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  1. PowerPC 7457 upgrade for iMac G4

    Don't forget that the 7445 G4 CPU used on some G4 iMacs and eMacs were highly overclockable, 700/800Mhz parts attaining 1.2-1.3Ghz without much issue http://www.lbodnar.dsl.pipex.com/eMac/eMac-upgrade.html
  2. PB145B’s finds

    A friend of mine worked at Microsoft's Seattle offices for a number of years, and I was quite excited to visit there when I went over. It was just like any office block. Had a big nice cafeteria and the company store allowed you to purchase games/software at a fraction of the retail price, but not free. Amusingly, outside the front of an office were a few PCs that had been raided for parts, lids bent up and cables hanging out
  3. I'd say both, but dedicate the iMac to OS 9 and the G4 Cube to OS X. The iMac shouldn't overheat unless there is a hardware issue/fault - it was designed to run in a fanless state. Later PPC games (with relatively high system requirements) I've found do struggle on the Cube, FPS games in particular - Halo is pretty terrible. Quake II and III engine games should just run but forget anything after that. The (flashed) Geforce 6200 is 64-bit as well so it won't be chugging out high detail or frames unless at a low resolution. A CPU upgraded Cube would crank out higher frames but the GPU (which is a great card for the Cube) will hamper things.
  4. Newton eMate 300 - whats card is this?

    It's a little phone jack that pops out, for a modem. Forgotten the brand, but have one like it somewhere. JB
  5. VACUUM FORMING ACRYLIC: First failed . . .

    I've started a new job, and downstairs is a large vacuum press + oven for moulding polypropylene; we mould items out of plaster (medical purposes), and use a teflon sheet over the positive mould to avoid any plaster contamination. Leave in vacuum press overnight, if you have the time.
  6. You are lucky, CC! I think the 840AV is one of the more difficult Macs to keep running long-term, unless preventative maintenance is done. Even though it was a "high end" Mac of the time (although it sold for a lot less than other high end Macs previously), a lot of cheap caps and a lot 'o leaking onto those exotic chips on the motherboard causes havoc.
  7. Reset the power manager on both, http://www.westwind.com/reference/TN/PMReset.html For the Lombard, flip up the keyboard and disconnect the PRAM battery - you'll see the wire connected
  8. + 1, and make sure the 840AV board has an extensive clean too with the cap replacement. I replaced caps on my 840AV a good 8-9 years ago and didn't wash it, resulting in odd behaviour (SCSI, boot issues) because I didn't wash it properly (= dishwasher) the first time around. Thankfully now it's working well.
  9. Great nerd HQ, Von! Good you could get it inside the house What's in the (AT case) PC? I'm currently building up a Voodoo II SLI rig based off what I think will be a Slot 1 BX system. JB
  10. The SE/30 looks heartless with no motherboard in the case! Looks like Von is using foam flooring squares, available from any hardware store. IKEA sell thin opaque "work mats" I've found fantastic - designed for kitchen or office use. JB
  11. You are looking for an ATX power supply extension cable; it has more pins but you line it up in the right position and it works well. JB
  12. +1 It’s no longer the hobby of hoarding old slow computers; it’s Collecting.
  13. Check the 1710 manual for symptoms; you know it’s trying to die when each time you turn it on the convergence is out, or the picture is overscan/bowed in, turning it on and off repeatedlyj fixes the issues. Then the above happens more and more frequently and you know the CRT board is hosed.
  14. That makes two of us; most were junked or replaced too quickly to determine a common cause. Apple didn't sell the CRT for long, being replaced with the Colorsync 750/850 CRTs soon after (which look the same but assume with significantly more reliable innards). From what I gather reading the 1710AV service manual, the faults stemmed from a poorly designed IC on the CRT/video board, and insufficient voltage from the PSU/chassis board. My "recalled" CRT/video board appears to have had all the transistors replaced (masses of replaced solder on the RF shielding), and the "recalled" PSU has bigger caps. Sorry I can't elaborate much more there. It's a bloody big thing to have on a desk. Very high and deep size. I alternate between it and a 17" Phillips LCD just to make things fit. Best sound and bass I've ever heard on CRT speakers.
  15. Using FloppyEMU without a case?

    Electronics stores in US call them "potting" cases; just enclosures to mount electronic devices in - cut your own holes etc.