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  1. Byrd

    PowerBook 180c Won't Turn On

    Hi Max, you've probably contaminated or physically damaged the HD by pulling it open and putting things near the heads, magnets - I suspect now it spins up but it's too far gone to be properly detected by the OS. If you can't get to the desktop, it means the System is constantly probing the HD to get it to display some life and proceed to loading the desktop - where you can then access or format the HD. Perhaps try making up a boot floppy with Norton Disk Doctor - available on The Macintosh Garden
  2. Byrd

    PowerBook 180c Won't Turn On

    Goodness - you don't need to crack open the HD as first point of call repairing old SCSI 2.5" hard disks. The most likely issue is "stiction" from stuck heads which is usually rectified with a firm steady slap on the top of the HD as it attempts to spin up. This usually gives it enough for the drive to spin up. It might also just have crashed/corrupted data or no software on the HD to boot up. The charging jack - you will need to resolder the motherboard DC jack for a reliable connection. Thankfully PB 1x0 models are a joy to dismantle, getting to the jack requires you to remove the motherboard but isn't too onerous.
  3. Hi ants, what's the current bridge of choice to get for your extension? Still the Vonets? Thanks JB
  4. Byrd

    PowerCD repair

    Thanks bibilit - one of my future repair jobs is a PowerCD, it refuses to spin any media as the spindle feels "rough" when rotating it around. I assumed I'd have to take it apart for repair, but your issue sounds similar - did you just lift the grey part up with your fingers (was the PowerCD disassembled?).
  5. Byrd

    Boxed PB 2400c/240 - 56K Warning

    Nice 2400c! Should make for a highly useful vintage Mac. I picked up the 96MB RAM upgrade for mine years ago, but forgot where from - I'm pretty sure it didn't come from Japan. I was trawling through Mercari, and came across this clear case for the 2400c: https://item.mercari.com/jp/m21879198271/?_s=U2FsdGVkX1-42D1-ZXfto0adZz1S_6cRd-Hp0x3OVuqJDj07rd4FHLEmqiqV2wosCaccgY805j_FzA-q430xghn1uFT4QfJVVtYvsW9jJu8TNma-HnJ3BzjD-kfQXuN8 ... I'm assuming it is a little too niche for @maceffects to construct
  6. Byrd

    Micron Xceed Color 30 fail

    Plenty do participate, perhaps tone back on unnecessary posts such as these?
  7. Hi AP, I'd be cleaning the contacts of the VRAM slots, VRAM modules with electronic solvent cleaner. Have been playing around with VRAM in various Macs of late and they can be picky - check also if they are 80ns or less (-8 or something on the modules themselves) JB
  8. Byrd

    PowerTower Pro Overhaul

    That's great to hear, LaPorta - it really does take a while to get your head around correctly setting ATA and SCSI in vintage Macs! Sounds like a good machine.
  9. Byrd

    Fun with colour on my SE/30

    ants, if you ever want to make a negative mould, I have access to a reasonably large vacuum press (and nearby oven) to form perspex - I'm in Melbourne
  10. Byrd

    PowerTower Pro Overhaul

    Sounds like a fun restore - I'm planning on doing same with my trusty 9600 once I get through my 7100 restore! Frankly if it's working and performing well though I wouldn't recap it unless you're getting issues (crashing, boot/bus, sound issues); unless you're a dab hand at resoldering if just creates a greater risk of taking out traces and causing damage to your motherboard. Being a late 90's machine cap issues were very high in cheap x86 components of the era but I'm yet to find a later PPC Mac that is crying out for cap replacement. Sounds like the ATA card is causing some delays in boot; check your IDE drives are properly jumpered to master/slave and not relying on cable select, which can reduce detection times. What brand is the ATA card - if Sonnet there are a few different firmwares you can trial. JB
  11. Byrd

    Radius TPD/SE up and running . . . on an LCD no less!

    That's great progress, Trash80! I'm sure a few of us have oddball video cards in compacts/pizzas/desktops that would benefit here from your research. What model is your Dell LCD, and any fancy adapters etc you made up you could take a pic of?
  12. Byrd

    Best macOS version for IIci?

    You should be able to pickup a Radius '040 accelerator for the IIci, or even a PPC accelerator if you spend time looking around for a good price. Accelerators for IIci machines are too niche as they only work in that machine, others will need an adapter so it wouldn't be a good candidate for a "modern" accelerator.
  13. Hi M235i (nice car), I'd strip it down to the bare minimum and see if you can get power and a chime. Try a known good stick of RAM, pull the video card (and ADC monitor, needless to say), IDE cables.
  14. Anything Voodoo 3/4/5 needs to be flashed for Mac, but any and all Voodoo IIs work with the generic 3DFX drivers. SLI Voodoo II are apparently a waste of time with minimal performance boost over a single card on Macs.
  15. That's a great machine - I love how Apple were so desperate to promote the G3 in the side panel, and it does look unique spurning a flood of copy cat ATX cases in the day with similar blue accents. Is yours a Rev A or B B&W? I recently fixed up a Rev A, the 400Mhz CPU wouldn't overclock to any amount (past B&W I've gotten at least 50 - 100Mhz out of, but later revision Bs). I'm using a PCI ATA133 card in mine to bypass the IDE corruption issue, and it supports 48-bit LBA which is a nice so am not limited in hard disk capacity. A nice upgrade in a B&W would be a 3DFX Voodoo II; Glide games look much better than early RAVE accelerated games.