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    My // GS is ROM03

    no but you can get one from http://retrofloppy.com/products.html for a reasonable price, thats where I got mine and it works well, you can also try info@th3artofmac.com, (turn 3 into an e) just ask them if they have one for sale cause I know they used to, but the first link really is reasonable and a great product.
  2. Jinnai

    My // GS is ROM03

    Ah that... seems like a bit of an overreaction to me haha... but yeah in general the 3 is better, the only time one should want a 01 instead is if you want to run those old GS programs, IIe and newer GS stuff should be better in the 3... but I wish I had Tetris.
  3. Jinnai

    My // GS is ROM03

    I haven't been able to find a list yet so I'll throw my two cents in and say so far I've seen Tetris cannot run on my ROM 3, with no solution.
  4. Jinnai

    Best Hard Drive option for IIgs

    I believe that the CFFA3000 is very nice, but the price is a bit high. I am interested in what Schafeman has to offer.
  5. Jinnai

    Tetris on IIgs?

    I wanna play Tetris on a ROM 3 IIgs. The original IIgs version doesn't appear to run on a ROM 3 due to ROM differences. Any other options like different versions or a cracked/fixed copy of that one? I ran Tetris II but couldn't stand the weird random blocks.
  6. In my experience there are only two internal layouts though. And in my experience they are all shattered or far, far too brittle to successfully remove from one and put in another. In my case I had a lack of that part so in desperation I taped all the shattered pieces together and used that, meaning the supporting frame is the outer one now not the inner one.