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  1. PB145B

    Powerbook 145b

    I see you all are takin’ about me! Back to seriousness: have you tried unplugging the hard drive? I’ve seen times where a corrupted hard drive could cause a sad Mac (happened on my 145B).
  2. PB145B

    Apple Set Top Box

    Wow, this is cool stuff! I’ve always been intrigued by these things.
  3. PB145B

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    Also to add, I haven’t had this thing since new. I’m far too young to have had a machine like this when new
  4. PB145B

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    The one I posted a pic of is the stock SE keyboard. It’s the “Apple Keyboard” model M0116. According to MacTracker, it was introduced in March of 1987. Mine came with my SE FDHD which I believe is from ‘88 or ‘89.
  5. PB145B

    ABD Keyboard and Mouse Options?

    I actually think that this one look the best with the SE/30: Obviously, it’s from the same era, but to me it most certainly matches it the best. It is what I usually use with mine. All boils down to personal preference though.
  6. PB145B

    PB145B’s finds

    I acquired these two Osborne 1s recently: The one in the first pic is an early, tan-case model, and the second one is a later model “1A”. While the Osborne 1 wasn’t the “first ever portable computer” like so many people think, it was the first fully-featured and commercially successful portable computer, which is pretty damn cool. The Osborne 1 was actually released several months before the IBM PC was. Isn’t that 5-inch monitor just adorable? It’s an incredibly sharp little display. You can also see that the older one has a black & white monitor, while the newer one is green.
  7. PB145B

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    Outstanding! So nice to see a prototype machine alive and well! I gotta say, I am indeed a little jealous
  8. PB145B

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    That’s wild! Did you ever make a fully-working Mac out of it?
  9. PB145B

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    I stand corrected then!
  10. PB145B

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    I don’t think it would fit, because the SE/30 display is 9” and the Color Classic display is 10”.
  11. PB145B

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Sweet! If they were going for that cheap recently, then I’m sure it shouldn’t be too bad to find one. Dremeling the video card sounds like fun as well
  12. PB145B

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    That’s absolutely stunning! If the total cost is reasonable, I might consider doing this to one of my SE/30s. I’m assuming the most expensive part would be a nice video card capable of 640 X 480 color, which might be prohibitive for me depending on how much those run. I love this stuff, but I’ve got my limits when it comes to what I’ll pay for a single expansion board. I’ll save the crazy money for my future Lisa 2 purchase!
  13. PB145B

    Mac SE... with hard drive, network card???

    Very nice! I’ve also got a dual floppy SE FDHD with an aftermarket adapter to let it take a hard drive as well. Pretty nifty to have dual floppies and a hard drive in one box.
  14. PB145B

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    Wow, that is incredible! As for the floppy drives, they likely need to be lubricated. The Sony 400k drives are notorious for getting gummed up.
  15. PB145B

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    These Macs get pretty toasty (my two Pluses certainly do at least). I can’t even imagine one without the top vents (which are probably the most critical ones). But, it looks cool!