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  1. LCARS

    Troubleshooting upgraded IIci

    Thank you once again, beachycove. The IIci is now back to normal, with on-the-fly resolution changes available. I appreciate the link. It's nice to have classic documentation so easily available. The hunt for such information can be tedious at times. After the startup combo and a restart, the options became available. The PPC card makes PRAM resets a bit of a chore. Booting in that scenario loads the PPC system folder on the 030 and routines like MacInTalk 3 struggle. Its interesting that it works at all but I can see why the Installer requires (I think) a 040 or PPC. This monitor doesn't have any ColorSync aspects (that I know of). I recall the replacement CRTs did and came with their own CD-ROM to drive them (even a Windows version). It's amazing that a 1989 Mac can be upgraded to significantly. Those were the days...
  2. LCARS

    Sonnet Tempo ATA/133 7.6?

    Ah that's right! I did forget that DV via FireWire did fall under the Reign of 7. As long as the card doesn't crash 7.6.1, dual booting 7 & 8, with 8 being the mass storage OS, is a functional idea.
  3. LCARS

    Troubleshooting upgraded IIci

    Quick update: one problem solved- the 601 card. I went into Control Panels in the "Previous System Folder" (the one with all the PPC extensions) and re-enabled it. Unfortunately, I still have no monitor resolution options.
  4. LCARS

    PowerBook 180c, a very aggressive mold

    Oh my gosh. I'm sorry to see that. That must have been heartbreaking to find. At least its just the film and not the glass but still, not a quick fix.
  5. There are two different issues going on and one lead to the other. The machine is a recapped IIci with DayStar Turbo 601 PPC and Radius Precision Color 24X cards. It's running 7.6.1 with 128MB RAM and a SCSI2SD. Issue 1: I have installed what should be the correct Radius software. All the control panels respond (except Radius Power Saver). When I switched from the mono-resolution Macintosh Color Display to the 17" Apple MultipleScan, I have no resolution options and it looks like it kept it in the lower resolution of the MCD. The drop down menu mentions the 13" monitor and a Radius/Precision 19 but no other options and selecting either does nothing. Issue 2: I figured a PRAM reset would help. It didn't. And it knocked the 601 out, which the manual said might happen after a PRAM reset. However, as per DayStar's advice on re-selecting the 601 via the control panel, it doesn't work. I'm met with "This control panel cannot be used with this Macintosh." Booting with extensions off and then selecting the 601 control panel didn't work either. So now I have neither an optimal monitor resolution or my turbo card. Where should I go from here? Might the Radius drivers be wrong? Did I miss something? Thank you : )
  6. LCARS

    550c Cap Issue?

    Addendum: I was able to boot from the external SCSI to load 7.6.1. The machine crashed during installation during installation of "Finder." I rebooted from the CD and was given a Bus Error bomb again. Then on the 3rd try (still booting from CD), it froze during start up. I'm tempted to try again tomorrow but given how these problems seem to keep appearing, I'll wait to hear from the collective (pretty please!) If not failed caps, bad hard drive? Please don't say, "bad RAM."
  7. LCARS

    Performa 575 Issues

    I'm of limited help but I can offer a few bits. Does the CD-ROM make any sound at all? Hopefully someone who has more experience can chime in but short of that, you could browse eBay for a replacement or an external SCSI drive. I've attached the repair manual for this Performa series. NetBoot would my the other alternative but that presupposes that you have another 68k or PPC machine to network with it. As for OS, I'm running 7.6.1 on my Performa 575 with a 64MB RAM module. Its snappy for what I want it to do. 7.5.5 is also a good version to land on if you want easier networking. lc_520.550.575.pdf
  8. LCARS

    550c Cap Issue?

    Thanks, Byrd. I've got an update that unfortunately, hasn't given me many answers. The CD-ROM works perfectly with my other machines and I don't have a multimeter here to test a clean +12V. I checked the HD and RAM connections and they look properly seated. With both (discharged & unresponsive) batteries installed, I plugged in my Farallon Ethernet adapter and as soon as the other computer appeared on the desktop, the machine would shut off. Once was what appeared to be sleep and the other was to off. After removing the batteries, it has shut off only once. I think its safe to assume that the PRAM battery is toast and is probably playing a role in this. Do the caps in this series have a known history of going bad?
  9. LCARS

    Sonnet Tempo ATA/133 7.6?

    That's good to hear! Thank you for the information. If it can boot from the ATA drive, it seems like a go to be used for storage. Out of curiosity, what does 7.6.1 make of the USB & Firewire aspects of the Trio card?
  10. After years of being dormant, my 8600 is happily running 7.6.1 (and displayed via DVI). It is a fantastic machine that feels like a System 7 powerhouse. But on to my topic- I have a Sonnet ATA/133 PCI card that I would like to use with a OWC Legacy SSD. The manual states that 8.0 is the lowest OS. As I understand it, HFS+ was not rolled out until 8.1, which makes me think that 7.6 should be viable. Unless there is some other controller extension issue. Perhaps a patch? Has anyone used such a card with 7.6? Here is the manual if anyone is interested: Tempo ATA 133
  11. LCARS

    550c Cap Issue?

    Thanks, Byrd. I'll inspect the connections. It could use a cleaning regardless, I'm sure. Its strange: after resetting the power manager, it will boot just fine providing that I don't plug in the SCSI cable. Let's see what we find inside...
  12. LCARS

    550c Cap Issue?

    Could this be a capacitor issue? My 550c was running fine. I ran Apple Personal Diagnostics and no errors were reported. I shut down, plugged in my AppleCD 600 (with the Apple-branded PowerBook SCSI cable) and rebooted. All is fine- the computer starts, CD comes right up on the desktop, we're good to go. But when I reboot in this configuration, I get a Type 10 error on a few boots and Bus Error on others. The same problems after I removed the SCSI plug. Then...death chimes. I pulled all power, waited 5 minutes, reset the power manager, and booted without the SCSI cable. Successful boot. Plugging it again caused the same series of problematic events. When I plugged in the SCSI cable to the powered-off machine, the speakers crackled. This makes me think that perhaps a capacitor somewhere along the line, is weak. I have not yet taken it apart to inspect. For another data point, the same drive and cable work fine on my IIci. I eager await the collective wisdom. Poor little machine
  13. LCARS

    PB180c fails to start

    Two (or three) procedures come to mind: 1) PRAM reset (although it could be moot if you don't get the chime at all) 2) Power manager reset type 1: Remove all power, wait 3-5 minutes, then connect AC but it sounds like the second mode might be more useful. 3) With a paperclip, hold down both the Reset and Interrupt buttons on the rear for 5-10 seconds. With all power sources removed, maybe the manager needs a reset.
  14. LCARS

    IIci is...ALIVE

    insaneboy, I'm sorry that I didn't see this sooner. Wow! That's quite a nicely spec'd IIci. Do you still have it? I have a RasterOPS 24XLTV for it along with an accelerated Radius card. I'm curious to see what dual screen 7.6 is like although one of the Apple monitors has lost its center focus. By the by, I'm in Portland as well. Boston transplant as of 10/19 : )
  15. LCARS

    2400c Intermittent Backlight

    A half-dead battery is probably what the PRAM batt. has become in both machines. Thank you for your help. I'll be able to get it out next weekend and I'll post how it goes.