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  1. spaceinvader12

    My SE's floppy drive isn't working properly at all

    I had time to take it apart and follow the 68kmla guide on disassembly and cleaning. Didn't have white lithium grease so I went with regular, and I also cleaned the heads. A bit of junk came off of those (using 91% alcohol and q-tips) and once reassembled it seems to be happy again, reading and booting from disks. I think I have traced down the culprit as well. Old, improperly stored disks. I recently got a few floppy disks from a friend that were behaving a bit strangely in my USB drive and one of them wasn't working at all, and it dirtied up the heads on the SE when I unintentionally tried to format it meaning to grab another disk of the same color. I'm guessing this is what stopped it from reading disks, but cleaning and lubricating it certainly didn't hurt. Thanks, guys!
  2. So, I booted up the SE today to copy some games onto it from a powerbook. It was working alright for a bit but when I stuck in a reformatted IBM floppy then I got an error saying the disk is damaged and it wants me to initialize it. It does this for all HFS disks I insert now when just an hour ago it was working fine. My USB floppy drive reads the HFS disks correctly in Linux, so it's probably not the disks fault. I tried initializing a disk but it eventually failed with the error message "Failed to initialize". Did I stick a bad floppy in and that messed up the drive? Or could it possibly be alignment? It won't boot from floppy although the heads move and try to read the disks. What should I start doing for troubleshooting? I can't afford to replace the drive and I'm hoping it's not too serious of an issue, so repairs would be best.
  3. spaceinvader12

    What's on that old hard drive?

    Huh, this reminds me of the 500MB quantum I got for $3 that's now in my SE. Came dualbooting 6.0.8 and 7.1, and loaded with software. I think it belonged to a teacher, there were old school projects on it. Definitely interesting.
  4. spaceinvader12

    building 68K mac floppies on a windows 10 box ?

    I have a program called HFV explorer that is free and can read all sorts of Mac formatted media like zip disks, floplies, and CDs. It works great and you don't need any disk images, you can just drag and drop files. If basilisk doesn't pan out perhaps try that.
  5. spaceinvader12

    Pics of my finished Mac 128k

    Wow, looks very nice. Love the Sol-20 in the background of the second-to-last photo as well.
  6. spaceinvader12

    Mac SE clicking when turned on

    My clicking one is an Astec, but I also have a Sony that is ok for now. I'm minimizing use of the Astec until I get it recapped because I'd hate to do damage to it.
  7. spaceinvader12

    Mac SE clicking when turned on

    That's the exact same issue I have with my SE. I guess I can give another confident vote for PSU caps. I have the exact same symptoms. Working on getting mine recapped too. Hopefully that fixes both of ours.
  8. spaceinvader12

    Original iPhone for free

    I'm actually pretty happy with T-Mobile, there's a cabin I occasionally visit in the middle of nowhere and it just recently went from no signal to a bar or two of edge, which is nice. On another good note, I ended up taking the phone to my friend and explaining why it likely wouldn't boot and he said he'd buy the battery if I install it, so there's still hope for this iPhone, I'm nowhere near to giving up. I don't really need it for a phone as such, but I appreciate the landmark technology and design; it still looks good after 10 years, at least to my eyes.
  9. spaceinvader12

    190CS: troubleshooting question

    I opened it up today and got 23V from the center plug measuring on the board. It briefly entered a cycle of clicking around once a second but that stopped once I reassembled it. Caps didn't look too bad either. What should I do next?
  10. spaceinvader12

    190CS: troubleshooting question

    I got a 190CS pretty recently and it seems to be in pretty good shape. Unfortunately, it's not powering on. I used my 5300 charger and I get nothing. Tried resetting PRAM, and I get light speaker clicks when I do so, but nothing else. I have yet to open it in search of caps or anything else and I'm generally unsure of what could be causing this. Powerbooks definitely aren't my field of expertise. Where should I start?
  11. spaceinvader12

    PB5300 Zip Drive Question

    I figured this should go in the PowerBook forum since it's not a trading post thread as such, I mostly just had a question about this. So, I've been reading about the 5300 and saw several places mentioned a VST Zip drive that went in the floppy bay. I checked EBay but got nothing and was wondering if these are particularly rare. I really want one for my CS but have no idea what a fair value is or if they're even obtainable. I have a pretty nice 5300 but I'd be getting a lot more use out of a Zip drive as opposed to a floppy drive. And while I'm sure there are external SCSI ones, I'm really interested in this internal bay one I've read about. Does anyone have one or an idea of rarity? What would be a fair price if I wanted to acquire one? I'm sorta just looking for general knowledge from anyone who has an idea about this, as Google wasn't helping much.
  12. spaceinvader12

    Would this card work in my 5300CS?

    My adapter arrived today and it looks like it's a no-go in the 5300, sadly. Does nothing on boot, not even ejecting like an unbootable CF would. When it gets to the desktop, everything freezes but resumes to normal as soon as i pull the SD or the card. Probably some weird quirk trying to translate to IDE and it just doesn't work, sadly. So, if anyone else was considering these, don't bother. They seem to not work in this type of application, despite glowing amazon reviews for pretty much any other situation. Unless I'm doing something wrong, that is. I had just put in a standard zeroed 4GB Sd into the adapter and left it plugged in on boot and also tried inserting it after boot. Neither did anything except freezing the computer. If anyone can think of anything I'm doing wrong, let me know. For now though, I wouldn't advise spending money on it specifically for classic apple computers.
  13. spaceinvader12

    Original iPhone for free

    Well, if I need the iPhone as a phone, I already have TMobile service on my main one so it'd just be a matter of sticking the SIM in an adapter, which I also have. As far as the computer goes, yeah, I meet those requirements. It's an iMac G5 iSight running 10.5. Still a nice computer, and it's been in my family since new. So it shouldn't have any problem syncing. For now I'm gonna look at getting a battery but that may be on hold since my SD->PCMCIA adapter is arriving today and I'm going to see if it's any use with my 5300.
  14. spaceinvader12

    Original iPhone for free

    Alright, guess I'll be on the lookout for a battery then. Ebay seems like an iffy source, but no other sites turned up with anything compatible. Or, maybe, duckduckgo is missing some search results. Can anyone help me out with locating a compatible battery at a non-scalping price? Haven't got tons of money to throw at this thing, sadly, but I still want to get it running
  15. spaceinvader12

    Original iPhone for free

    I've actually got a Sim in it, some 3G att thing, so that isn't an issue. Almost certainly dead but it's there so that's all it needs. So I should find some sort of battery for it, and see how it goes from there. I'll still give iReb a shot once I get to a friend's house, they have an Apple laptop that's Intel. Guess that's one limitation of my G5 iMac...