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  1. el_jeffe

    Mac Plus Floppy Drive - should I replace it?

    Speaking of, can these drives be repaired if they're out of alignment or have other issues? Mine has a broken eject gear but it also does not read disks even after cleaning and lube. Wondering if it's just cheaper to replace it.
  2. Was having a discussion with a coworker about floppies on vintage computers. He suggested I probably shouldn't bother replacing the floppy drive at all since there are all sorts of solid-state card devices out there now. I just feel like my Mac Plus won't be fully 'restored' until it gets a working floppy drive. No reason I can't have both but it does make me wonder if the floppy drive is really needed.
  3. el_jeffe

    Mac Plus Boot Options

    I do have the cable that came with the drive that's in the mac plus. Is there a way to verify it's an 800k cable? I would like to assume the plus came with the correct drive and cable but you never know these days.
  4. el_jeffe

    Mac Plus Boot Options

    Equipment: Mac Plus - dead floppy drive Mac SE Superdrive - working floppy drive 800k boot floppies from BMOW that work on the SE Apple CD 300 - no discs Is there any configuration I can use to test the plus? I just want to see if it boots so I know if it's just the floppy drive or other things I need to put on my list to get. I thought I read on here you could connect the superdrive floppy to the plus but you'd only get the 800k function. For the apple CD I'm having a hard time finding if the plus can natively boot from CD/SCSI and if so would I be able to use a modern PC with burner to make a bootable CD for it? Unfortunately a floppy emu or drive for the plus is not in the budget at the moment, but if that's what it takes I'll just have to wait. Appreciate any advice.
  5. el_jeffe

    Retrobrite Failure

    I did the same exact thing, see my post here: https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/30384-retrobrite-fail/&do=findComment&comment=329207 I used a headlight restorer kit and finally got it back to normal minus the surface texture. I underestimated the power of the sun. Also tried the keyboard to the SE Superdrive and got same results on the frame but the keys came out ok. Unfortunately after a couple of months they're yellow again.
  6. I don't currently have a 68k setup to explore this on, but CNN has a text only website. Anyone tried it? http://lite.cnn.io/en
  7. el_jeffe

    Mac OS 8.5 Sherlock poster

    Very nice, I remember seeing something similar at CompUSA when it came out.
  8. el_jeffe

    SE SuperDrive and Plus

    So I found a way to make floppies from the PC. Unfortunately(but not surprisingly) the hard drive in the SE died. Making a noise and isn't recognized. I connected the HD20 to it. It tries to initialize but fails. Disk first aid fails and HD20 diagnostic immediately fails like it's not detected. So I've got 2 dead hard drives and then a dead floppy on the plus. Guess it's time to get a floppy emu.
  9. el_jeffe

    System 7.5.5 on Mac Plus and HD20

    Thanks, everyone! I'll see what equipment I can round up and try to give this a go. Would it have been this complex for someone in the early 90's to get installed on a Plus? I would assume Apple had some officially supported way to do it since it would technically run. I may be over thinking it but I would think that a lot of people had a stock setup or maybe only did an HD20 or 4MB upgrade. However, one could also argue that back in those days there were a lot more upgrade options to extend the life of a machine vs buying something new(at least on the PC side, look at what this guy did to his IBM) http://orignialbeast.blogspot.com/2014/11/vintage-ibm-pcxt-big-blue-beast.html
  10. I apologize if this has already been posted but I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. I recall reading somewhere that HD20 support was dropped with system 7. If anyone can shed some light on that I would appreciate it. Also the Mac Plus is supposed to support up to system 7.5.5. I'm assuming one would need to have a SCSI drive(size?) instead of the HD20 and the full upgrade to 4MB RAM. Curious to know how one would have installed since the Plus only has the 800k drive but most system 7 versions came on HD floppies. I realize it's not really recommended to run that version of software on the Plus, just interested in how it would have been done back then since it's 'technically' possible.
  11. el_jeffe

    SE SuperDrive and Plus

    When I put in a disk the main motor will spin the disk but the heads do not move. It gives an X floppy on the screen and tries to eject. The eject motor runs and trips the sensor to stop after its rotation but since the gear is broken the disk remains. I can eject manually at that point and the system gives the ? floppy on the screen. I've tried 2 known good 800k disks I got from BMOW, they work in the SE.
  12. el_jeffe

    SE SuperDrive and Plus

    That's great on those gears I'll keep that in mind. Unfortunately the drive head does not move and the spinning motor is extremely noisy so I think the drive is pretty much dead unfortunately.
  13. el_jeffe

    SE SuperDrive and Plus

    Interesting, if you don't mind me asking what info on the board gives it away? Would it have been something Apple or a dealer would have done due to a newer motherboard not being available? I work for a PC manufacturer and typically they purge warranty replacement stock of the older revision boards when a newer one is released. I'm not sure if the SuperDrive variant would have counted as a revision or an entirely separate model. I have a better pic of the board if needed. Regarding the Plus, cleaned and lubed the floppy but one of the gears in the eject mechanism is broken. The drive heads do not move at all when it attempts to access the disk, just gives the floppy with an x and tries to eject. I don't have a multimeter to check the drive motor but it doesn't appear to be jammed. I'd like to have a working floppy but with my budget I think the floppy emu would be the better investment at this point and then maybe get a drive down the line. Also the battery on the Plus did not leak and only trace corrosion on the terminals. More like a couple of green specs.
  14. el_jeffe

    SE SuperDrive and Plus

    Looks like I got lucky with the battery. "Made in West Germany" - piece of history right there! Your Macintosh SE (B01), with serial number F10287F9B01, was the 8611th manufactured during the 28th week of 1990 in Fremont, CA.
  15. el_jeffe

    What's on that old hard drive?

    I managed to get an SE with a working(for now) hard drive. It's kind of like opening a time capsule. What are some interesting things that you all have found on these old drives and disks? (haven't had a chance to look at these in detail)