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  1. Reformat the 2GB drive using Apple's own HD Setup utility; alternately I'm finding SilverLining to be my choice for the most compatible third-party formatting utility (also letting you format to HFS+ when you get to OS 8.1)
  2. Byrd

    PowerBook 1400 CD ROM

    Hi AP, I vaguely recall the only drive that lined up was a Toshiba drive from the same era (as found on Toshiba Satellites), but I'll have to look into that more Clean the drive lens and see if there is a pot to adjust the laser in the mean time
  3. To save yourself boot issues, as Bolle noted make the test IDE hard disk < 128GB ... ensure it is jumpered to "master"
  4. To the right seller, yes it'd be worth $100, it probably won't work in a Kanga/3500.
  5. Nice work, Bolle! As mentioned earlier I've an LC575 with exactly the same problem - obviously cap leakage takes out the RAMDAC and that memory controller. Have not spent much time on mine but at least thanks to you I know where to look. JB
  6. Byrd

    Mac IIci NuBus Issues?

    Try other Nubus cards, check for any damaged pins and lastly the voltage rails on the IIci PSU (the Rocket draws a lot more amps than any other nubus card, so might be failing because of a marginal PSU)
  7. It's all about functionality in the TAM, not trying to make it faster. Simply put the 2.5" HD is a PITA to remove and gain access to, and the ATA controller picky about what drives it likes to work with. I've trialled several devices in mine and settled on an 80GB 2.5" 5400RPM spinner as MSATA SSD, mechanical 100GB, 120GB 7200 2.5" drives do not work and cause freezing issues. So - you put in this big HD, then find USB 1.1 painfully slow to transfer data to (and unreliable - often the bus times out) = firewire is the next and only other option I'd guess many load up their TAM HDs with lots MP3s to take advantage of the sound. JB
  8. I’d get it under a magnifying glass and examine traces/corrosion around the more bigger, complex ICs. Use a soft toothbrush dipped in isopropyl alcohol to clean around any damage found, even if it looks slight. Some INOX sprayed around the corrosion would also clean it up some more, and under the ICs.
  9. Looks like some weird flappy fan that you got when you upgraded the RAM in your Plus; they’re passively cooled so a fan in such a Mac was never a bad idea.
  10. Apparently the max you can clock chip a Quadra 700 is 37Mhz, which seems unlikely, more low 30's to ensure serial/sound etc continues to work. http://lowendmac.com/2014/overclocking-the-mac-quadra-series/ JB
  11. Byrd

    Quadra 840av - rotted traces

    Consider the 16V 47uF caps to be the worst in quality and have leaked everywhere; on one of of the more complex and exotic boards Apple made in the day I'd manually clean the board first with isopropyl alcohol spray, or electronic solvent cleaner, see if any life, then recap the lot. See if any further signs of life ... then dishwasher. I recapped mine some years ago but never cleaned the board properly, causing many quirks/crashes/power issues. Redid the lot and it's all good now, good luck
  12. Byrd

    Skate finds a iigs

    Yeah, looks great! Did you replace most/all of the caps inside - did it improve picture quality/brightness in doing so? The 12" RGB is a great monitor to own if you're into other 15khz output Amiga/Atari systems of the same age, I'm going to make up the cable one day on mine to get it working on those too. JB
  13. Yes, have Fatback only on my TAM + very basic USB 1.1 card (it's a princess of a computer, no other USB cards I've tried work).
  14. Thanks for posting info - on the PCMCIA card, and CS II slot riser I can't help thinking that one day I'll make up my own adapter to fit the CS II riser in the TAM, but it's not essential. I use an SMC USB Ethernet adapter at present, which came with OS 9 drivers. Re: PCI --> PCMCIA card, when I next see a cheap one I'll snag it. With Cardbus being PCI compliant, wouldn't it just work out the box - Powerbooks for example have no PCMCIA drivers as such to run?
  15. Byrd

    Quadra 950 PSU died... <cry>

    For such a massive overpowered, well ventilated PSU (akin to that in a server), the Q900/950 PSU seems to have some weaknesses. Bolle's idea to shoehorn an ATX PSU in the case once it dies is excellent.