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  1. Try formatting the ProDOS partitions < 32MB to start with
  2. Byrd

    Takky power supply mod. Help please!

    Thanks for posting your progess - it appears all Takky upgrades are far from the same, with some quirks found along the way depending on varying approaches to the mod. I've a G3 enabled Takky (not my modification) I'm pretty sure has no 3.3V regulator that surprisingly has never let me down. I'm going to put a 2.5" MSATA IDE HD in there soon to reduce wattage draw.
  3. Nice setup! If you're taking that away for show, give it a good few hours on the bench to ensure it keeps running. I just dragged out my Macintosh 128K for RAM resoldering (it hasn't been used for about 18 months), I knew the RAM was bad but it developed a dry solder joint on the analogue board and wouldn't display anything unless I flexed (not knocked) the analogue board. It was fixed quickly enough though by resoldering the solder joints where the four CRT yoke wires plug into. That pic of the breakaway Macintosh in the brochure - any chance you could so a high-res scan of it and post it up? I'd love to Photoshop it a tad and print it off in a large poster for my workshop. Thanks JB
  4. Hi all, Nine years ago I resurrected a 128K by replacement of two 64K 4164 RAM modules in a stock 128K, it is now displaying a Sad Mac at another memory location ... and probably more. Would you recommend I desolder all and add sockets for new 4164 64K modules x 16; and if so where do you recommend to purchase them from? Thanks JB
  5. Byrd

    PowerCD repair

    It's a great piece of tech - I'm getting around the intricacies of the drive and a few quirks with the driver installed on a PowerBook 540C running OS 8.1. Burnt data CDs surprisingly mount - slowly - while burnt audio CDs refuse to play under Mac OS yet play tracks perfectly in "standalone" mode when the computer is off. I burnt the audio CD in iTunes 12.9 and it thinks it's a data CD, I'll perhaps need to burn audio CDs on old authoring software that doesn't add fancy things to the burn. Once again, thanks!
  6. Byrd

    PowerCD repair

    Another PowerCD working! Thanks to the advice of @bibilit The grey disk/motor spindle on mine had seized or someone pushed it in firmly when trying to put a CD in. This resulted in a spindle with lots of friction that the CD motor couldn't spin freely to read a CD, the CD refused to move. As my PowerCD was pretty rough I took it apart, it dismantles fairly easily. Be aware of there are three cables to disconnect along the way (which are fairly hard to yank out); and the lens laser --> PCB ribbon cable is very short and fragile. With the unit apart, you get get better access to the lens and grey disk, and there is also a cut away of metal allowing you to get a very fine screwdriver in (not really visible with just the tray open). I lubricated penetrating oil around the front and back of the grey disk/motor, left it be for a while then gently shuffled the the flat screwdriver head under the disk, and heard a satisfying "pop" as it came out a fraction of a mm. The grey disk/spindle could now be moved smoothly. Packed it all up, and it fired up an audio CD straight away I'd never seen this unit working, so it was great to fix something vintage and Apple without it taking days and finding other issues along the way! JB
  7. Byrd

    3D-Printed Objects

    Anything that isn’t metal will do - just fabricate your own from wooden skewers, plastic rod.
  8. Looks like some superficial water damage all over the top corner of the motherboard and casing. Obviously it dried and isn’t going to kill the system but I’d more be cleaning that section over worrying about a screw.
  9. Hi TimHD, It's be nice to see that going - the active TFT display on a 5300c/ce is magnificent. Chuck in an IDE to CF card and it'll be a nice early PPC 'book. First of all it sounds like power issues are your main issue initially - the 5300 have highly delicate DC jacks and it could be booting off battery (perhaps it has a little charge) than from mains power. The caps on the DC power board also look a bit bulged - those 100uf 35V ones you have pictured. I'd be cleaning the DC board with electrical contact cleaner (Bunnings sell it now, WD40 branded) - and do the same cleaning on the RAM and other connectors. Have you checked if the supplied charger is also sound - multimeter time? Have you tried booting without the RAM module installed? JB
  10. Byrd

    Recapped my 840av

    Thanks your tips, Jeff - it's a fine art and the more I can learn the better
  11. Byrd

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    Hi ants, I'm in Melbourne and would be interested in continuing the project if you were willing to sell your LCD? Thanks JB
  12. Byrd

    Recapped my 840av

    Trag, what do you find is the safest method to remove Mac caps? I've been trialling with a rework hot air gun @ 360 deg C but finding this does results in pads lifting, but rarely. Same goes with using wire cutters to cut off the old cap and remove remnants - the force required to clamp down on the old cap can result in some movement of the legs and pads and I tend to shy away from this method now.
  13. Byrd

    PB540 no sound?

    The old spray out the 3.5" audio jack with contact cleaner and "exercise" it with a 3.5" jack might give life ... PRAM reset might also assist.
  14. I see - certainly there isn't much information online about the 9500 ROM on the ANS apart from that it "may" boot OS 7.x and you need a PCI SCSI card to get any further from here. I'll fluff around with it a bit more however will likely install AIX and trial a mini home AppleShare network on it. JB
  15. Try formatting the drives with LaCie Silverlining; I've had better success partitioning and formatting such adaptered SSDs using this utility.