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  1. jmb2011

    iMac G4 20 inch won't turn on?

    Reflowing the solder is usually putting the soldering iron tip on the lead for each capacitor, heating up the surrounding solder back to a liquid state and adding a bit more solder and rosin to strengthen the bond.
  2. jmb2011

    iMac G4 20 inch won't turn on?

    Sort of sounds like to me that something has gone wrong in some of the caps in the power supply section of the board. If I had to guess it's probably either a cold solder joint or a capacitor that has leaked, bulging, or stopped working. If you are handy with a soldering iron it may be worth your time pulling it out and at least reflowing the solder. However, it would require major disassembly. If I remember correctly, the power supply board is closer to the top of the dome above the CD and hard drive and below the top vents and fan. As far as the screws go, you could try drilling the screws heads out with a tiny drill bit. Just be careful not to go to far and ruin the threads in the mounts. You could also try an easy out bit or a left handed drill bit to reverse the screws out. However, again you probably want the bits to be fairly small.
  3. I picked up an Apple g4 studio display today. One of those where the entire back is clear and sits on a swirled acrylic stand. Got it home and plugged it into my Powermac g4 and works fine. However that's when I noticed that the front of the screen looks scratched, and becomes quite distracting when trying to use the monitor. It makes it almost like you are looking at the monitor through a dirty window pane. What I could only assume is the AntiGlare screen has worn off over the years by being scratched. I tried to take my fingernail and see if the rest would come of, but no dice. Makes me wonder how it got damaged in the first place. Any ideas of how to fix/ remove the rest of the screen so it won't be so aggravating looking through it to the CRT below? (I've uploaded a pic to give you more of an idea of what it looks like)