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  1. Not gonna go into details here, but there were some rather unfortunate things that happened in relation to people not getting stuff back. Definitly connect to another monitor.
  2. Uni isn't availible for repairs anymore, so not sure what you are going to do. You might want to take apart the monitor and see if the fuse is blown or anything looks burnt. As far as the machine goes, you might want to see what It looks like on another working monitor and see if it gives a sad mac code.
  3. IlikeTech

    Powerbook G4 667 Airport?

    Find a WiFi address that it will accept and spoof the PowerBooks
  4. IlikeTech

    Farallon EtherMac Adapter

    The adapter I have had a serial connector, not scsi. It plugged into the LocalTalk printer port, and bridged AppleTalk over Ethernet to AppleTalk over LocalTalk. Now, if configured corrrctly, this adapter will do the same. It does need drivers, but should be much faster than what I have. Thanks
  5. IlikeTech

    PRAM battery

    Lm7833 would do the trick on the 5vsb line.
  6. IlikeTech

    New (to me) IIci

    LMAO what is that name?
  7. I wouldn’t. You are eliminating the bleeder resistor if you do that.
  8. IlikeTech

    Beige G3 Strange Issues

    Oh I did modify the power supply slightly according to instructions.
  9. IlikeTech

    Beige G3 Strange Issues

    just tried different RAM, no luck. same with command control power...
  10. IlikeTech

    Beige G3 Strange Issues

    Yea, no luck. Black screen after the chime. This is with a good battery.
  11. IlikeTech

    Beige G3 Strange Issues

    Yep, I have it sit correctly. I haven't let it sit more than like 30 secs tho. Will give it a try.
  12. I just got a beige G3, and It had a bad power supply. I replaced it with the an ATX unit, and after cleaning the board with alcohol, it booted up. However, now it won't boot. It chimes with ram installed, but I don't get any video. If I remove the RAM, I get a crash. It doesn't seem to PRAM reset, and it has a fairly good battery in it. The CUDA Reset button doesn't help either. I have cleaned all the boards a few times now.
  13. IlikeTech

    How to convert a folder or .dmg to raw .dsk file?

    I use hfvexplorer running in wine on my mac! Annoying I know