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  1. Wouldn't the SATA card have trouble booting from an optical drive as you hold down 'C' at startup? Anything Pioneer IDE, DVD, will work - I wouldn't bother with other brands are some have their quirks.
  2. Welcome Dritz33 The plastics on beige PPCs are known to be quite poor quality and over time become very brittle and easy to snap. Every one of us here has snapped dozens of tabs on &#%@# Mac casings In terms of glue and ease of fix, I'm having good success with Loctite Gel superglue as it's easy to apply without running. However, the strongest bonds come from Acetone/acrylic glue but this can be hard to source. For strong bonds in regions no-one will look, JB Weld is another good product but you send you use it to "rebuild" larger broken areas covered up by casing, as it solidifies to a grey blob. JB
  3. Byrd

    TAM CD repair.

    Hi falen5, welcome back, I enjoyed your last involvement with the site trying to resurrect that FrankenAppleII! Interesting about the degradation of rubber in the TAM CD drive - I've an Apple PowerCD which I reckon has a similar issue, I'm yet to pull it apart but it's very "gritty" and doesn't spin the CD smoothly, attempting to read CDs but never qutie getting there. Of course if you can avoid using the TAM CD drive I'd do so - it's a picky device that never plays well with burnt CDs or any with minor scratches.
  4. Byrd

    PowerBook Duo 270c

    Does it continue to boot after the screen goes black? Could be the backlighting failing
  5. Byrd

    Fading lettering on Colour Classic

    The nameplate clips off, so you could source another plate, or remove altogether and replicate the font and style in a transfer.
  6. Byrd

    Powerbook XXXX

    If you get the HD spinning, it had better play the Men In Black theme tune at startup
  7. Byrd

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    Shame Cubeowner went down so quickly, especially when it was maintained and active for many years after the Cube was released. It was a fantastic resource.
  8. Byrd

    Factory 32mb Video Card for G4 Cube

    Yes, you'll need a fan when you add any performance upgrade in a G4 Cube - anything beyond stock makes the internals get very warm. However, you can pick up very quiet 80mm fans these days that you won't notice; keep in mind the Cube has 80mm mounts for a slimline fan, but you can fit a normal thickness part in there with some bending of the bracket.
  9. Byrd

    Faint lines on white backgrounds

    The brightness cutoff is probably too high; crack it open and adjust the CRT pots
  10. Hi all, Most 5x00, 6x00 and 580 Macs come with a small connector on the motherboard for external video support. Apple made an adapter, part M4099LL/A which provides functionality for a mirrored display output (not dual display sadly) for these machines. The TAM being based off a 5500/6500 board also has this connector, but no-where to mount the DB15 port. My lowly USB card has enough space to fit the connector with just enough room for a DB15 to VGA adapter on the other side. In doing so, it's great to be able to plug the TAM video output to an external monitor, TV or projector! It's an exact mirror ouput with no performance hit. JB
  11. Hey Trash, For some reason I never delved any further in this thread to see all your experiments with dual PCI risers and fitment - well done! During the Christmas break I've spent a bit of time on my TAM, the issue with dual PCI slots if that it'd likely need to be a custom part - there is a large offset of space required before a PCI slot can begin. Power issues are ongoing and stabilising two cards without chopping into the case would be very difficult. I was toying with adding a 3DFX card in my TAM for giggles, however heat output is a concern - the fans are poorly placed and while temperature controlled don't appear to do much. I did get one successful mod done though, adding an external monitor port (an Apple adapter exists for 5x00 and 6x00 Macs, cloned display), cut into a port in my USB card. The CSII riser though I'd be dead keen for if someone made a duplicate ... JB
  12. Byrd

    Color Classic CRT Magnetic Issue

    Sometimes the weak magnet (not a hard drive magnet!) appears to work but nothing “sticks” when you withdraw it from the screen. However, unlike other DIY methods it probably won’t harm the CRT. Remember to degauss like you’re spinning fairy floss; start centrally spinning then as you spin to the outside of the screen lift your hand up more and more.
  13. Byrd

    Color Classic CRT Magnetic Issue

    I’ve never had luck luck with DIY degaussing, and if done incorrectly it can damage it more and make it difficult to reverse. Proper CRT degaussers are cheap (and nasty - I had one melt in my hands!), I would however recommend the “green one” and a useful tool to have in any vintage electronics toolbox.
  14. Byrd

    Macintosh TV questions

    Don't worry about screws etc or anything else until you can actually get it to boot. The Mac TV motherboard is known for having particularly leaky caps, so once you get RAM hopefully you'll get signs of life.
  15. Byrd

    TAM Not Booting Up

    Short of blowing the PSU (!), the LCD needs replacement from a donor PowerBook 3400. There is also a board that runs from the TAM motherboard to LCD (some sort of LVDS or analog to digital converter) that can also go faulty, but usually have artifacts or lines on screen instead of just white.