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  1. zuctronic

    3D-Printed Objects

    The Makerbot filament "Warm Gray" is the closest thing I've seen to the original Macintosh color. It's not perfect, but better than white or grey. https://store.makerbot.com/filament/pla-large/
  2. zuctronic

    PowerBook 170 Dark Corners

    I'm also curious about this.... has anybody tried this with success? What technique was used to seal the screen? I have a PB170 with minor tunneling and if this is possibly fixable I'll give it a try.
  3. I have an Apple Extended Keyboard II and the caps lock key latch is broken. It's a tiny piece of plastic that slides in place when the caps lock key is depressed once and slides out of place when it is depressed again, thus latching the key in a locked position when the caps lock is enabled. eg: https://deskthority.net/wiki/Alps_SKCL_Lock So the tiny latch has lost its top bit in one of my keyboards and I imagine this isn't a rare problem given the age of the plastic and the desirability of these particular keyboards. Has anybody sourced a replacement for either the entire SKCL switch or just the latch piece? I'm no good with CAD or I'd possibly try printing one - except the piece is so tiny I'm not sure it would fit within the resolution constraints of my 3D printer.
  4. zuctronic

    Mini vMac on 68k PowerBook?

    Well I stand corrected! That sounds very interesting...
  5. zuctronic

    Mini vMac on 68k PowerBook?

    I think that was probably for Amiga - it might take some effort to get it working on the Mac OS.
  6. I see. But also if the only way these PBs know the charge level is via the voltage output, it might not charge 6 cells properly or fully anyway - right?
  7. Ah, your explanation makes perfect sense and makes me feel a lot more comfortable about using six cells. Did you also take the klixon from the original battery pack?
  8. Hmm... I know I can fit 6 cells in there, but it seems a bit ill-advised - I don't know enough about the voltage regulator. Are you sure that won't burn anything out? I'm completely ignorant in this area, I'm just afraid of destroying something that's difficult to repair. I have the opposite problem though, the voltage drops down to "two bars" very quickly and then hangs there for about an hour before it dies hard.
  9. Maybe it's trying to charge a dead PRAM battery? I actually have a similar issue. I also wonder at what voltage level does it force sleep / shutdown. I have a rebuilt batpack with 10 cells in it and this new printed one with 5 cells and neither seem to last as long as I'd expect.
  10. zuctronic

    3D-Printed Objects

    I have a Monoprice Maker Select Mini ... it works pretty well for what it is - a $200 3D printer. The only insurmountable challenge is the small size, but I live in a small condo so it works for me. There is a public workshop in the neighborhood where I can make larger prints if I need to. Tangential to off topic topic: I made an acetone vapor chamber from a paper towel dipped in nail polish remover and a mason jar and made a really nice shiny Benchy boat last night, it looks beautiful!
  11. zuctronic

    3D-Printed Objects

    There are a few videos on youtube demonstrating this.
  12. I could see them in the background of one of your photos, I got the exact same strips (they're made in Chicago, too!) I've just assembled it and test fit everything, looks good. I'll need to solder in the klixon and should be good to go! Thanks so much for the .stl, this will help me get a few old PB back to pushing electrons.
  13. They sell the metal strips at Blick's art supply, otherwise there are suppliers on eBay.
  14. zuctronic

    3D-Printed Objects

    In theory (my own theory) you should be able to use a filastruder kit to recycle platinum / powerbook grey / whatever color plastic parts from damaged / throw-away Mac cases so we have matching ABS filament to print new parts. https://www.filastruder.com/products/filastruder-kit?variant=338126174 Pretty neat!
  15. I wonder why SMD electrolytics are working better than ceramics here. Has anybody tried tantalum caps on the display? I might go back and re-do one of mine (I've done five displays now) with SMD cans to see the difference.