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  1. Von

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    Very interesting. Were you able to get the Turbo 040 to run with the Micron Xceed card?
  2. Thanks all for the input. The cleaning I have done thus far has been mostly elbow grease... The tins were also coated in WD40 so I filled the utility sink with hot water and Dawn dish detergent. I scrubbed with various plastic and wire brushes while submerged. This kept the dust down. After drying the tins, I went after some of the bad spots with a wire brush attached to my drill. After that it was down to the pitted metal. Before I paint, I will soak in vinegar. Any idea on the ratio of water to vinegar? Straight vinegar isn't realistic as that would be several gallons to submerge them in the utility sink which is a perfect fit for these. @Alex I am glad you chimed in on RFI. I suspected that that was the purpose of the metal internal tins. The RFI being blocked was from the spinning hard disk affecting a CRT monitor sitting on top of the case, correct? I noticed that later model Macs (IIsi/IIci don't have metal however I did notice that when retrobrighting there was some black almost metalic paint that came off of the top of my IIci and IIsi. I assume that this is the RFI paint you are referring to. Back to the IIfx, the tins weren't painted to begin with, they were just bare metal. Am I correct in assuming that the IIfx didn't have RFI paint when leaving the factory?
  3. Yeah, I was pretty appalled at the state of this when it arrived. What is odd is that the top of the case was way worse. Perhaps it was off and there was some flooding... Anyway, the previous owner tried spraying the inside with wd-40 which had no effect. I have run out of weekend so I will have a go at next week.
  4. HI All, I won an auction for a IIfx earlier this year and I have these threads going on its motherboard & PS which have now taken back seat to its case. The auction (which I was not expecting to win) pictures only hinted at its internal mess: I removed the internal tins and they were a delight... So after a bit of scrubbing with a wire brush and steel wool during retrobright sessions on the plastic, these are looking a bit better: I still have a bit more to do with the dremel however once done, I am thinking about hitting the top and bottom tins with a coat of silver Rustoleum paint for a bit of protection. Thoughts on doing or not doing this? THx!
  5. This is the Apple Fritter thread I started this effort in. While it has a ton of missing image links, if you scroll far enough down you will see that this could possibly fit under the bottom of the CRT. I think you'd be more likely to run into the floppy drive... Here is one of the images from the AF post:
  6. Good to hear. Do you have a right angle PDS adapter was well? If so, give this a try with the motherboard on the bench: Connect Asante to the motherboard Connect your right angle adapter to the Asante, I think at this point the female PDS will be pointing up Insert the right angle PDS into your right angle adapter Insert your IIsi adapter into the right angle PDS adapter, the 2 PDS connections should be pointing up You will probably need something rubber between the IIsi adapter and your right angle adapter for support Insert your video card and power it up If it works, add the Daystar accelerator and power it up If all of this works, will it fit in the SE/30 case and not bump into the floppy chassis? See this thread for context:
  7. @pcamen Do you have a Daystar accelerator and IIsi adapter for the accelerator? How about and Asante NIC?
  8. I have not opened the IIfx PS as this is relatively new to me and I don't know if it has been. I will crack it open today if time allows. As to the tester, it is not a top-shelf model but has served fine on my replacements for SE/30, IIsi and IIci power supplies with SeaSonic PS as recapping is not in my skill set.
  9. Hi All, The IIfx is in queue and I am trying to find out if my power supply is putting out proper voltage. I have one board that will start the PS and when I test it I get: 5 Reds: 5.13 1 Yellow: 12.14 1 Blue: -12.11 1 White: 4.23 Is anything off here? THx!
  10. THis auction ended Newer Technology Macintosh IIfx series clock upgrade. (80,90,100 Mhz) A Newer Technology Apple Macintosh IIfx processor clock upgrade card. It pushes in the to processor slot and then the processor pushes in to the upgrade card and is clipped to the two of the processor pin. Do not have any instructions and Newer Technology could not find any either. It is a cool piece of old tech. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Newer-Technology-Macintosh-IIfx-series-clock-upgrade-80-90-100-Mhz-/303221044649 I don't know how long the auction photos will be up so I grabbed them:
  11. Von

    Netatalk SD Card Image?

    Lubuntu 17.10 I started with this and have not updated it as I don't want anything to break Netatalk 2.2.6 You are correct, Netatalk 3.0 dropped support for old Macs so I went with the last 2.x available. Running this didn't work with OS X so I added Samba. Samba 2:4.6.7 -- not sure if that is visible in the screen below. Very open Samba settings pointing to the same folder allows OS X and Windows, DOS, OS/2, BeOS as well as Mac OS 6-9 to access and share files. Very helpful in moving stuff around. Below show it running as VMware Fusion VM. I also have this same setup on an old IBM X31 laptop. I have been meaning to build a version of this VM to share here but there has been no time...
  12. Von

    Netatalk SD Card Image?

    Have a look here: While I don't have a RPi or SD image, I do have netatalk running on Lubuntu and all of my macs running OS 6-9 can connect to it.
  13. Von

    A Tale of IIfx Boards

    Here is my update... Board 1 got a working IIfx ROM installed and when powered on, no chime or video. I checked the PS and got: 5 Reds: 5.13 1 Yellow: 12.14 1 Blue: -12.11 1 White: 4.23 For fun I moved the outermost NuBus slot to the innermost slot and no joy. Any other suggestions on this board? I will likely be sending this one to AllMacs for caps. THx
  14. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... Years ago I got this board for the IIfx ROM in one of my SE/30's. It was only the board and I didn't know if it worked. I'll refer to this as Board 1. I wanted get this running so I bought a complete non-working IIfx earlier this year...this is Board 2. Board 2 came with: - 8 sticks of RAM that appear to be the same however I don't know how big each stick is - a NuBus video card that works when tested in my IIci - its speaker works when tested in my IIci - it has a broken battery tray on one of the batteries on the + side Here is want Board 2 looks like on the bench with 4 of the RAM sticks in Bank A: For the hard drive I have an Adtron SSD that has a Universal 7.0.1 install on it. Here is the broken battery tray: And the battery tray with a piece of metal making contact to the board so it should be providing power: When I used its power button that is missing the button part, nothing happens. Same for when I use the keyboard power On... It was the worst of times... Here is Board 1 with 4 of the RAM sticks from Board 2 in BANK A and all of the other components from Board 2: In this setup I removed the Spectrum Eng card from the ROM slot and used the ROM from Board 2. For the hard drive I have the same Adtron SSD that has a Universal 7.0.1 install on it. When I hit the power button or keyboard power button, the power supply fires up as I can hear its fan. This is good as it appears the PS is working as is power on on this board. Unfortunately: - I get no chime from the known working speaker - I get no video from the know working video card - I get no blinking from the SSD LED Again we have the worst of times... I do not have the black SCSI terminator however per the linked post, that sounds like it is not required. I very likely could be dealing with bad caps on both boards with Board 2 being in slightly better shape in that it at least fires up the power supply. I have not yet tried one of my other 2 IIfx ROMs to see if that might be the problem (Board 2's ROM is dead). Can anyone suggest anything else to try here? For instance, does the video card need to be in a different slot? Many thanks!
  15. Von

    SE/30 memory problem

    I have never played with A/UX. Is it possible to have it on a partition on the same drive running other version of 6 and 7?