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  1. Macintosh 512k logic board problems

    There are more checkerboard errors in the guide. Could be one of these. But maybe someone of the forum recognize your error. That would be nice.
  2. Ok. Update. The disk is still alive. See my other posting about the widget drive..
  3. Lisa 2/10 Error code 82 :(

    The pencil tip is great! Used it today on my widget which was build in today. With the help of a pencil push it can start.
  4. Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    A nice happy end for this long weekend. The disk came back to live and stoped with 0052 errors. See my two videos. One outside the Lisa and one with the widget in its normal position.
  5. Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    @Johnnya101 I understand what you mean. You think: "All the trouble this guy is doing. There must be a better way!" And you have a point..... There are two devices you can use as widget/hard drive replacement if your origional one is broken (or just for confort). IDEfile, a Profile emulator by Dr. Patrick Schäfer. This is basically a DIY project. You buy the components and build it yourself. “IDEfile is a ProFile compatible hard drive for Apple /// and Lisa systems. Emulation of the classic 5MB ProFile and the rare ProFile 10M is provided. I intend to support Lisa 2/10's Widget-10 and the (never released) 20MB Widget-20 with their multiblock transfer commands, too, but this will be somewhere in the future." X/ProFile Emulator. “The X/ProFile Emulator. Works with the Lisa 1, Lisa 2/5 and Lisa 2/10(XL). Emulates the original Apple Profile and Lisa Widget. Comes with install info, install hardware, two preprogrammed CF Cards and a MasterVideo ROM Chip. This unit is totally Plug & Play. No parts to buy or complicated software drivers to install. Just hook it up and run...right out of the box. Uses a CF Card or IDE HD as the storage media.” That is all. No devices to add IDE or SCSI hard disks to a Lisa. Next best things is a FloppyEmu. You can use it only as 400k drive, no hard drive (HD20) function as on the Macintosh platform. I absolutely consider these devices, but my widget drive is more than just a disk to my Lisa. It is also a kind of “computer archeology” I’m doing. How did these devices worked, what do you need to get it going nowadays, can I have in depth knowledge of how it works? After all these years and certainly the past few weeks I have achieved my goal. I really know a lot about the widget drive! links: http://john.ccac.rwth-aachen.de:8000/patrick/idefile.htm http://vintagemicros.com/catalog/lisa-xprofile-hard-drive-emulator-p-282.html
  6. Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    Latest update. Disk is not doing well. Most startups end in error 82. With NeoWidex it complains that it is not a widget. I tried to use all the possible functions on NeoWidex and got all over the place 0052 errors. Then after 10 times....the servo reset worked! After that all the functions worked.....but a reboot ended again in error 82 I leave the widget now in peace until I have a clue what is going on. Maybe some caps have gone bad and sometimes work or work not..... Could be. This widget is not in good state and I know it, but I have had a lot of fun with it!
  7. Macintosh 512k logic board problems

    You can find all kind of “checkerboard” errors in: Dead Mac Scrolls https://ia801300.us.archive.org/1/items/mac_The_Dead_Mac_Scrolls_1992/The_Dead_Mac_Scrolls_1992.pdf
  8. Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    Did some more testing and a spontanius start of the disk is not good possible. I really have to give it a little push so it can spin. Could be that the bearings are so bad that the motor doesn't start without a push. It there is a way to improvide this without tottaly opening up te drive I would like to hear it. But I think for now I have to live with it.
  9. Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    Sorry. The work around for 12V is on pin 2. Pin 2 and 5 now have stable 12V.
  10. Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    This is how a good boot is now. Also the power setup is in the video:
  11. Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    Did some testing and I think I have some kind of electrical problem. Could be on my external power. Could also be on the widget.Not sure yet. But I reconnect the external harness and now have stable power. And..... I now can confirm that Tom his theory is right. Pin 3 does not need to have 5V. I have the disk now working without the 5V on pin 3! Also some footage. I now have a work around for 12v on pin 3.
  12. Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    I have cut wire 3 and it is a no go. PIN 3 needs 5V. I used this used by CelGen to break out a Widget drive:
  13. Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    ..... looked at the Lisa list and found this one 08-70-1030 More interesting stuff... I my setup pin 3 has 12 Volt....Maybe this is not OK.....
  14. Restoring a Lisa widget drive

    Found a Molex connector housing: 09-50-3081 - Connector Housing, KK Series, Receptacle, 8 Ways, 3.96 mm Not sure what kind of crimp connectors fits in...and how to do this im a simple way.
  15. LocalTalk

    Maybe this helps: http://www.mac512.com/macwebpages/Macnet1.htm