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  1. Von

    "Cheap Networking" for System 6 and 7 Macs

    Here is how I share files from my vintage macs to with every other OS running in the house:
  2. Von

    SE/30 PDS Adapter Epic Blunder

    JDW, I don't have any suggestions however I do feel that I too am an active member of the E.B. club when I roasted my newly-recapped IIsi board. I was in such a state of shock that I posted my blunder in the wrong forum...While I do feel your pain, the sun did rise the day after my mistake. The IIsi board is now with AllMacs to see if he can repair the board...I have not heard back on its diagnosis. Someone on this forum makes a TS-like adapter (I can't find the post) that could replace the TS if that is what died.
  3. Von

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    I'm about 5 minutes in however I need some sleep and will catch the rest tomorrow. Looks great so far!
  4. Von

    ADC to DVI adapter Power supply?

    I don't know how to fix, however, I have a replacement if you can't. I discussed it here:
  5. I googled the visible part number and got no hits so a donor board it is... Mods, could you please move this to the Mac II forum...thx
  6. It is with great shame and embarrassment that I submit this post. I was working to get my 2nd soft power transistor build and when I went to test, I forgot that the power supply was still plugged into the IIsi motherboard. When I flipped the power strip on there was a pop and then that smell... Here is the board: And here is what literally blew up: My walk of shame explaining this begins now. The board was on the bench and plugged in to the SeaSonic power supply with all wires except for pins 9 and 10 (+5v_SB)...these were floating freely on the bench. I believe pin 9's wire connects the soft power transistor such that when the keyboard power on or the power button is pushed. I thought the power supply was only connected to a spinning drive so I could see if the soft power transistor work. What happened was the wire connected to pin 9 was lying across the open SeaSonic chassis and its metal end shorted on something when the PS was powered on. This appears to be the extent of the visible damage. Did I kill me IIsi or is this something that could possibly be fixed?
  7. Success! While the above is not pretty, it finally worked. The layout is the same except that the transistor's pins did a 180. When I jump PR +5V_SB to the far side of the 10K attached to the center pin, the hard drive connected to the PS fired right up. I will try to get soldered up and tested in the IIsi soon. @superjer2000 I appreciate your guidance on this. To those on holiday today, Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. Appreciate the offer @superjer2000 but I planned for 2 of these so I will give it another go with my remaining parts. I too assumed that the pins were standard and I built mine exactly like you did. I Googled the part number and there are images that show some with the pins reversed. I also tested the resistors and then measured 1 and 10K so I think I have the right parts. More to come on this.
  9. So I called the shop I got the parts from and it appears that the pins my generic PN2222 are reverse of yours: 736 2n 3903 Looking at the flat side E left B middle C right I will give this a try again tomorrow with the transistor aligned opposite of what I had. Wish me luck.
  10. Here is my progress on this. On Sunday I was able to solder the components I have to the protoboard that arrived. Purple wire is +5v_SB that goes from the PS to the MB pin 10. I stripped some insulation from the middle and attached the 1K resistor. The other end of the 1K attaches to the left leg of transistor which is also connected to the Green PS_ON from the MB. The center leg of the transistor is connected to a 10K resistor and the opposite end of the 10K is connected to the Green wire that connects to the MB at pin 9. The right leg of the transistor that is connected to the Black wire that goes to the PS: I think I have followed the instructions...does this look right? The reason I ask is because it didn't work with KB or PS power button...I used my IIsi as it is freshly recapped and known to have soft power working. I then kept the PS plugged in to power but unplugged from the IIsi MB. At the MB end of the Purple +5v_SB it read 5.07 on the multimeter. At the left leg it read 4.87 v and 0 v on the center leg. When I take the MB end of the Purple wire and jump it to the opposite end of the 10K resistor, nothing happens. PS does not turn on (I have a drive connected with an LED) and left leg remains at ~ 4.87v. If I take the +5v_SB and jump directly to the center leg, drive turns on and left leg goes to 0v. I think the 10K may be the culprit here. For fun I put my other 10K resistor at the end of the +5v_SB and jumped its other end directly to the center leg...nothing happened. I'd welcome any input on this. THx!
  11. Von

    Multiprocessor SE/30!

    What card is plugged into your socketed SE/30 Daystar in the top photo? Although it doesn't work in a SE/30, the Daystar Turbo 601's control panel allows it to boot to 030 or the 601. I wonder if you could boot this insanity: That is a IIsi cache card with the 601 in the pass through and an 030 50mhz going in the cache slot then into the IIci on the bench: I am not willing to try this. In addition, the cache card didn't engage as it was bumping into the RAM. That could be sorted with one PDS riser...
  12. Thanks for this. The board is going to have an appointment with the caps doctor. Great catch on my bad. I have only 1K caps as I was going from the diagram with the black background, not yours. I will grab some 10K 1/4 watt resistors from Vetco if they are open today.
  13. I am thinking this may be the case as I had the connections as you described. I will try to solder it up tomorrow and see how that goes. THx
  14. FWIW, I swapped back to the IIci and the without capacitor setup and it did not work there.
  15. Some good progress made today and I am now paused with a question. Here is my PN2222 (generic version) I don't have a breadboard so here is how the PN2222 is connected to my SeaSonic PS: Leftmost leg...Purple +5v is connected to the PS and the motherboard (2 complete wires from 2 different SeaSonics), in the middle I have a jumper connecting the PS to the MB and one end of a 1K resistor. The other end of the 1K resistor then feeds through the Green PS_ON connected to the PS; that end is then alligator clipped to the leftmost leg. Center leg has the red alligator clip. In the clip is a 1 K resistor and at the opposite end of the resistor is a grey wire that goes to the MB connector #9. Rightmost leg is connected to the black alligator clip that clips to a black ground coming from the PS. The above describes the hairball below: I had this setup first attached to my IIci and this did not work. Note that the IIci is fairly new to me and when it arrived its stock PS never fired it up. I added the SeaSonic and that worked fine but it needed to be manually switched. The board has never emitted sound so a recap is in order. I don't know if the caps situation could affect the power on so I decided to move to my IIsi that also needs soft power for its SeaSonic PS. The IIsi also failed to start in this configuration but it did make a sound and the monitor did briefly light up so some progress. I then tried removing the 1K resistor between the center leg and the the grey wire connected to the MB at position 9. You can see the grey wire in the red alligator clip with the 1K resistor connected to nothing (apology for the blur on that side of the photo): This setup worked as expected where both the power button on the keyboard and the power button on the PS fired the IIsi up. The OS also shut the machine down as expected so that is great progress. I then wondered what purpose the other 1k resistor was offering on the leftmost leg so I tried this: Removed the other 1K resistor Kept the purple +5v connected to the PS and MB but not attached at all to the PN2222 Attached the green PS_ON from the PS to the leftmost leg of the PN2222 Attached the grey wire in MB position 9 to the center leg of pf the PN2222 (photo above) Rightmost list of PN2222 is still connected to PS ground Here is what that looked like: This setup with no resistors worked as expected turning the IIsi on from the PS & KB and shutting down completely from the OS. Can anyone tell me where I strayed from @superjer2000's directions or why the no capacitors path I found works? THx!