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  1. The PowerBook PRAM batteries are starting to leak? Didn't know that! Time to open my PowerBooks and remove them! I think I should probably remove the yellow lithium batteries in my two IBM PS/2 model 30's as well, I could see those exploding eventually. Even though they are both still good!
  2. Yeah I bet once you pull the cap off there will be some leakage under it. I'm not sure if ceramic would work for that or not. Tantalum would definitely work though.
  3. No ceramic caps are non polarized. Good luck getting it recapped! Post pics if you get it working!
  4. Great! Yes that is capacitor related. Here is a great tutorial on it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XP-fWaDbv5s There are also a couple on the inverter board, which is directly under the brightness/contrast controls inside of the laptop. Those will most likely need replacing too.
  5. Take the main battery out, it usually gets shorted and prevents the laptop from starting. The screen staying dark is probably bad capacitors in the LCD and the inverter.
  6. Thanks for the pics! That's awesome! Edit: Also pretty amazing that the Rodime drive still works!
  7. That's right! Don't know what I was thinking. Lol
  8. Cool! That's good to know. So that basically makes it an SE! Without the NuBus slot of course.
  9. That's really cool! Hope it had a fan installed too because if not that thing would get really hot!