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  1. Most original Pentiums came with a very small heatsink and fan; later MMX series needed a chunkier HSF generally, and AMD/Cyrix equivalents generally ran hotter. I wouldn't slather the Pentium 100 in Arctic Silver - it's too big a die to cover and not needed (and conductive; in the day of Arctic Silver I'm sure it killed many components from incorrect application) - just use the generic white goop, once you've scaped off the tin foil pad and surrounding paste.
  2. I'd keep it in the top slot unless you notice any quirks (unlikely) - the Crescendo will be making 95% of the heat, not the Pentium by any stretch and it's good to have some airflow around the G3. Just bought some VRAM for my PC compatibility card - housing it in a Blue and White G3.
  3. Byrd

    Boxed PB 2400c/240 - 56K Warning

    I see; that'd be a worthwhile addition. Nice pickup on the Yu-plan keyboard; I've a green translucent one with what appears to be the wrong font used. Could be an early revision, certainly the slightly bigger keys are useful.
  4. Byrd

    Boxed PB 2400c/240 - 56K Warning

    Another one saved, Charidis Nice work. I've been trying to restore a 2400c with NewerTech G3 for some time, there appears to be an issue with either the G3 or motherboard. The cache goes missing on boot but it appears positioning the G3 CPU in a certain way makes it better. Like you I've become an expert at taking a 2400c apart quickly, I notice yours has thermal pads on most big ICs and mine lacks all of them apart from the G3 CPU. Noting your love of Japanese notebooks (and subnotebooks) ... have you cast your eye to the evil world of x86 and seen an IBM PC110 PalmTop? It's a ridiculous machine, but such a great collectable. I bought one a while back locally and it's one of my favourite machines alongside my Apple portables. JB
  5. Byrd

    PCI cards for PM5500?

    USB comes in mighty handy, you could also try a Voodoo 2 PCI card for games
  6. The readme for the game Unreal confirmed that you might be able to disable the drivers for the ATI card you don't want to use to get acceleration on, for those machines using dual ATI graphics accelerators. So I spent some time trying different ATI drivers, different OSes (Mac OS 9.1 --> 9.2.2), and newer ATI drivers just don't like working concurrently with the ATI Rage II in my TAM. So looks like if I can get cooling right, my TAM will be using a MacMagic Voodoo 1 8MB card, which is nice and compact. As much as I'd like to try a PCI Voodoo 3, from most reports they do not play nice in a 6500 and become even more incompatible with G3 upgrades - perhaps a power issue in the flaky PCI controllers in these Macs? JB
  7. Byrd

    Preferred heat sink grease

    For longevity, Arctic Silver 5 is still my choice. I'm yet to find it dried up on older builds. Don't go the conductive stuff
  8. Hi all, I've been experimenting with adding an additional PCI graphics card into my TAM for fast external video and desire to play 3D accelerated games. First I started with a MacMagic 3DFX Voodoo 1 card, which works well, however runs very hot in the cramped innards of a TAM. Better cooling is an option, but thought I'd try something else next. The TAM runs an ATI 3D Rage II 2MB graphics chipset, which is to be considered a very basic 2D accelerator. My next card to try is an ATI Radeon 7000 Mac Edition card, the TAM is running OS 9.1 with the required official ATI driver extensions installed for the Radeon card (compatible with OS 9 - later ATI drivers required OS 9.2.2 which I thought overkill for the TAM). Playing games, I'm experiencing a constant tussle with Mac OS being indecisive on what display or graphics it should use. With the primary display/menu bar set to the external Radeon 7000 card, games keep switching their output to the TAM's LCD, or continue to be run in software mode - I've never seen RAVE acceleration. I assume the TAM's poor PCI controller or driver issues are at fault, but does anyone know a work around/extension to force RAVE acceleration/better solution? TIA JB
  9. Hi Forrest, I tend to agree it was possibly the switching of output between the 3DFX card and Twin Turbo that muddled things up - possibly an incompatibility here. Should it happen again you could use a KVM or try a better quality VGA cable between the 3DFX pass through and video card. JB
  10. I think we've scared off the choosy beggar by now.
  11. Byrd

    3dfx - Voodoo 2 SLI?

    Are you using matching cards? The Windows drivers around are more tolerant using mismatched cards, I can't imagine the basic 3DFX drivers for Mac are as forgiving. Also try placing the cards in different slots together - ideally the top most PCI slot next to the AGP slot (or top slot if PCI only Mac). You know SLI works if you can select and run a 1024 x 768 resolution in a game. On a Mac SLI is supported, but of very little performance benefit in Macs. A member here for France has a blog which documents the lacklustre performance, but I haven't time to find the translated link today. A Voodoo 3 provides the same performance roughly as 2 x SLI Voodoo 2s.
  12. Plastic condition varies wildly in 5x0 'books, from thin and brittle/easy to snap to a better quality moulding that is more resilient with deeper colour. I suspect the brittle plastics come from sun exposure and overuse.
  13. That is hilarious - all the years I spent in high school listening to an annoying bloody screech of Imagewriter (printing at glacial speeds in "HQ" mode - sometimes overnight!), means I wouldn't want a dot matrix printer placed 15cm from my head while working ... I had a 240V Fanny Mac on our first Mac, a Plus in the day. It did work quite well, but it always gave me a schoolboy smirk (made my think of Enid Blyton's The Faraway Tree, too)
  14. Byrd

    Switching processors between 520 & 540c

    Just a quirk with Apple System Profiler - use Norton System Info for better info
  15. Taking the EE stuff out, are you assuming the TAM is overheating - have you pointed a desk fan at the rear innards of the machine to see if it doesn't crash? Also - I'd tap +12V from the optical drive (which is a modified Apple CD600 unit), if you are still looking for that. My TAM with a very low CFM 120mm fan spliced into the fan header is struggling with L2 G3 400 @ 500 and 3DFX card, in hot Australian weather mind you. I'm going to trial a Radeon 7000 PCI in there instead, but might also have to source 12V from elsewhere with a faster 120mm fan as am concerned about the amp draw with two fans at present. It is great though having a second video card in a TAM, noting the shortcomings with the stock video chipset and low resolution LCD.