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  1. Von

    Compact Mac Test Stand

    Very nice work!
  2. Von

    A Perfect Condition SE/30

    Looks very nice! I finally got my SE/30s out and am still working on them...
  3. Von

    Asanté MacCon SE/30 clone

    If this happens, please count me in for 2 of these.
  4. So the problem you just fixed was with a Micron Xceed card card have a line on screen when used in conjunction of a grayscale adapter? I have 2 Xceed cards and one of them has the line...
  5. Von

    Carrera040 in Daystar adapter?

    These are the 2 IIsi Daystar adaptors that I have. Also have the Daystar that allows you to put an accelerator or cache card in the SE/30.
  6. Von

    Carrera040 in Daystar adapter?

    Did anyone try a Carrera 040 in a Daystar adapter to see if it works? I now have a working IIsi and the needed pieces however I am somewhat concerned about possible damage...
  7. Von

    New (to me) Sun LCD monitor

    OK, i got the Sun setup before the start of the Seahawks game. Here is my report thus far... My Vintage Macs and PCs will all share this monitor with a dual KVM setup that is: Dr Bott KVM >> NEC multiSync adapter >> VGA cable into a Belkin SOHO KVM >> VGA cable into the Sun LCD I had to look up 13W3 and the answer would be no. Looks like DVI I did a factory reset on the monitor settings and get this warning about 1600 x 1200 being recommended Within settings it allows Native which is quite small Another setting is Aspect and the last is Full I'll give a closer look to Aspect and Full to decide which looks better. My 17" EnVision LCD was starting to fade around its edges so I have been shopping for a replacement. I got a 19" Samsung followed by a 22" ViewSonic I like the look of the Sun sitting next to the vintage stuff. I'll need to do a bake off among the 3 which has the sharpest across everything that connects to it...
  8. So I was at the local thrift store and I saw a nice looking Sun 20.1 LCD monitor sitting there for $9.99. I didn't know if this LCD support sync on green so I asked if they'd hold it for me until close. I came back with with my IIsi in a duffle with the needed cable. It fired right up and looks great. I went to check out and it was a whopping $5.50 as today was half off day. Score!
  9. Getting my IIfx and this bit of kit working is high on my list. Hoping to get to it around the holidays.
  10. Von

    Can a IIsi Asante MacCon used for SE/30?

    I use them in both of my SE/30s without any Asante software. Do you need to pull the Math coprocessor chip in order for it to work?
  11. Von

    Daystar Universal PowerCache P33 in SE/30

    Very interesting. Were you able to get the Turbo 040 to run with the Micron Xceed card?
  12. Thanks all for the input. The cleaning I have done thus far has been mostly elbow grease... The tins were also coated in WD40 so I filled the utility sink with hot water and Dawn dish detergent. I scrubbed with various plastic and wire brushes while submerged. This kept the dust down. After drying the tins, I went after some of the bad spots with a wire brush attached to my drill. After that it was down to the pitted metal. Before I paint, I will soak in vinegar. Any idea on the ratio of water to vinegar? Straight vinegar isn't realistic as that would be several gallons to submerge them in the utility sink which is a perfect fit for these. @Alex I am glad you chimed in on RFI. I suspected that that was the purpose of the metal internal tins. The RFI being blocked was from the spinning hard disk affecting a CRT monitor sitting on top of the case, correct? I noticed that later model Macs (IIsi/IIci don't have metal however I did notice that when retrobrighting there was some black almost metalic paint that came off of the top of my IIci and IIsi. I assume that this is the RFI paint you are referring to. Back to the IIfx, the tins weren't painted to begin with, they were just bare metal. Am I correct in assuming that the IIfx didn't have RFI paint when leaving the factory?
  13. Yeah, I was pretty appalled at the state of this when it arrived. What is odd is that the top of the case was way worse. Perhaps it was off and there was some flooding... Anyway, the previous owner tried spraying the inside with wd-40 which had no effect. I have run out of weekend so I will have a go at next week.
  14. HI All, I won an auction for a IIfx earlier this year and I have these threads going on its motherboard & PS which have now taken back seat to its case. The auction (which I was not expecting to win) pictures only hinted at its internal mess: I removed the internal tins and they were a delight... So after a bit of scrubbing with a wire brush and steel wool during retrobright sessions on the plastic, these are looking a bit better: I still have a bit more to do with the dremel however once done, I am thinking about hitting the top and bottom tins with a coat of silver Rustoleum paint for a bit of protection. Thoughts on doing or not doing this? THx!