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  1. Check the voltages (5 and 12V). May be leaking caps in the AB.
  2. dochilli

    Macintosh SE Not Working

    Most SE do not have leaking caps on the logic board. In my SE's I did not change any caps on the LB. But the analog board should be recapped.
  3. dochilli

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    With this solution you can surf in the net with compact macs. Bit with a plus this will be very slow. https://www.macip.net/macippi/
  4. dochilli

    3D Print Replica HD 20 SC Enclosure?

    Are there some news for the HD20SC project? Is it possible to get STL-Files of the case?
  5. Resoler the pins of the cable between the logic board and the analog board. Pin 1 on the analog board is often broken.
  6. dochilli

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    Do you use firmware 4.8? My plus did not boot with 4.7 but with 4.8.
  7. dochilli

    "(Error #-199)" Error Code

    Could be a problem with the analog board. Perhaps the voltages are out of range. You can measure them at the floppy port. Must be near 5 and 12. AB needs a recap. Could also be a RAM problem. Clean and reseat the RAM.
  8. dochilli

    SCSI2SD on Macintosh Plus

    Can you show your settings of the scsi2sd ( general settings and setting of the scsi ID and so on)? Here is a thread where you can get a lot of information On page 2 and 3 are some posts of MOS8_030 and me. I could get a bootable plus with my scsi2sd.
  9. Did you check the voltages at the floppy port? Must be near 5 and 12 Volt.
  10. I would recap the logic board first. Often the caps on the LB cause the checkerboard. Low voltages on the AB can be a result of leaking caps and can result in a checkerboard. Start with cleaning and recapping the LB. Take the battery out of LB especially if it is Maxwell! For cleaning the LB isopropylalcohol is the best.
  11. dochilli

    512k with very unique fan

    I think that 020020 means that you have a RAM error at location F10. You have to change the RAM chip. Old RAM chips somtimes fail.
  12. dochilli

    AppleTalk net cable

    Perhaps an orange pi and a localtalk bridge may be interesting for you. The orange pi can be a fileserver. For futher information you can read here: https://www.macip.net/ You can surf in the internet with localtalk too. I use this configuration and it works great.
  13. dochilli

    Would these Floppy Disks work on a Macintosh SE/30?

    The easiest way is to use a D sub 25pin male to D sub 25pin male cable. It must be a 1:1 straight through cable. I have this one: https://www.reichelt.de/d-sub-kabel-1-1-25-pol-stecker-stecker-1-8m-ak-401-p3996.html?&trstct=pol_0 An adapter is not necessary.
  14. dochilli

    Questions about the SCSI2SD (Macintosh SE/30)

    A SE/30 works with the SCSI2SD without the usb power. You only need the 25 pin cable. Only the mac plus needs the external power, if I remember right. The mount is here:
  15. dochilli

    Would these Floppy Disks work on a Macintosh SE/30?

    I would take SCSI2SD with the 25 pin connector. Then you have all options to use it as an external hdd too.