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  1. There will be no issues "downgrading" to OS 8.6, however the sweet spot for such a machine and you don't want OS X is Mac OS 9.1.
  2. It's not fun, but doable. You'll need to crack open the Clamshell display to check what LCD and cable you have then source the replacement. Doing this isn't so bad as you just need access to the top lid and it all pops out easily enoughm but be careful you don't crack the plastic around the Apple logo (which all tend to crack), don't overtighten screws when reassembling. You could also consider the 1024 x 768 mod if you have the right cable, as sourcing one of these panels is easier (snow iBooks and 12" Powerbooks use)
  3. Byrd

    ATX2AT Smart Converter on Kickstarter.

    I saw this on Vogons, but it didn't cross me that it'd be useful for vintage Macs.
  4. 1x0 'books often have teething problems starting up, related to the removable battery usually. From what you have described, it's fairly normal and not suggestive of any issues.
  5. Byrd

    Rounded SCSI Cables for SCSI2SD?

    I'd say you'll need to DIY (in the noughties I used to do this all the time to 40 pin IDE cables, using a razor and zip ties), but be aware of SCSI being more sensitive to signalling issues so if there are any SCSI quirks, it's that cable.
  6. Byrd

    550c power issues

    I'd check the pins for damage, both on the connector that goes to the PB and inside where PCMCIA cards slide in
  7. Anything Pioneer should work nicely
  8. Sorry haven't time to look, but another member posted a method on here for cracking open 1x0 power adaptors using pencils and a vice - I've tried and this worked well.
  9. I can confirm an overclocked Quadra 840AV ~ 48Mhz does not play nicely with a Radius Rocket II @ 40Mhz; it boots with the card but freezes are soon as you try to run RocketShare.
  10. Byrd

    Apple TechStep Overview Video

    Great informative video! Nice to see the TechStep being put to use; I imagine they were only used for a few years at best in Apple authorised stores, in the day. I bought one about ten years ago and I don't even remember what ROMs it came with, however your video has spurned me on to have a look
  11. Yes, I'd be interested in a few bare DIY boards, if anything to have a known good PSU for testing Macs. You'd also have a good market for SE/30 boards if you decided to design.
  12. Not that sure on the PDS card (assume cache, it doesn't look too complex), but it might be worth a punt as it looks like the PRAM batteries were just taped down and stored on top. The battery leakage might have just taken out the top lid, floppy drive and not affected the motherboard (assuming that it doesn't have more PRAM batteries in their proper holders!).
  13. Byrd

    Brittle plastic OMG!

    I feel your pain , and frustration - sometimes it's an annoying hobby Of similar era, I pulled apart a black teardrop ADB mouse recently for cleaning. About ten chunks came off it from hardly any force. It continued to fleck chunks off while I cleaned it. Definitely not rough play, just cheap shitty plastic from the time. It's all repaired and back together now, but I'm wary of doing this again ...
  14. Last year I battled getting a 1710AV running - one had the recalled yoke board but bad CRT, the other good CRT dead yoke board ... switched ... Spinder Plastic snapping all over the place ... got it up and running but don't want to go there again
  15. Byrd

    ADC video card that works for 6400 ?

    They look the part and good keepers for late PPC Macs.