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  1. Makes sense. If I were a judge at the InterWebs Olympics, I'd give that article a 10. It is one of the best infonuggets I have come across.
  2. Von

    SE/30 CMD-CTRL-POWER Reset

    Here is the link to the board that needed to be added to the SeaSonic PS to get softpower:
  3. That guide helped me get the Lubuntu VM set up such that every OS that I have running can now share files. THx so much for pulling it together! I took notes as I was setting it up and these 2 links helped me get SAMBA set up so that it was accessible Windows/DOS/BeOS/OSX: SAMBA info for Win connections https://www.howtogeek.com/176471/how-to-share-fiwww.howles-between-windows-and-linux/ Promising DOS info https://www.lazybrowndog.net/freedos/virtualbox/?page_id=374
  4. Von

    SE/30 CMD-CTRL-POWER Reset

    Interesting thread. I have the SeaSonic PS in one of my SE/30s and a SeaSonic in my IIci. To get the softpower to work, I had to follow the lead of @superjer2000 in a post in this forum that I can't find. It is a small board that got the softpower working fine in the IIci with the SeaSonic PS. If one was to out that same board in a SE/30 with the SeaSonic PS, would it have softpower?
  5. Von

    Carrera040 in Daystar adapter?

    I am interested to see if this works. I'd give this a try however my IIsi board is dead at the moment );
  6. When I had my Xceed w/ grayscale hooked up to the external monitor the SE/30's did drop our 256 gray but was still functional as @Bolle mentioned. I could position the external monitor above, below, left, or right of the SE/30's and then move the menu bar at the top of the SE/30 to the external which I think makes it the primary monitor. Your external looks great are you 1024 x 768 @ thousands or millions?
  7. So in fiddling around with this this AM, the G4 now sees the server but the G3 does not. Both AppleShare and TCIP Control Panels have ethernet selected and AppleShare appears Active in Chooser on both machines.
  8. Hi All, I have a Power Mac G4 QuickSilver and G3 Wallstreet laptop that both run 9.2.2 and 10.2.8. On my home network I have a Lubuntu VM that runs AppleShare via Netatalk that all of my 7.5.5, 7.1.1, 6.0.8 machines can see/access just fine. When I attempt to connect either the G4 or G3 machines to this server they don't see the cerver via CHooser > AppleShere. If I go to Server IP Address... and get the IP address from the Lubuntu box and enter it, I can access the AppleShare. Any thoughts on adjustments needed to both 9.2.2 installs to get the AppleShare visible? I am baffled as to why this works fine on the older OS's THx
  9. I have the same Xceed setup and run it successfully with a NEC multisync adapter that has no dip switches. I have a generic 17" LCD from ENvision. This same adapter works on my IIsi and IIci without issue and multiple resolutions.
  10. THx for this @superjer2000 2 Qs for you: 1. Do you happen to know how much air the stock IIci fan pushed? 2. Do you recall if you got the 1800 or 1200 RPM version? Here is the spec sheets for the 2 that are $10US from AMZN: THx!
  11. HI All, I went to button up the replacement SeaSonic PSU in my IIci chassis thinking I still had a working fan but it is nearly dead. When I fire up the machine with the PSU lid open I can see the fan trying to move but it never started spinning. If I give it a bit of a flick it starts to spin and work fine. On restart though it has the same behavior. I even let it run for several hours to see if it stopped misbehaving and it did not. WHat have you all used for replacements in your IIci? I tried searching the site and had little luck. THx!
  12. Von

    "Cheap Networking" for System 6 and 7 Macs

    Here is how I share files from my vintage macs to with every other OS running in the house:
  13. Von

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    JDW, I don't have any suggestions however I do feel that I too am an active member of the E.B. club when I roasted my newly-recapped IIsi board. I was in such a state of shock that I posted my blunder in the wrong forum...While I do feel your pain, the sun did rise the day after my mistake. The IIsi board is now with AllMacs to see if he can repair the board...I have not heard back on its diagnosis. Someone on this forum makes a TS-like adapter (I can't find the post) that could replace the TS if that is what died.
  14. Von

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    I'm about 5 minutes in however I need some sleep and will catch the rest tomorrow. Looks great so far!
  15. Von

    ADC to DVI adapter Power supply?

    I don't know how to fix, however, I have a replacement if you can't. I discussed it here: