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  1. IlikeTech

    Got a Power Macintosh G3 Desktop, what is it???

    I have a spare zip bezel I think, you need one?
  2. IlikeTech

    PowerBook 540c PRAM battery problem

    I think I heard that PowerBooks require a good main battery to charge before charging PRAM batteries.
  3. IlikeTech

    PowerBook 540c PRAM battery problem

    I would guess that 5.62 volts will fall to 0 with even a tiny load...
  4. IlikeTech

    SE/30 Power Supply: Recap or ATX?

    I'm sorry, but I wouldn't get near cheap PC PSUs like that with a long stick. Super generic, and not UL listed. So if it burns your house down that might be a problem. I would recommend getting a FLEXATX PSU from a reputable brand. I would get an SE/30 PSU from eBay. You can get a sony one for about 40 USD, and recapped, it shouldn't be a fire hazard.
  5. I think I would be up for one! I just did a project that required soldering an ATMEGA640 in the TQFP 100 package, so if I can do that (which I did), I can do this!
  6. IlikeTech

    LC 475 installation woes

    Option I think
  7. IlikeTech

    Mac SE Monitor On/Off Switch

    I would figure that if your board is browning out you might need to recap the power supply, which if you are leaving it on to run as a server is probably a good idea to do anyway. Just killing the sweep voltage seems like the safest thing to do in this case.
  8. IlikeTech

    Supermac Spectrum 24PDQ

    Mine looks like @Compgeke's. If you could dump it when you get the chance that would be great! Thanks!
  9. IlikeTech

    Beige G3 Strange Issues

    Thanks for the advice but that machine is long gone at this point, as it was a totally rusty mess
  10. IlikeTech

    Supermac Spectrum 24PDQ

    Does anyone have one with a more recent ROM or know where I can find one? I have a card, but it has the original 1.0 rev ROM, and that really limits it's compatibility. Thanks!
  11. IlikeTech

    PowerBook 520c keyboard

    That keyboard has the Hiragana symbols on it. The other system is Katakana, which is the keyboard I have on my 145B.
  12. IlikeTech

    170 Power Adapter

    No, that adapter should work. Check that the adapter is working with a multimeter?
  13. IlikeTech

    Challenging SE/30 logic repair.

    Also, is it possible something is pulling down the bus? Maybe scope the address and data lines?
  14. IlikeTech

    Challenging SE/30 logic repair.

    Make sure the rom is seated properly. That looks like the screen you get with no rom. Maybe corrosion on the slot contacts?
  15. IlikeTech

    I saved 100+ iBook G3 Clamshells

    I seem to remember that he left after he had a bad experience with getting his Lisa stolen, no?