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  1. Byrd

    Revitalization of a PCMCIA Rev. B card cage

    That's some interesting research - do you think Apple hobbled CF card access using their PCMCIA drivers? Can you boot from the CF card?
  2. Byrd

    Tips for speeding up an SE

    What are the system requirements of the audio programs you are using? Most black and white applications are snappy - only a few games and benchmarks tax the video subsystem. Biggest boost would max out the RAM to 4MB, and anything more modern over the stock HD. Have you tried booting from the Mac Classic built-in OS - hold down command + option + X + O after the chime - there is your RAM disk OS!
  3. Try a smaller partition < 2GB; how are you installing the OS? Check the 4.3GB drive is internally terminated.
  4. Byrd

    550c Cap Issue?

    It wouldn’t be a bad idea to check the SCSI device as well; make sure the device is properly terminated, jumpered and the PSU in that outputs +12V cleanly
  5. Byrd

    550c Cap Issue?

    I wouldn't say capacitors without doing usual troubleshooting; if getting death chimes I'd check the RAM module first; pull it and see if you get more reliability. Reseat and clean the processor card and connectors. The crackling from the speakers/SCSI cable is related to a ground issue, not important nor capacitors a cause.
  6. The LC475 probably works OK, just to the old on-off-on in quick succession to get it to boot
  7. Yes, I'd suspect a PSU/caps issue - do you hear any cracking/noise as the tube warms up? If so, the flyback might be going out
  8. Byrd

    PB180c fails to start

    Leave it plugged in, without battery for a while - see if it boots then. Some rarely used 1x0 machines I've come across take some coaxing to revive, often starting for a moment, power down then become longer lasting. The PB 180c also has a fuse which often dies and an be shunted with thick gage wire. Another weak point is the PSU, then DC jack, and ensuring the CPU daughter card is reseated and shimmed properly.
  9. Byrd

    Quadra 605 No Power

    With the capacitors desoldered and loose, have you tested them with with a capacitance meter? Prior to desoldeirng, did you test for any voltage output when turned on?
  10. That's great - I bet the Deus Ex music sounded great off the Kanga speakers! Next up you must try Unreal - it might run fine at low resolution.
  11. Byrd

    Lucky IIx acquisition

    Nice score, it's amazing the seller didn't put that massive board in the description. Is this accelerator also interchangeable in the SE/30, based on the PDS extender?
  12. Byrd

    Portable 26-pin monitor cable broken

    Nice work! Must have been a proud moment to see your hard work paid off with a beautiful display
  13. Byrd

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    Please post back your results! I'll try mine again some time, it was a few years since last tested, but I got nowhere.
  14. Byrd

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    I never got that OrangeLink combo card to work in my TAM, with the patch. Bit sad as I'd always wanted to get an FW iPod up and running on the machine.
  15. Byrd

    PowerBook 2400c project questions

    Great news! I blasted my RAM module, and RAM connector with electronic cleaning solvent recently to get a 32MB module detected as 64MB in a 2400c. Re: PRAM battery, was the battery chopped off on the end? I'm not sure what you mean. The PRAM battery is fairly unique and I couldn't find an exact replacement for it, so I snipped mine off for good, fitting someone in that bottom right corner of the chassis will be tricky.