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  1. dochilli

    SE/30 Logicboard Video Issues

    Did the Mac chime? If not, there is a problem with the ROM. Perhaps a broken trace.
  2. dochilli

    SE/30 Horizontal Lines

    Does the SE chime? If not then there can be a problem with the ROM. Try to reseat it or clean the contacts. Did you wash the board with water and soap? Perhaps there is left some capacity fluid that causes shorts.
  3. dochilli

    List of capacitors to replace on the 512ke?

    I have found my Excel-File with some information on caps of analog boards. The Plus has the same analog board as the 512. May be helpful for you. There are some german words inside, but I think you will understand the meaning. Kondensatoren_Analog_Boards.xls Kondensatoren recapping.xls
  4. As far as I know that is not possible. There are two different analog boards, an US board (120V) and an international board (120/240V). The international version has a completely different power supply. For further information you can read Larry Pina: Macintosh Repair and Upgrade Secrets (downloadable somewhere in the internet...)
  5. dochilli

    List of capacitors to replace on the 512ke?

    I think that the mainboard should be fine. Leaking capacitors started with the SE/30. But the analog board could need a recap.
  6. dochilli

    Diagnosing a Plus that won't turn on

    Perhaps this may help: http://www.ccadams.org/se/classicmac2.pdf Search for Larry Pina: Macintosh Repair & Upgrades Secrets. There you will find a lot of information about the Macintosh Plus. I think, you need a recap of the analog board.
  7. dochilli

    SE/30 burnt ROM socket

    Here you can see the pinout: Pin 63 is +5V. Seems to be a short.
  8. dochilli

    Macintosh SE/30 power on issue

    Most (all) analog boards and mainboards must be recapped. The SE/30 has a psu on the analog board and this must also be recapped. So this is the first step to go. Take the battery out of the main board. It can cause damage of the boards. I can not see your pictures...
  9. dochilli

    Macintosh Classic II Blues... :/

    Is the CRT ok? Sometimes the little glas part at the end (behind the yoke, covered by the neck board) is broken off. Then you need a new CRT. The analog board needs a recap too. If you can get a working analog board, you can see if the analog or the logic board is the problem. I think that you have a defect in the analog board. The analog boards of the Classic and the Classic II have different analog boards because the one connector is different. If you can get a Classic you can replace the analog board and the CRT. Did you check the voltages at the floppy port? Must be 5, 12 and -12 Volt. But when the logic board booted, the voltages are probably not the problem.
  10. dochilli

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    Old floppy drives must be lubricated. Sometimes the gear is broken. You can replace it. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-of-4-x-Gear-for-Macintosh-512k-Vintage-Floppy-Drive-eject-Mac-Sony-Apple-/263868282137
  11. dochilli

    Need boot disk for Mac Plus

    When your location is in Europe, I can send you a boot disk.
  12. dochilli

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    Here you can find a description of a successful attempt: I used this and my plus booted from the SCSI2SD: And here is my solution:
  13. dochilli

    Macintosh Classic (one) with no power.

    Check the fuse! Check the solder points of the power cord connector. I had an analog board where all three were broken. Replace TDA4605, CNY17G, IRFBC40. Read "Mac Classic & SE. Repair and Upgrade Secrets" from Larry Pina. Read the shown thread and the links in the thread! 
  14. dochilli

    128k Macintosh board is it worth much?

    I am from germany and would take it too.
  15. dochilli

    Death chime and Simasimac on Mac SE/30

    I had the same problem with my SE/30. After changing two of the F258 the problem was solved. For cleaning you can use vinegar.