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  1. I'm sorry, this is the "hacks & development" forum. People interpret that as "you're free to talk about hacks & development here." Maybe you should rename the forum the "non-specific hacks & development forum." Aside from that, "building a hackintosh" is not the same as loading an OS onto an "unsupported" computer. We're talking about using an existing Mac to run software that it technically can run, but isn't officially supported.
  2. I'll see if I can find it when I get home... I have a pile of those suckers and I'm pretty sure I haven't written over it... And that 210 card should work just fine.
  3. Charles - my Mac Pro 1,1 is running Mavericks perfectly. You have to install it with a bootloader-type setup (I used SFOTT) but it works great and it's not difficult to do at all. SFOTT creates the install disc (or thumbdrive) for you once you set it up for your machine. Has detailed instructions too. The only downside is that you'll need to upgrade your video card for Mavericks. There are no drivers for the 7300 in 10.9, so your card will behave VERY poorly. Any GeForce card made after 2011 should work out of the box with Lion or later. I got a nice GTX 570 1.25gb card off a guy on craigslist for about $40 and it works fine. I've read about people running Yosemite and El Cap on the 1,1 too, but with varying degrees of success. Besides, Yosemite was such a turd, who'd want to try?
  4. Hotdog Zanzibar

    The TAM Appreciation Thread

    Runaway vacuum tube on the rug!
  5. Hotdog Zanzibar

    Hotdog's Stand

    He had a picture of it, and it looked a little dirty, but I didn't see any massive scratches, cracks or dings. He said it works. I'm assuming it hasn't been recapped, and that it it will probably need that done.
  6. Hotdog Zanzibar

    Hotdog's Stand

    Finding vintage Macs for sale in the central Ohio area is like finding a diamond in the Sahara these days -- so you can imagine my reaction when a guy placed a local ad for an SE/30 - for $50. Hopefully going to pick it up some evening this week or this weekend...
  7. Hotdog Zanzibar

    2008 Mac Pro

    My daily driver is still a 2006 Mac Pro 1,1. They're built extremely well. I've swapped out the stock CPUs with 3ghz quad-core X5365s and it's running a GeForce GTX 570 card. 120gb SSD boot drive and a 1tb storage drive, with a 2tb RAID to host backups for all Macs on my network. I used to cart it around to LAN events all over the state, until I got tired of carrying it and built a mini-ITX PC. Now it runs OS X only. Mavericks right now, but I hear it will still run 10.11, so maybe I'll go to that when 10.9 goes the way of Lion... It's the most solid, dependable Mac I've ever owned, bar none.
  8. Hotdog Zanzibar

    Radius 81/110 teardown

    Yes it's the Apple branded card. They had two "AV" cards - the AV card and the HPV card. This is the one with the DB-15, S-video-in and S-video-out ports. And yes, you have to slide the motherboard carrier all the way out to get the battery out. Lots of screws to remove, but it's nowhere near as big a pain as the 8100 cases. Does the AV card work under OS 9? The machine is running 9.1 right now...
  9. Hotdog Zanzibar

    Radius 81/110 teardown

    Well apparently the AV card isn't working. It's plugged into the PDS slot, but no monitor will show a picture when attached. I've tried an LCD with a DB-15 to VGA adapter, and an Apple 12" RGB display. My Apple 13" RGB display works fine on the motherboard port, but not on the AV card.
  10. Hotdog Zanzibar

    Radius 81/110 teardown

    Well the RAM works fine -- however I can't get a monitor to work on the AV card. Onboard video works, but it's like the machine doesn't see the AV card at all. I thought it might work for a 2nd display, but no such luck. There is a connector on the AV card, but there's nothing plugged into it. Am I missing something? It's been probably 17 years since I last had this machine on and I'm drawing a blank. Is there a control panel or extension for the AV card?
  11. Hotdog Zanzibar

    Radius 81/110 teardown

    Thanks guys, I'll give it a shot. There are already a pair of 32mb FPM SIMMs in there, but I've got 2 more pairs of 16bm EDO that I'm going to test. Trash80 - your post was the first one I checked when I was having my front faceplate problem. I had forgotten just how well-built this machine is. Tons of room to work in, too. I have a big box full of Sonnet G3 & G4 upgrade cards. I know at least 1 or 2 are for the old 601 machines. Think I'll drag that out, too.
  12. Hotdog Zanzibar

    Radius 81/110 teardown

    Here's another question - can you combine FPM and EDO in the first-gen Power Macs? Or any Macs, for that matter? I have some 72-pin EDO simms sitting around and am contemplating putting some of the larger ones into the Radius. I know FPM and EDO are closely related, and I've used both in other Macs, but never together.
  13. Hotdog Zanzibar

    Radius 81/110 teardown

    Aaaaand never mind... LOL. I applied just a smidgen more pressure and it popped right off. SO well-built, these cases. The plastic is entirely superficial, as it should be. The metal parts are what holds these cases together.
  14. Hotdog Zanzibar

    Radius 81/110 teardown

    So I finally drug my old 81/110 out of the storage room yesterday. I forgot just how well-built these cases were. It's a friggin' tank. I know I've done it before, but I cannot for the life of me remember how the front faceplate comes off. The plastics are strong, but I don't want to test them, so I haven't really used much pressure.
  15. Hotdog Zanzibar

    Kendall's Collection and Finds!

    Apple Discussions has a number of threads on installing Win10 with Boot Camp dealing with driver incompatibilities, many of which detail fixes.