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  1. dochilli

    Compact 3D printed SCSI2SD Bracket

    Very nice! I will save your STL.
  2. dochilli

    Macintosh Classic II

    The logic board should be recapped. Then the audio will work again and there will be no more damage of the board by leaky caps. The analog board should be recapped else. The power button has no function at the classic II. Yellowing can be reduced with H2O2 (peroxide). Search for retrobright.
  3. dochilli

    Horizontal line on Mac Classic

    Could be a defect TEA2037A, near the speaker on the AB.
  4. dochilli

    Dying Mac Plus

    Your second mac needs some resoldering on the analog board. There are some cracked solder points at the connection from the analog board to the screen (J1 and J4?). Just resolder it with some fresh solder and it works again.
  5. I use serial 25 pin cables for connecting a SCSI2SD with compact macs (25pin to 25pin). The cables are straight through and I did not have any problems with that configuration. Works for all macs from plus to SE/30. It also works with a 50 to 25 pin adapter or a gender changer (25 pin). https://store.inertialcomputing.com/product-p/idc50f-db25f.htm There are serial cables available with male - male 25 pin. Then you do not need a gender changer. https://www.reichelt.de/d-sub-kabel-1-1-25-pol-stecker-stecker-1-8m-ak-401-p3996.html?&trstct=pol_0&nbc=1 (german seller)
  6. dochilli

    Challenging SE/30 logic repair.

    Did you check the voltages at the floppy port? Must be 12 and 5 V. Perhaps they are to low. Do you have another working SE/30. Then you could change the logic boards and see if it works with another good known AB.
  7. dochilli

    Help with Classic II

    Check the voltages at the floppy port, must be 5 and 12 V. If the 5V is lower than 4.7V the classic may not boot. If it does not chime, then there can be a problem with the ROM. Reseat and clean ROM and RAM.
  8. dochilli

    Mac Classic II (Gen 2) - No CRT?

    11.3 V is too low! Should be 11.85V or more. You could try to adjust the voltages with pp1. Sometimes the poti has some contact problems. But you have to look for the voltages for some minutes. they should be constant. If not, you have another problem on the board. If you get 4.85 V the classic will chime. A lot of things can be wrong with Classic analog boards (the two Diodes DP3 and DP4 (1N4148) are almost bad everytime, TDA4605, CNY17G, IRFBC40). TDA4605: Have you measured the voltage at pin 6 of TDA4605? Should be 12V. Voltage is AC!
  9. I have two excel files. May be helpful. Kondensatoren recapping.xls Kondensatoren_Analog_Boards.xls
  10. dochilli

    Aiii. Ugly paint!

    Perhaps brake cleaner?
  11. dochilli

    Rom Question

    If you know someone who has an EPROM-programmer you can burn a copy of the ROM into two 27C512 EPROMs or pin compatible EEPROMs. ROMS are here: https://www.nightfallcrew.com/25/04/2014/macintosh-plus-sad-face-repair/
  12. dochilli

    SCSI2SD Issues

    Did you ever read the setting from the SCSI2SD? If they where saved right, then you should see the settings as you set it. Perhaps the saving of the settings did not work.
  13. I had 3 HDD that did not work because of a stuck reading arm and I had no fear to open them. All three worked after opening the drives and I could save the files on the HDD. Could be the last possible way to get the drive running. Otherwise it may be ruined.
  14. If the drive is dead, I would open it and look if the reading arm is stuck. Sometimes a little push with your finger moves the arm. I could get some drives back to life by opening the drive. Old drives have sometimes some rubber bumpers that have become soft and sticky with the years.
  15. If you want to format the drive you can use Lido. Most of my HDDs were formated with Lido sucsessfully. Is the last SCSI-device terminated? Internal drive should have SCSI ID=0. The external should have a higher value (like 1). As I remember right, only the Mac Plus booted from the device with the highest ID.