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    AppleColor monitor output 'squashed'

    I just recently fixed one of these, different symptoms than yours. I replaced all the electrolytics on both the main board and neck board. Did not fix the problem. Problem turned out to be bad solder joints on the flyback. Redid all those and it was mostly working. The other problem turned out to be dirty contacts on the adjustment pots. Gave those some vigorous back and forth action and it came right in. Looks great with the new caps as well. The main board on that monitor is prone to solder joint issues.
  2. CharlesT

    Bridge Mac

    Totally agree with Compgeke. I'm using a 7600 for exactly that purpose. It ties into the ethernet network and using the serial ports and Apple's internet bridge s/w ties serial appletalk to that network. Plus you have both SCSI ports and can put in an IDE card for IDE drives. Plus it's easy to add a G3 card and also run os 9.2.2 with a little help. All het beste
  3. CharlesT

    MacCon IIsi SE/30 Not Working. Any Ideas?

    This sounds very similar to a problem I had with an LC575 and both comm slot and pds ethernet cards. The wouldn't be recognized by the Faralon software and caused booting problems. Problem turned out to be the power supply going weak. Re-capped that and everything works. The weak supply took longer than it should have to come within spec with the added load preventing the cards from being properly initialized during the power up process. If you haven't yet re-capped your power supply, could be the problem.
  4. Just wanted to close this off. I managed to find a replacement cable for the LG panel, as well as a "new" correct LG Phillips panel, both right here in the US, in Texas. Installed both and that Pismo is bright eyed and bushy tailed again. I now feel like I can replace a Pismo panel in probably 15 minutes or less, pretty simple, no hidden tricky parts. Cable was $12 and included a set of hinges, the panel was $36. Not too bad.
  5. CharlesT

    restoring plastics on a Tangerine ibook?

    I used the WD-40 on a Pismo and it worked a treat! Smells for a day or two but really perks it up nicely.
  6. CharlesT

    iBook G4 - Mac OS 9 "Universal" - 256 colors

    I'm not 100% sure, but I don't think the universal install for unsupported Macs necessarily enables 100% of the functionality on any of the machines it will boot on. Some examples being things like Bluetooth which there are no OS9 drivers for. This may well be one of them. Disabling your graphics card extensions will definitely NOT help, make sure you re-enable the extensions for the flavor of graphics card in your machine. You may also want to post the question on the Mac OS9 Lives forum, where they have a topic devoted specifically to running on unsupported machines. Hey, being stuck in millions of colors is better than being stuck in 256 colors for most use cases.
  7. I just bought a 1GHz titanium, which, although cosmetically challenged, seems to function pretty well. With one exception, of course. It absolutely refuses to run off battery power. I have a working 500MHz VGA and an 867 tibook, so have a couple of batteries to play with. It seems like it can intermittently sense that a battery is there (runs at 667 MHz on just wall power and switches to 1GHz with a battery installed), but it refuses to run for even a millisecond if I pull the plug with a fully charged battery that keeps the 867 going for over 2 hours. Also, running System Info on it the battery portion sometimes reports the battery with all zeroes, other times with the same cycle count, etc, as when the battery is in the other machine. So that part is flaky, but it never pulls any current from the battery to run on. I know I can just start swapping parts with the 867 but seeing as that one is in great condition, thought I'd ask the question before going down that route. Has anyone experienced this kind of behavior before? By the way, I did the PMU/PRAM reset a couple of times, but that had no effect. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
  8. CharlesT

    GHz TiBook not seeing battery?

    I believe I've come to the root of the problem on this guy. It was really two problems, one of which I was able to correct, the other... The corrected problem was with the DC In board, actually the spring contact within the circular connector. I rooted around in there with a set of tweezers and jiggered the contact enough so the chargers are properly identified. But, didn't fix the main battery problem. Sooo, spent the better part of the afternoon taking the machine apart and got the logic board out. i happened to notice what seemed like a burn mark on the plastic connector for the CCFL power line, then went looking for what could have generated the heat on the logic board directly above it. And..., found it, an 8 pin part with it's top half burned off and lot's of signs of just a little too much heat. The part is very near where the connector from the DC In board is mounted. I don't have a camera for my microscope or I'd put that in here. So, now have to figure out what next. The part number is burned off the part, but I could probably get it off my 867, which would require a complete disassembly of that guy, which I'm reluctant to do. Plus I'm not setup for surface mount soldering, although an 8 pin part might not be a bad start. I got this thing along with a 1.5GHz 12" powerbook for $50 for both. The 12" is in great shape and runs nicely, so I could argue with myself I got the TI for free, but it's the TI that I wanted. I've already ordered a new top case for it, but at this point not sure I want to put much more into it. Anyone know where I can get a new logic board for a reasonable price?
  9. CharlesT

    GHz TiBook not seeing battery?

    I've cleaned the contacts using an emory stick on the blades followed by lots of contact cleaner. No change in behavior, unfortunately. But, I did notice that the machine sees both a 45 watt and 65 watt charger as 45 watts. I know it won't charge when using a 45 watt charger, so that explains the not charging part, although I'm not sure how that relates to not running off battery, since it should do that even without a charger. But, on the hunch that there's really only one problem at the root of this, I'm suspecting the problem is with the DC In board. Will need to take a closer look at that.
  10. CharlesT

    GHz TiBook not seeing battery?

    Will do that this afternoon. Checked it out under the microscope and it looked OK...
  11. Thanks Alpine. The Pismo was free to me (although it's no longer as free as it was). I did a quick look for another cable. Found one for an LG panel at $80 (ouch!) which would still be too short for the Hitachi panel, but found more for the Samsung panel that was apparently also used in these things. One of these is available for $26. Someone mentioned the Samsung panel elsewhere, does anyone know the part number for those? I wonder if those would be more available, might make more sense than beating this dead horse...
  12. And the verdict on Plan B is.... Not so good. Removing the second wrap around the hinge leaves the flex cable critically unsupported and resulted in a rip in the edge of it, breaking enough connections to, well, put paid to the experiment. Now I need a new data cable and a Plan C. Live and learn.
  13. You can, but it would be better to partition the hard drive first and dedicate each to it's own OS.
  14. Well...., I'm working on a plan B. Perhaps all is not lost. I MAY be able to make it work, at least for light usage. Does that flex cable really need two wraps around the hinge bracket? I suspect it does for long term use, but we'll shortly see if it will do with one wrap if I don't ask too much of it. Electrically the panel works fine and is in fact matte, I was thrown by the protective plastic cover. If this works mechanically perhaps we'll have an alternative to the LG available as long as one is willing to try a little hackery.
  15. Just to close this out, the RequireIT folks refunded my money and told me to keep the panel. They also have no more of the LG Phillips panels, so Jon183, it looks like you may have gotten the last one, from that source, anyway. So I'm left with one panel I can't use and back in the hunt for an LG Phillips. It was a good learning experience in any event. In the meantime I managed to score a fully working 12" Powerbook 1.5 and a 1GHz Titanium (sans working batteries) for a total of $50, so the fun goes on...
  16. So, I've completed my Pismo tear down and compared the Hitachi and LG screens side by side. The data cable connector does fit. However, it's located 10mm nearer the top of the screen than the LG. Which means the data cable is 10MM too short. So unless I could somehow stretch the flex etch, that alone is a no go. Combined with the glossy vs. matte issue this thing is a comprehensive fail. I've requested a refund. We'll see how it goes. For now RequireIT in Ipswich, UK is on my (lengthening) list of dodgy vendors.
  17. Specs are similar, but it's a glossy screen as opposed to the matte of the Pismo. I'll be taking the Pismo apart tomorrow so I can do a side by side comparison. You received the LG so they had them recently. Their website description of the LG says it's matte. Seems they could simply have asked me if I wanted a glossy substitute.
  18. CharlesT

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    No problem, best of luck
  19. CharlesT

    Powerbook 100 power adapter type?

    chu-oh, where are you located? I currently have a PB100 in pieces. Motherboard and display have been recapped and it has the 6MB memory expansion, and the power adaptor. It all worked before being taken apart for the recap. You're welcome to the parts for the shipping, I have enough other projects. No hard drive and no battery, of course.
  20. I thought I did, their website lists the LG Phillips LP141XA. The paperwork I received with the order shows that number in the description field but the part number is the Hitachi part number. Perhaps it's a direct replacement, I haven't been able to find any data one way or the other. Will just have to try it I suppose.
  21. I cannot explain the miracle but can add that I had a similar experience with a battery for my TI Book just recently. I had it in the recycle bin and thought I'd give it one more go and it's now actually one of the better batteries of the three I have. It's an original Apple battery.
  22. Have another question for Jon183. I just received my replacement screen today from the UK. Not bad, ordered on the 7th. Upon opening the package I noticed the unit is actually an Hitachi TX36D something or other, which is a 14.1 inch XGA, but not the LG Phillips I ordered. Is that what you also received, or did you get the LG screen? I haven't taken the Pismo apart yet so can't compare directly tnx in advance
  23. CharlesT

    Apple Ethernet NB - does it deliver?

    That's a very good question. It can't just buffer up a bunch of packets and just DMA them occasionally because the TCP/IP protocol requires ACKs and all sorts of other attention to the data stream which is handled by the TCP/IP stack. That is, unless the stack is fully implemented on the A/ROSE card, which could certainly be done with 512K of RAM. If that were the case there would be minimal bus traffic with the main CPU. Then it would just have to DMA big chunks of data as needed. But that would imply the TCP stack on the main board would be totally bypassed, and the A/ROSE would have to be configured with all the IP settings. Splitting the stack between the two processors would be problematic (I'd prefer "nightmare"), so it seems to me it must just be providing a bigger buffer, but as you indicated earlier, you don't need a processor for that, just some memory and a DMA capability. So what is the 68K actually doing?
  24. CharlesT

    Apple Ethernet NB - does it deliver?

    Well, it's been 20 years, and you have the data sheet, so it must be 32 bytes. But it was definitely the Sonic, and yes it can DMA the buffer contents. I'm sure I've since forgotten the finer details of it's operation. Our application was as a series of embedded controllers powered by a TI DSP and we designed the local bus using the Motorola bus protocol solely to use the Sonic.