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  1. dochilli

    SE/30 Logicboard Video Issues

    I use a multimeter and check every pin of the ROM port for continuity. My multimeter has two long cables, so I can reach pins on the bottom and the top of the board. But I think you should solve the 12Vproblem first.
  2. dochilli

    SE/30 Logicboard Video Issues

    I would check every connection of the ROM. Take the schematics und search for broken traces. If you did not wash the board before recapping then there is left residue of the caps under some chips that could cause broken traces. Did you check the voltages at the floppy port? 5 & 12 Volt? Was the analog board recapped?
  3. dochilli

    This Does Not Compute SE/30

    He should check the voltages at the floppy port (+5 & 12V). If there is no chime then there might be a problem with the ROM. Clean and reseat the ROM. Check connections of the ROM for continuity.
  4. I would try stuffit 5.5 in Minivmac.
  5. I did not print feet for computer, but other parts of TPU (polyurethane). It is like rubber and could be used for the feet. I made a replacement bumper for an old harddiskdrive, that had a sticky rubber bumper.
  6. My macip pi works great now. I use an Asante local talk bridge to connect my SE/30 and can surf in the internet. Very nice solution and great work done by mactjaap. I use macweb 2.0 and can connect to some older websites and download software.
  7. I installed the newest macip software on my orange pi and I can see the macip drive, but there is no software on it. I read that there should be some old internet software on it. I can copy and read to and from the drive. Was the software removed in the newest image?
  8. dochilli

    SCSI2SD and se/30

    You can connect the scsi2sd with the internal hdd cable (50 pin). But if you want to copy your internal hdd to the scsi2sd then you have to connect it as an external drive. Easiest way is to get an external scsi enclosure.
  9. Yes, that was the reason for a faulty key in my Plus keyboard. I desoldered the key, opened it and repaired it with aluminium foil. If I remember right, the golden contact was broken. Pay attention to the spring!
  10. dochilli

    SCSI2SD and se/30

    The Macintosh Plus needs an external power supply (if you want to boot it with the SCSI2SD), not your SE/30. The SCSI2SD can use the the 25pin D-sub connector for power supply. Here you can see my SCSI2SD that I use with my Macs.
  11. dochilli

    Different Macintosh in Original User Guide?

    Remember that the 128k has 5 screws! The fifth screw is in the battery compartment. You have tho remove it, if you want to open the 128k! Some cases of 128ks were ruined because the people tried to open the case and forgot the fifth screw.
  12. dochilli

    SCSI2SD and se/30

    It is the same process for the most compacts, only the plus needs an extra power supply and some work to get it to boot from the SCSI2SD.
  13. dochilli

    Macintosh SE FDHD, Hard Drive Migration?

    Yes, a SCSI2SD can be used to save your HDD. For an external connection you need an adapter (50pin to 25 pin) and a cable for SCSI2SD 5.0 (25 pin sub D; 1:1). The version 5.1. can be delivered with an extra installed 25pin connector. Then you only need the cable (25pin sub D (and perhaps a power adapter(?), but I think power can be delivered by the SCSI port of the SE directly; for a mac plus you need an external power adapter)). 5.0: https://www.itead.cc/scsi2sd.html Adapter; https://www.itead.cc/scsi2-50pin-to-scsi1-db25-adapter.html External enclosure: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1131419 I have 4 SCSI2SD 5.0 and I am very happy with them. You can change the SD card and boot different systems or you install up to 4 SCSI Drives on one SD-card. 2GB of memory is a lot for classic macs. 5.1: https://store.inertialcomputing.com/SCSI2SD-V5-1-p/scsi2sd-v5.1.htm You can also use an external SCSI ZIP or a JAZ Drive. But they are often expensive and sometime are delivered defect. I would not use 1.44 MB disk to save my HDD.
  14. dochilli

    Starting on the SE

    The error code 02 shows a problem with the SIMM in bank B. Did the SE boot from a disk? Then your problem is the scsi HDD. Disconnect the HDD and see if the error occurs again. System 6 fits on 800k disks and can be used with a SE. I would try it with 6.0.8. After all that I can see of your FDD, it seems to be a 800k drive.
  15. dochilli

    Mac SE/30 parts

    There are some components missing (Y1, D1, C12). The 68882 looks damaged, also the UJ4 (F258). I think it will be difficult to repair this board. May be possible, but not easy. Good luck!