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  1. I had 3 HDD that did not work because of a stuck reading arm and I had no fear to open them. All three worked after opening the drives and I could save the files on the HDD. Could be the last possible way to get the drive running. Otherwise it may be ruined.
  2. If the drive is dead, I would open it and look if the reading arm is stuck. Sometimes a little push with your finger moves the arm. I could get some drives back to life by opening the drive. Old drives have sometimes some rubber bumpers that have become soft and sticky with the years.
  3. If you want to format the drive you can use Lido. Most of my HDDs were formated with Lido sucsessfully. Is the last SCSI-device terminated? Internal drive should have SCSI ID=0. The external should have a higher value (like 1). As I remember right, only the Mac Plus booted from the device with the highest ID.
  4. dochilli

    Garbled screen SE/30

  5. dochilli

    SE/30 rebooting problem with screenshot

    Check the voltage of the AB. May me low voltages. Must be 12 and 5 V. Voltages can be checked at the floppy port. Is the logic board recapped? Check the reset button. Can be the cause, if it is Reseat Rom and Ram.
  6. dochilli

    512K: weird keyboard issues

    If I remember right it was the golden part, that was broken in my key. I repared it with thin aluminium foil. You have to desolder the key.
  7. dochilli

    512K: weird keyboard issues

    Second picture:
  8. dochilli

    512K: weird keyboard issues

    Sometimes a little metal part inside the housing is broken. Here you can see the inside of a key: https://deskthority.net/wiki/File:Alps_tee_green_slider_plate_and_spring_2.jpg
  9. dochilli

    Macintosh 512k sad Mac error help

    I think 27512 Eproms can be used.
  10. Check the voltages (5 and 12V). May be leaking caps in the AB.
  11. dochilli

    Macintosh SE Not Working

    Most SE do not have leaking caps on the logic board. In my SE's I did not change any caps on the LB. But the analog board should be recapped.
  12. dochilli

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    With this solution you can surf in the net with compact macs. Bit with a plus this will be very slow. https://www.macip.net/macippi/
  13. dochilli

    3D Print Replica HD 20 SC Enclosure?

    Are there some news for the HD20SC project? Is it possible to get STL-Files of the case?
  14. Resoler the pins of the cable between the logic board and the analog board. Pin 1 on the analog board is often broken.
  15. dochilli

    Booting Mac Plus with scsi2sd...

    Do you use firmware 4.8? My plus did not boot with 4.7 but with 4.8.