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  1. mactjaap


    What ever happend to this Lisa? It is repaired? Would love to have an update.
  2. mactjaap

    How interesting is the Lisa?

    I’m also a big Lisa fan. I restored one which ones was used at our national broadcast station (NOS). When I got it, it was case and video board only. I acquired the internals of a Lisa 2/10 Then I got a second love….the widget drive. I have two. Not working, but still have hope. Lisa is for me like the start of GUI and serious use of HD. I really love to see how many parts where necessary to get the machine going. In the Netherlands they are also extremely rare. And .. I also own a MISA or Lacintosh.. https://68kmla.org/forums/index.php?/topic/25212-is-it-a-lisa-is-it-a-macintosh/
  3. mactjaap

    Apple Profile hard drive

    Some more pictures. Before shipping. To complete the information about this disk. The disk runs at 110V. I have an inverter.
  4. Profile disk I recently acquired a Apple Profile drive. It’s case did got damaged in transit but it was repairable. On YouTube there are some video’s how the disk starts up, so I knew where to look for. I thought it would be nice to film the first and second startup up and have a close up at the stepping motor. I post some pictures and the movies here. If I have news about the actual condition ( will it work....) I will post it also here. Some pictures:
  5. mactjaap

    Bought myself a Widget drive....

    I found this in the Lisa 2 owners guide: http://www.bitsavers.org/pdf/apple/lisa/owners_manual/Lisa_2_Owners_Guide_1984.pdf Error 85: Disk timeou. In other postings I did see this: So maybe the motor controling board. Sometimes BLU start disk sees the disk. And I see this: It gives a lot of bad blocks.....
  6. mactjaap

    Bought myself a Widget drive....

    It arrived! Thanks to Shipito. Makes it less expensive to send stuff to Europe. It tested it right away: It spins and NeoWidget sees it as a Widget! That is a good start. But..it is giving a 10726 error or a 85 error. What is strange is that my "sort of working disk" gives the same errors! Could it be my self costumised power supply? Some more:
  7. mactjaap

    Bought myself a Widget drive....

    These things are very rare, so I take the chance! Keep you posted here!
  8. I know..the changes of getting it running are slim....but I gave myself a change. This was what I found on Ebay: It is on its way the The Netherlands. Some pictures....
  9. This doesn't look like the simple approach I use. Just install VirtualBox on your PC and test. I see things about converting VirtualBox to VWware.... but never needed it. Virtual Box works...out of the box! https://www.howtogeek.com/125640/how-to-convert-virtual-machines-between-virtualbox-and-vmware/ Not sure what you mean? Debian. .as of the OS of the MacIP VM? A virtual Box image on a VM cluster? root@macipgw-vm:~# lsb_release -a No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS Release: 16.04 Codename: xenial This is how NAT works on the MacIP VM root@macipgw-vm:~# cat /etc/iptables-save # NAT ROULES FOR MACIPGW. Now active on the MacIPgw VM Ubuntu 16.04 Linux # Generated by iptables-save v1.4.21 on Sun Feb 28 12:12:33 2016 *nat :PREROUTING ACCEPT [5981:1556955] :INPUT ACCEPT [265:46075] :OUTPUT ACCEPT [314:23800] :POSTROUTING ACCEPT [5:280] -A PREROUTING -s -i tun0 -A POSTROUTING -o enp0s3 -j MASQUERADE COMMIT # Completed on Sun Feb 28 12:12:33 2016 # Generated by iptables-save v1.4.21 on Sun Feb 28 12:12:33 2016 *filter :INPUT ACCEPT [139:13510] :FORWARD ACCEPT [0:0] :OUTPUT ACCEPT [75:6546] -A INPUT -s -p tcp -m tcp --dport 23 -j ACCEPT -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 23 -j REJECT --reject-with icmp-port-unreachable COMMIT # Completed on Sun Feb 28 12:12:33 2016
  10. The MacIPpi solutions are mostly used for bridging TCP/IP over AppleTalk. But it becomes more and more a swiss pocket knive for networking with old Macintosh. So adding samba, PPP and even printing, etc. could be nice goal for future versions. I never ever printed form old Macintosh to modern printers, so it is a little bit off my confprt zone. But I will test.
  11. @sixsevenco You are reading my mind... In my development version of the MacIPPi I have implemented Samba. So you can then use any form of file sharing: AppleShare FTP SCP Windows mounts/ Samba
  12. mactjaap

    Link Mac SE with MacMini via AppleTalk?

    Try a MacIP ( www.macip.net ) solution in your network. Lots of file sharing possible.
  13. Hi Sixsevenco, Thank you very much for your nice words about my project. I know that there is not exactly a big market for this solution...but if you need it...it is nice to have it around! If you don’t have a Orange Pi the VM or iso is a good solution. You definitely got me thinking about the Raspberry Pi. I know it is more common. I started with the Orange Pi because it is really very cheap. $9.99 I will think about it! I’m happy you will like to try it. If you PM me your details I will ask somebody to send you an Orange Pi for free.
  14. mactjaap

    Scored my first SE today...

    What expansion card do you want to place? A Network card?
  15. mactjaap


    Remove them. They are of no use and damaging your system. I’m afraid they already did. Read about what you can do about these problems on our forum. You are not the first!