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  1. @sixsevenco You are reading my mind... In my development version of the MacIPPi I have implemented Samba. So you can then use any form of file sharing: AppleShare FTP SCP Windows mounts/ Samba
  2. mactjaap

    Link Mac SE with MacMini via AppleTalk?

    Try a MacIP ( www.macip.net ) solution in your network. Lots of file sharing possible.
  3. Hi Sixsevenco, Thank you very much for your nice words about my project. I know that there is not exactly a big market for this solution...but if you need it...it is nice to have it around! If you don’t have a Orange Pi the VM or iso is a good solution. You definitely got me thinking about the Raspberry Pi. I know it is more common. I started with the Orange Pi because it is really very cheap. $9.99 I will think about it! I’m happy you will like to try it. If you PM me your details I will ask somebody to send you an Orange Pi for free.
  4. mactjaap

    Scored my first SE today...

    What expansion card do you want to place? A Network card?
  5. mactjaap


    Remove them. They are of no use and damaging your system. I’m afraid they already did. Read about what you can do about these problems on our forum. You are not the first!
  6. mactjaap


    What a fascinating story. I think photo’s will make this story great! Most users here in this “Lisa section” of the 68kmla will have Lisa 2/5 or 2/10. But there will be few with a Lisa 1. No problem because together we can try to get your machine working.
  7. mactjaap


    Aha. Moved to here!
  8. mactjaap

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    I have worked a lot with FastPath. So if the software works on your EtherGate it must be do-able!
  9. mactjaap

    Macintosh ED DOVE enhanced

    Yes. The badge! That a detail I also love very much about this one. I don’t know why it was on. I have three ED. Only one has such a badge.
  10. mactjaap

    Macintosh ED DOVE enhanced

    Cool trick! I directly watched a YouTube movie to understand it:
  11. mactjaap

    Macintosh ED DOVE enhanced

    The ED is now fully restored! Working analog board, working motherboard and working MacSnap SCSI and memory expantion. Also I have been fighting the rust with a cheap multitool (at the Action a FREM ... 15,-) , vinigair and WD40. See the pictures here: Chassis soaked in acid. Used old blankets to keep wet. Used a Dremel /Multitool to remove the rest of the dust. Fine tuned with steel wool and WD40 Back in business!
  12. mactjaap

    Macintosh ED DOVE enhanced

    Will have some work on the rust!
  13. mactjaap

    Macintosh ED DOVE enhanced

    Here is the Ed back to live. I had a donor MacSnap board with good RAM. It now works fine. Only have to fight the rust on the frame!
  14. mactjaap

    Macintosh ED DOVE enhanced

    The ED is working again. A fellow Mac Liberator fixed the analog board. What is done: - J1, J2 and J3 with fresh solder. - R55 not 33Kohm but 45K ...so replaced - Q11 (2N3906) broken... replaced - CR15 en CR17 (6V2) broken...replaced Board started with these fixes, but currents are to low. 4,3 instead of 5V and 10,5 instead 12V, Not manageble by R59. It was U3 (opto). This was broken. Replaced. The board is now working fine!!!