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  1. elbaroni

    Portrait monitor x2

    Some random guy on Gumtree (local classifieds). Just struck it super lucky, really.
  2. elbaroni

    Portrait monitor x2

    I got the original Dark Castle working on my PB170 under system 6. I think it's multifinder that gets it more than anything, so the Quadra won't be any good. Once I get my Iici back up and running I'll try it out. That said, it didn't fill the screen on the 170 - just a window. The labyrinth would be rad.
  3. elbaroni

    Portrait monitor x2

    Mwahahaha! Three heads are better than one. Also let’s me drag SimCity 2000 onto a black and white screen, which...does not work well.
  4. elbaroni

    Portrait monitor x2

    No, one’s off the internal and one’s off a nubus video card. I’m going to install a second nubus card and run a three-headed monster, I think. Showed my 2.5yo daughter Prince of Persia in greyscale and she loved it. Then I showed her in colour and stepped into one of the choppers. Oops.
  5. elbaroni

    Portrait monitor x2

    Finally got around to the double-portrait Quadra last night to finish my job application. Pretty sweet, but the Quadra 700 internal video won’t run it happily in other than 256 colours/greys. If B/W the pixels flicker like it’s got an animated CLUT table.
  6. elbaroni

    Baroni’s Collection

    That was nice while it lasted. Went out to the garage to finish writing my job application (on a 30-year-old computer without a backup...) and was greeted with this: Now I assume this is a problem with the ribbon cable that links the display to the interconnect board, and while I have some spare 170s, I needed to get the file. So dismantling I went. I managed to get the drive into a spare 170, but managed to snap off the cable for the external monitor mod on my main 170. To make matters worse, the new host 170 doesn’t boot reliably from its new drive, which makes me think it’s pooched in a subtler way. Deeply disheartening.
  7. elbaroni

    IIci is...ALIVE

    Ah. It’s a wonderful feeling, the first time you hear the right noises from a new conquest. Congratulations, and welcome back (from another on again, off again contributor.)
  8. elbaroni

    Powerbook 170 issue

    Does it give you a code on the screen (assuming there's anything legible on the screen)?
  9. elbaroni

    Baroni’s Collection

    Worth the price of admission
  10. elbaroni

    Baroni’s Collection

    Right. Well, it’s been a while, but today I learned that you can put System 6 on a PowerBook 170. So I did, immediately. It flies! It’s like having a portable IIci. More tomorrow.
  11. elbaroni

    Baroni’s Collection

    I think it's the gunked-up roller that's the issue rather than the separation belt itself, which looks to be intact. Stripping the whole thing down, cleaning it thoroughly, and treating or replacing the rubber rollers everywhere is in order. Hopefully the problem with Appletalk is the cable. Will have to check the cable with a 512.
  12. elbaroni

    Baroni’s Collection

    Further on the LaserWriter — might be some liquification of rollers: Service manual tells me this is called the “Transfer Guide Assy”, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to need to take the whole thing apart and clean everything.
  13. elbaroni

    MacTablet...maybe not.

    Well, it does not work with the ThunderScan power from the floppy drive widget. "Yeah it works" eBay question answer my arse. Ah well. Back to the hunt. Installation program is interesting: Also a 16GB SD card in a SCSI2SD, apparently.
  14. elbaroni

    Baroni’s Collection

    Oh, not knockoff: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B014RO8WPE/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. elbaroni

    Baroni’s Collection

    I think mine have hardened, but need to look closer. I got a knockoff cartridge to see if the printer worked. Wouldn’t recommend it - foam seal on it melted as soon as I put it in, so I think it’s very old. I’ll see if I can work out where, but it’s not showing up in email search for some reason. ‘his is right, but expensive (although I suspect you get what you pay for): https://www.tonercartridgedepot.com/canon-lbp-cx-4875-d.html ‘If I can get it working fairly well I’ll buy a proper cartridge.