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  1. Byrd

    Macintosh TV questions

    Don't worry about screws etc or anything else until you can actually get it to boot. The Mac TV motherboard is known for having particularly leaky caps, so once you get RAM hopefully you'll get signs of life.
  2. Byrd

    TAM Not Booting Up

    Short of blowing the PSU (!), the LCD needs replacement from a donor PowerBook 3400. There is also a board that runs from the TAM motherboard to LCD (some sort of LVDS or analog to digital converter) that can also go faulty, but usually have artifacts or lines on screen instead of just white.
  3. Byrd

    Color Classic Mystic Mods

    Nice one Jeff, it really makes the CC a much more versatile machine. I've had a CC modded like this for 10+ years and it hasn't missed a beat.
  4. Hi all, In storage I've had a Sonnet Crescendo G4 1Ghz (PCI) CPU card, which I assumed worked, but finally got the chance to try it out in a PowerMac 9650. Boot fresh install of OS 9.1, chimes and gets past Happy mac, to start of OS 9.1 loading screen, cue an error of one of the following: "divide by zero" "error type 10" "bus error" "illegal instruction" ... holding down shift to bypass extensions does result in it booting to desktop, but it freezes after a few minutes. I've stripped the system down to a pair of known good interleaved RAM, basic graphics, single SCSI HD boot and get the same errors. The PPC 9650 usually runs a Sonnet G4 450Mhz CPU card which when reinstalled, works and boots the Mac without issue in the same configuration. CUDA and PRAM have also been reset. I've checked over the card - there are 6 x 47uF 16V electrolytic caps on there in what appears to be good shape, but what more worrying is the long purple heatsink appears to flex the card. I've re-applied thermal paste and re-seated the heatsink to have less flex on the PCB, and this affects it booting. Tighten up some screws and it'll chime and get to the same errors as before. I have a vague idea that maybe OS 9.2.2 has better G4 drivers, so I'll try the universal MacOS9lives version next. After this, I'm next at the stage of potentially recapping the board, and reflowing the CPU ... or, any other tips? Thanks JB
  5. Byrd

    LCD screen in a Color Classic

    Precious Mac hardware tampering aside, I reckon it looks quite good, and knowing the CC case it can crack around the inside bezel, so who knows perhaps it was destined for the upgrade?
  6. Byrd

    A couple modded Color Classics

    Crazy that you have found not one, but two modified CCs in a week! They are quite useful in 'PPC guise and I imagine popular machines to modify in Japan due to their small size and I assume small buildings they were used in. Being a hack, it can either be done very well or poorly just to get it running, so no surprises you are finding some odd hardware inside (and hardware choices - I though you needed to make up a voltage regulator to get 5x00 and 6x00 boards running, so perhaps a Quadra 630 board was the easiest and cheapest upgrade at the time). I've a CC with a 6500 board and G3 L2 upgrade, and VGA mod. Done well, but has some oddities mainly revolving around power usage. I'm going to strip it down one day, double check it over and choose some low power choices.
  7. Byrd

    iBook Logo Tension Crack Woes

    I'd say the cracking around the bezel logo occurs in 50% of Clamshells, in my experience it doesn't get worse however. The plastic is perhaps softer than ABS normally used, and this along with a closely spaced dual hinge, weight and size of the LCD part is a weak point of design. The bezel is exactly the same colour as that used in all models, so if you find a good one go for it, but beware that popping out the coloured Apple logo might stress the plastic and cause the exact same cracking
  8. Byrd

    9600 Floppy Drive

    They're the same floppy drive as in any other Mac of the era, auto inject. A donor 7x00 machine should have what you need.
  9. I thought it was quite difficult to repair and diagnose a MDD PSU, due to multiple point of failure (unless you're an electronics tech!). If a nice dual CPU model with good GPU I'd keep it, otherwise look for a replacement PSU
  10. RAM Doubler on systems with limited physical RAM for Mac OS < 8.1 is a good work around, but I believe the improvements to virtual memory in Mac OS 8.6+ and above negate the need to use it.
  11. No issues, but CF to IDE is best used in earlier Macs in my opinion, with virtual memory off as CF are potentially more prone to wear than a normal SSD. CF are also not available in shops anymore near me, so if I had the choice (and knew it worked), I'd now go much cheaper SD for slower 68K/PPC Macs, and step it up to mSATA in later models. I'm running down to only a few 3.5" IDE drives spare now, most are mid-00 era and I couldn't say they'd be too reliable. Do have some cherry picked 7200.8 Seagate drives I'm putting in my 9600 at the moment, think they'd be great.
  12. Yes, but when you can do SSD for cheap, saturating the bus on any lowly Mac to make it as fast as possible, with good reliability is the way to go over a dicey older mechanical drive. Last conversion I did was putting an Intel 80GB mSATA SSD in my TAM; the mSATA drive cost AUD $30 used on eBay, and the enclosure < $5 from eBay HK. I've a pile of 2.5" IDE 40/80/120GB drives as spare, but when the price is this good I'll keep going.
  13. Economically with the best performance, I'd say a second-hand mSATA SSD 30GB+ with an IDE to mSATA adapter, depending on the adapter you'll probably also need a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE adapter to connect to your beige G3. Go for an mSATA brand such as Intel or Samsung. I'm converting as many of my later PPC Macs to mSATA SSDs as I possibly can, one by one - bang for buck it's the best option.
  14. Byrd

    Multiprocessor SE/30!

    Magic smoke time!
  15. That's a nice lot 'o gadgets, the Radeon 5750 should be able to be flashed to a Mac EFI ROM to obtain boot screens if used in a Mac Pro. Pocket/Palm PCs are great little collectables IMO and you can get them for pretty much nothing at the moment. They're also pretty reliable and with some searching there are some decent apps you can try on them.