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  1. PB145B

    Couldn't help myself...

    I really doubt that. They deal in a pretty large volume of vintage Apple stuff, so I’d say it was just an honest mix-up. Doesn’t make sense that they would send you the wrong item intentionally, knowing that you’re more than likely not going to be happy.
  2. PB145B

    PowerBook G4 LCD question

    Thanks for the info! I’ll probably just try and find an actual a1138 with the high-res display already present and just leave my a1095 be.
  3. Awesome! Glad you found the issue!
  4. PB145B

    PB145B’s finds

    Here’s my latest purchase, a Panasonic CF-27 ToughBook! This is an excellent Pentium III laptop. Not the fastest PIII in the world, but it’s incredibly rugged! Pretty sweet, huh? Here’s my thread about it on the Vintage Computer Forum; http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?68515-Panasonic-CF-27-ToughBook-Finally-laptop-without-that-pesky-brittle-plastic! I also just posted a thread about it on “VOGONS”, which is a forum I’m brand new to, but I basically covered all of the same stuff there, so I figured it’d be kinda redundant to link them both.
  5. PB145B

    What is the current view on these hard drives?

    I’d be careful with certain early 90s Quantums, as some of those have the rubber bumber under the platter and are almost impossible to repair. I have plenty of SCSI-era Macs without a hard drive because I just can’t find reasonably priced SCSI drives these days. I think more than $35 shipped is way too much for one personally. I’m not paying 50, 60 and 70 dollars for one drive. Period.
  6. PB145B

    Apple IIe - Finally!

    Thank you! Thanks! Yep, I’ve already been using ADTPro, and it is absolutely fantastic! I’ll make sure to check out a2heaven. I’ll try not to spend $1,500 though. Thanks for the recommendation on the games. I was always slightly overwhelmed at which ones to try because there is a BUNCH!
  7. PB145B

    First conquest in a long time...

    Great score! That’s super cool. I’ll have to see if I can find a disk image of it and see what it’s like
  8. I would just replace the mainboard at this point. The 140, 145, 145B and 170 all share the same mainboard, so finding one should be very easy and cheap. Cold solder joints are very possible though, but it’ll be a needle in a haystack to find.
  9. PB145B

    John's Finds

    Congratulations! That is one sweet haul!!!
  10. PB145B

    $30 LCII from eBay

    I have never seen one with that in-place. I think that was an optional thing for schools in order to keep kids from being able to remove the top. Just a guess; don’t know for sure.
  11. PB145B

    Powerbook XXXX

    It’s a prototype 5300. I’m assuming it was made before they had decided on “5300”, so they just put “XXXX” there until they figured out what they were going to name it.
  12. PB145B


    My second SE/30 was just like that when I popped it open for the first time.
  13. Yep! I once went through the trouble of changing the sound IC on an LC II only to find that the sound still didn't work. Plugged headphones in and sound was load and clear; unplugged them and sound was working fine again. From now on that will be the first thing I try before I go changing ICs.
  14. PB145B

    What is this

    I’d also recommend keeping that machine. I think the Apple IIs will grow on you. They are a lot of fun Now this is just me, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that machine the way it is, but I’d hunt for an original II top case to put back on it. But again, that’s just me and If you like it the way it is, by all means leave it
  15. PB145B

    Apple IIe - Finally!

    80-columns is looking pretty sweet now So glad it made it in one piece.