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  1. MacFox's Finds

    The small barrel connector on the 5300 almost always breaks, it can be re soldered or I've heard of others putting the much larger DC connector from a Duo. Practice soldering on some old tech you don't want, then move up to the 5300 - it's not a difficult procedure.
  2. 3D-Printed Objects

    Thanks for spending the time to design these bezels, Swolfington - I'm sure a lot of members here appreciate it, as do I
  3. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    Poor man's fix: peel off polariser, then wear glasses with polarising film (DIY)
  4. Kanga not booting

    Have you tried to reseat the CPU daughter card, and clean the RAM/CPU contacts with electronic solvent cleaning spray? Also trial booting without the third party RAM module installed. My experience with the 3400c is that most have sound issues (unknown cause of crackling), but when they do work they're one of the best PPC laptops to use. The "GLOD" phenomenon that occurs in 2400c is related to one or more of the SMT fuses blowing; the 2400c and 3400c are very different beasts (the 2400c was designed by IBM not Apple if I recall right).
  5. PowerBook 150 - screens all destroyed?!

    Reckon it's just down to hours of use; the CCFL gases wear out either end like any other household CCFL when used extensively. You're right on the polarising film; had a quick look and a small 5 - 10cm x 10cm sheet is $35 - 50. I wonder if a donor LCD could be used, for example from a cheap generic laptop, cut down?
  6. It's most likely the startup RAM test; you can disable this check by holding down command + option when double clicking the Memory Control Panel, then deselect the start up test
  7. Powermac 6220CD

    I find it's always expensive to get into a new hobby, but once you've jumped a few hurdles it gets much cheaper
  8. MacFox's Finds

    They're great 'Books, the "C" models I honestly feel were made better than the passive grey and colour models. The active LCD is a joy to work on. You can overclock the 100 to 117Mhz pretty easily, boot off a CF card in a PCMCIA slot. It does make for one of the slowest PPC models made, and 68K emulation is pretty poor in tow, so you need to be choosy with your apps on the 5300C.
  9. *.MOD player for Macintosh SE?

    If my memory serves me right, SoundTracker was the program of choice, but forget being able to play MODs on a stock SE, you need slightly more grunt to handle playback. The Amiga 500 handled sound processing off-chip and does a considerably better job at this, at the same CPU speed. Might be best to export the MOD file into an AIFF to play through SoundEdit on the Mac.
  10. Hi Von, For stock video the IIsi requires a monitor that is capable of sync on green (SOG), that only a small amount of CRT monitors and fewer LCD monitors support. In other words, it's unlikely and yes you will need the ADC to DVI adapter, DVI to VGA, then VGA to DB15. I wouldn't consider ADC monitors to be particularly compatible compared to a generic VGA LCD. If you are really keen, you could install a NUBUS graphics card (that outputs DB15 signal) in your IIsi with the appropriate riser card. JB
  11. 1400 owners input - Keyboard - How is it?

    The PB Duo keyboard verged on making what is a good computer terrible, even when new. Any other Apple portable keyboard is pretty good.
  12. What a magnificent build ... with a nice CRT to drive it, any pics of the complete setup? May I suggest dual floppies as another upgrade? I've a IIfx I plan on kitting out soon, with a Mac286 card and I think a RadiusRocket too. This card uses dual NUBUS slots, and to be honest 68K x86 emulation might be faster (and support VGA), but I've no other machine with enough spare NUBUS slots to take it. It'd be interesting to see if the Rocket plays nice with the Mac286 card running concurrently! JB
  13. Any opinions on new Ebay RAM?

    ... and it's kind of cool to max out the RAM on a system where it once would have cost as much as a small car to do
  14. Just overclocked my Pismo

    I think the 400 and 500mhz models use the exact same heat sink, it’s the Wallstreets that use a little black plastic shroud. Wallstreets overclock to the next speed bump (eg. 233 to 266), I have a 233@300 which has been fine.
  15. Hi Igor, have you tried to do a keyboard PRAM reset (hold down command + option + P + R after each chime x 3)?