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  1. Hi Jeroen, Have you tried installing the generic Apple network extensions - I don't think I've come across any ethernet cards that needed a specific driver, all worked out of the box with a software reinstall of Mac OS.
  2. I'd say you have a couple of problems with the LCD there, regardless of replacing the caps - damage on the flex cable/connector and algae bloom (the red growth on the left)
  3. Isn't that a fairly generic case it's in - a Chenbro Cube case, I think
  4. Awesome find, I never knew they made the case in black! Replace that optical drive or vinyl paint the existing ... What do you reckon they used the machine for, in it’s day?
  5. Byrd

    SSD in a 6500, anyone successfull?

    It'd be an issue with the IDE bus of the 6500 not properly supporting the newer SSD standards. If still keen I'd try another smaller, older SSD (< 80GB, Intel only) or consider a generic mSATA to IDE adapter, again coupled with a < 80GB Intel branded mSATA part. I spent an age trying various drives in my 6500/TAM, even faster newer mechanical IDE drives 80GB+ did not play nice, and especially not a 120GB Toshiba mSATA drive. I'm currently using an Intel mSATA 80GB drive with generic said adapter which is working a treat.
  6. Byrd

    Powerbook 2400c with GLOD

    Hi Alex, the lowendmac Duo mailing list (assume to find on internet archive) is where I found info about all the SMT motherboard fuses. I haven’t pulled my 2400c apart for years, but recall they are little white squares 5-6 all scattered throughout the board. Also, remember to use the power adapter to suit an iBook/PowerBook G3, not the “Duo” brick as it will kill the fuses. I learnt this the hard way! JB
  7. Byrd

    Powerbook 2400c with GLOD

    Are you sure you've checked all the SMT fuses - IIRC there are 5-6 fuses on the 2400c motherboard, which is the main cause of GLOD on the machine.
  8. Byrd

    Macintosh SE/30 and lines

    .... if you bought it working, don't wash it - easy way out for the seller to refuse any refund, in my opinion. Once you start doing extensive troubleshooting (and washing), the seller could just come back to you and say you damaged it. Clean the RAM, ROM contacts with electronic contact cleaning spray, just run with four known working sticks of RAM.
  9. I’ve a Pismo with (assumed Wegener) G4 in place and it’s also flaky, not booting all the time. For me it’s time to reflow the CPU, which is all the Wegener crowd did, doesn’t look too flash.
  10. This is bloody great - do you still recommend the Vonets adapter, or more have a preference for a particular OpenWRT device?
  11. Byrd

    Quadra 950 - Power Tower

    I'm trialling just this at the moment (in other words - I've shoved it in the case but am yet to get the software working), a Radius Rocket I 33Mhz card in a IIfx; the Rocket has 128MB RAM, and coupled with a Radius graphics card I'm hoping it will provide a good performance boost.
  12. I'd love one of these cards, been looking for years, 386 or 486. Closest I've gotten is owning a Mac286 card, but it's limited to a low 286, CGA, 1MB RAM. The Audigy2 PCMCIA sound card is 32-bit cardbus and not compatible with 16-bit slots. 16-bit PCMCIA sound cards are hard to come by, there are devices such as an OPL2LPT external parallel sound card that might do.
  13. Byrd

    LC 475 black screen on boot

    Double tap: power on, quickly off then on again. With a good PRAM battery you won’t need to do this
  14. Reformat the 2GB drive using Apple's own HD Setup utility; alternately I'm finding SilverLining to be my choice for the most compatible third-party formatting utility (also letting you format to HFS+ when you get to OS 8.1)
  15. Byrd

    PowerBook 1400 CD ROM

    Hi AP, I vaguely recall the only drive that lined up was a Toshiba drive from the same era (as found on Toshiba Satellites), but I'll have to look into that more Clean the drive lens and see if there is a pot to adjust the laser in the mean time