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  1. Did not know that! What all monitors will work with the Lisa?
  2. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    Why not buy some new film and see if you can fix them? That’s what I’d do.
  3. Brand New SCSI hard drives

    I agree! $305 for a 170MB SCSI drive!?
  4. Power Macintosh 8100/110

    There is a resistor that has broken loose on one side! That’s probably one of the reasons why it isn’t working properly.
  5. Kanga not booting

    Co-designed by IBM I believe. The arrow keys on the 2400c are the same size and arrangement that the ThinkPads of the time had! I always thought that was kinda neat.
  6. 2 x Macintosh Plus and an iMac G4

    Nice haul! I really like the iLamps.
  7. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    Cool! I still have the old display from my Compaq Contura so I may try this.
  8. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    Man that sucks! My Compaq Contura 4/25 had this same problem when I got it but I managed to find an NOS LCD panel for it.
  9. CPU Upgrade / Overclocking Centris 650

    That personally wouldn’t bother me in the slightest. I’m still happily using 2011 13” MacBook Pro as my main machine!
  10. CPU Upgrade / Overclocking Centris 650

    Exactly. And there’s no point in paying for that extra power if you don’t need it.
  11. I got so lucky! 2011 MacBook Pro

    Congratulations! The 2011 MacBook Pro’s are still very usable machines. I’ve had my late 2011 13” since new and still love it! When it started getting sluggish I put an SSD in it and now it runs better than it ever has!
  12. My brand new SE/30 front case

    That's incredible! Now you need to find an NOS rear bucket!
  13. Does the SE/30 live up to the hype?

    Man that’d be nice if we could still get SE/30 boards for $10 each! If so I’d have a room full of them