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  1. No problems Craig, I think the key setting was called the "Secure" mode when the 950 was used as a server, disabling keyboard/mouse to avoid unwanted keystrokes. What are you doing with your 950 projects? Mine is loud, with the WGS card I'm trying to get functioning under OS 7.1.
  2. It was more for cooling considerations that some PowerBook and MacBooks didn't support "clamshell mode" (that is, using the laptop with the screen completely closed running an external monitor/keyboard/mouse/other peripheral). Check your model online to see if clamshell mode is supported; some could have this enabled unofficially but this could cause overheating. If you're planning on something custom without a monitor, there is no damage by running an external display only.
  3. Turned the key? It disables the keyboard and mouse in one particular dial setting. Check lock is working too
  4. Mac 286 in a 7100?

    Hi rickrob, I've the same card (original Mac286 AST card, two cards linked up), and wondering what I could do with it as well! Confirming it needs 24 bit addressing and < OS 7.1, so not a good choice for a nubus PPC but might be of merit in a lowly '030 (or Mac II). Of course if you put it in anything faster, you could probably emulate x86 faster with more RAM and colour support. It's a fairly limited card, but cool for oddity's sake. JB
  5. Large Powerbook Lot (inc. 4 PB 2400c)

    Collectively, that's a good price - good luck getting them up and running - some 'Books take a bit of coaxing, but you should get most running.
  6. parism was his username on CubeOwner, if I'm not mistaken. The brackets he made were hand carved from a plastic resin, no fancy 3D printer in sight! Would be nice to have a STL model to make some though.
  7. Apple PowerCD - not spinning

    Thanks MOS8_030 ... does the spindle on the centre of your drive spin freely?
  8. PC Cards for Powerbooks

    Yes, there is a small subset of PCMCIA cards that work with Mac, with the right drivers. Many were rebadged from PC (network, USB, wireless), provided you find the right model number and possibly revision. The generic USB 2.0 PCMCIA card should work out of the box (in OS X, and you'll need the standard Apple USB drivers under OS 9.x), provided it's OHCI compatible. It'll run @ USB 1.1 speeds under OS 9.x
  9. PowerBook Duo 270c - burning power supply

    It seems like the actual brightness switch is at fault - a closed short forcing the brightness down unless you hold it? I'd try cleaning the switches next. Re: PRAM settings, things like screen brightness are also held in PRAM so if your PRAM isn't good it won't save the settings.
  10. Apple PowerCD - not spinning

    Thanks for help - I've just been trying a few audio CDs, not hooked up to anything. It detects fine when plugged into a Mac.
  11. Hi all, I've an Apple PowerCD I'm trying to get functional - I bought it some time back and never tried it out, it appears to be fully intact. When I slide the CD in the little cradle/holder thing and click the lid in, it tries for a moment to spin the CD but ceases. The display just stays at the usual --:-- and sometimes displays an er (error) code if I press some of the buttons. No other noises happen eg. lens head moving. The circular spindle the CD sits on doesn't move freely, it feels "gritty" - can others check to see if theirs does the same? I'm hoping it's a clean/re-lube job instead of a laser adjustment or replacement. Thank you! JB
  12. PowerBook 550c

    No issues here with a Sandisk Extreme 16GB CF card and a single slot generic 2.5" to CF adapter. Board I have could be a later revision ... possible, it's an Apple branded ACARD model.
  13. Alright, I can just see the other battery hiding there! I'd agree with Juror22, time to (dish)wash the board or at least clean well around the caps you've replaced with isopropyl alcohol. You'd not expect much capacitor leakage from a IIfx as only a few axial caps exist, but it can happen. I'd also go over the board with a magnifying glass to see any manufacturing defects - I assume the board was never in use? Can you test the IIfx ROM on another Mac - fingers crossed you have a spare IIsi or SE/30 to trial? JB
  14. Large Powerbook Lot (inc. 4 PB 2400c)

    That's a great lot! Fingers crossed for you there is a G3 upgrade in one of those 2400c machines.
  15. Kind of off-topic but don't all IIfx motherboards have two PRAM batteries - I can only see placement for one on your board? Certainly the IIfx will not boot without good PRAM battery(s) installed.