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  1. Von

    AllMacs IIsi recap

    While I would love to have that skill, I do not and I am not up for practicing on my only board.
  2. Hi All, I had Ebay seller AllMacs recap both my IIsi board and one of my SE/30 boards. I have bee using the board in the WtM configuration for a few days without issue. Prior to the recap I got this scary image on screen and decided it was time to get on with the recap... Here is a shot of the board before the work: And here is after: And some shots of this work, "As you can see the trace on this pad was making no connection, due to corrosion . I fixed the damage with a new pad and reconnected it" I'll report in on the SE/30 after I get a chance to use it this weekend.
  3. Very cool. Is the jumper so that you can assign the slot used like the Asante models? Any plans for a PDS pass-through on top?
  4. I just tried with this thread: I was hoping some of missing content would appear however that was not the case...
  5. Von

    What vintage macs do you own?

    2 SE/30's IIsi PowerBook G3 WallStreet (I think) QuickSilver G4
  6. Von

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    Indeed, I did mean -11.98. Seems I can't edit a post after someone has submitted a replay so my error will live on...
  7. Von

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    My Seasonic unit that @superjer2000 has arrived and I fiddled with this and got it working today. I started by pulling wires from ATX connector using the staple trick to get the molex pin out: All pins were removed with this method so I didn't need to crimp any new pins. After getting the dead PSU out, the Seasonic would fit just fine inside the PSU chassis so I tried to figure out how to secure it. First I tried using screws from the Seasonic through existing holes in the chassis: I tired to do this project without any new holes in the chassis and this didn't allow me to power it the way I planned by bringing a standard 3-prong power cable inside from the switch: The existing holes were either too far forward for the power cord to do a 180 towards the switch or too far back such that it wouldn't allow the chassis to close. I then resorted to zip ties to hold Seasonic in place... I think I went the same route as superjer2000 with all of the wires: To handle PS-ON, I just grounded this on on of the unused ground wires coming off of the PSU (black plug on the right above). The stock SE/30 plug is bottom left, the longer +12v yellow with extra wraps is used for sweep...it came from that 4-pin (2 YW & 2 BK) plug that I left attached. These yellow wires are joined at the connection to the PSU. Same goes for the yellow wire to the hard drive plug...it is shared with the other +12v. So here is a look at the wire loom packed into the chassis: To make the connection to the power cord, I went to the local Vetco and got some of these doodads: The stock connection from the switch to the original PSU uses a 4-pin with of this type with only 2 outer pins. I soldered power cords hot and neutral to this and then a round termination for ground: I closed up the chassis and tested voltages and all seemed good. Both +12v were at 12.03 Both + 5v were at 5.13 The -12v was 11.98 which seemed close enough... With this I installed it in the case and promptly attached the PSU plug to the motherboard plug. After getting that set straight I crossed my fingers, made a few offerings to Ullr, I turned the power on. I got happy chime then chime of death. I scratched my head after I walked away for a bit and then realized last I was using this motherboard I was testing RAM and it had bonked because I had 4 1MBs in front and 4 16MBs in back. I then swapped out to my SE/30 board that will soon be recapped and tried it. While it gave no chime, it did boot...yay! I then realized the cursor would not move. Ooops...I forgot to plug in the ADB. After trying again, the machine booted and worked as expected. I will play around with this more tomorrow after some sleep.
  8. Von

    haplain's never-ending quest

    Is that a clear SE/30?
  9. Von

    haplain's never-ending quest

    The clear ones are fantastic.
  10. Von

    SE/30 hard drive LED mod

    The drive sled that my first SE/30 came with was red, yet I have another with a green led and 2 other sleds without an led at all. So what was the stock color LED in the SE/30?
  11. Von

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    @superjer2000 do you recall if the fan was sucking air through the vents in the Seasonic case and blowing out the back or sucking air in the back of the case and blowing it through the case and out the vents? I am guessing the former.
  12. Von

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    I found this helpful link with the detail: Pinouts 20 Pin ATX Connector 10 Pin SE Power Connector -12V 6 1 GND GND 7 2 GND GND 8 3 GND +5V 9 4 +5V +12V Sweep 10 5 +12V
  13. Von

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    That feature was one of the reasons I decided to try this unit. I looked for more detail on the Seasonic site however I could not find anything to download. I'll need to be patient until it arrives. Still looking for a mapping of stock SE/30 PSU wires to their needed voltages if anyone has this diagram or link. THx!
  14. Von

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    Here you go: https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817151211
  15. Von

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    OK, I am in. I just ordered one of these from NewEgg.com for just under $50 shipped to deal with my leaky PSU. It will arrive early next week and this should be a fun project. Does anyone have a diagram that maps the colored wires from the original PSU to their needed voltages? Here is what I have: BK, BK, BK OR, YW BR, BK, BK OR, RD THx!