just a more authentic retro feel to me. One of the actual Apple composite color monitors would be pretty sweet though. I’d also like to have one of those amber Amdek monitors.
  22. PB145B

    Free Clamshell iBook!

    Here’s mine Mine needs some cleaning as well, but I’ll get to that eventually........
  23. PB145B

    Free Clamshell iBook!

    Very nice! The indigos are sweet. Love those matching bags too. I’ve got the matching green one for my Key lime 466MHz DVD model.
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    PB145B’s finds

  25. PB145B

    Lisa Paperweight, Cube, Upgraded Wallstreet

    I agree! The outer shell and CRT alone are easily worth that. And the boards may very well be fixable depending on how they are damaged.