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  1. Mac SE looped chime and restart

    Well... I have been playing games on it all afternoon and nothing! It won't do the thing. But I will keep a close eye on it in case it decides to break again.
  2. Mac SE looped chime and restart

    I will get a video later today
  3. Mac SE looped chime and restart

    My psu is also an Aztech but mine is more like: pop - chime - reboot - pop - chime - reboot - pop - chime and the screen would "wobble" with the reboots. Also the popping would happen in the "background" while the computer was chiming and rebooting.
  4. Mac SE looped chime and restart

    My mac se has been on the fritz again. It works intermittently but when it doesn't, it will keep chiming and try to boot but will crash after a second or so. I have recapped the power supply and all of the analog board (except C15). I'm wondering C15 is causing this or if something else is not quite right... Thanks
  5. Apple IIe Platinum Power Supply Troubles

    Another thing, Should it make some squeaking sounds when it is turned off?
  6. Apple IIe Platinum Power Supply Troubles

    Ok, so it sounds like there is nothing to worry about. Thanks
  7. I recently picked up a very poor condition iie platinum. It seems like it might work, the only problem is the power supply is kind of dead. It will turn on and I think it almost works ( The power light on the board turns on) But it makes a zappy noise when it is turned on and off. On top of that, there is some sort of component missing, maybe a disk capacitor? Just wondering if anyone knows what this part is. There are some attached photos.
  8. Mac SE clicking when turned on

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_hG3MkQupRuTzRDZG1HSUF1THM https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_hG3MkQupRuWDA4YjNkaldGajA I found some black dots on the psu traces. It looks like one trace has been cut off. Could this be an issue?
  9. Mac SE clicking when turned on

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ocRkidcL0w_c9TI3WgK4UVvfOzzGxACvyw https://drive.google.com/open?id=1lp2mW7Z-gZlaWTZ_XxHPmRsGLmoWvsYl6Q https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A-DtPcTruZiHxpQVqn_2kTIikYYim4zG3Q https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EBZUHjZB_50rwo0bb0K33S55rTVDznpovw My PSU only says "Apple Computer - Made in Singapore" The Links are to some images on my PSU.
  10. Mac SE clicking when turned on

    Ok. I will get back to you as soon as i recap the PSU.
  11. Mac SE clicking when turned on

    I put some more solder on the P1 pins, now it displays the checker board pattern and it flickers in sync with the clicks for the first couple of seconds after i turn it on.
  12. Mac SE clicking when turned on

    The line is horizontal and when i tapped the left side if the case, it went to the checker board pattern.
  13. Mac SE clicking when turned on

    I was testing a mac hard disk when my se went crazy and i had to shut it down, but now when i turn it on it clicks for a second or two then i get either a single line in the middle of the screen or it will display a checker board pattern for a few seconds then try to boot for about 15 seconds then display the single line. Any ideas? And the mouse doesn't work sometimes.
  14. Color Classic blows fuse when turned on

    I found a color classic and a 575 but they both blow the fuse when turned on. Would recapping fix this?
  15. (Need Help) How to Format Hard Disk For SE

    I don't have any other vintage mac as i'm 13 and only have one other vintage computer but i'm wondering if i can install OS 9.2.2 on my 2007 mac book. If not then i have ordered a apple 40mb hard disk from ebay.