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  1. How to get internet working on my mac lc III?

    Do you have a network software selector in Apple Extras?
  2. How to get internet working on my mac lc III?

    What system is your LC III running? Does it have open transport installed?
  3. Radius Rocket!

    My Q650 complained it didn't support RocketWare, so I was using RocketShare.
  4. Radius Rocket!

    Works great, and it even came with 16MBs of ram! Thanks!
  5. Radius Rocket!

    Thanks so much to @nglevin for sending me a radius rocket! It is the 33 MHz model! You cant beat free for something like that! I’ll test it soon!
  6. SE/30 Simisamac recovery

    Well, it turns out part of the reason it is is because it doesn’t have a rom SIMM.
  7. SE/30 Simisamac recovery

    Help! My new SE/30 is Simisamaced. It has the vertical lines pattern. I have removed all of the caps, and cleaned the board. My question is, what caps are needed to boot? I want to start checking traces before I fix the caps. I have pulled the video rom and ram and I get the same symptoms. Thanks!
  8. That sounds way, way low.
  9. a nice clamshell

    As CC said, I just cut and spliced the tip from my broken yoyo onto an old snow adapter and it works great!
  10. a nice clamshell

    Maybe! Shoot me a PM!
  11. a nice clamshell

    Cool! Nice clamshell. I have one, but when I got it the CD drive latch was broken. 25 dollars on ebay later I had a complete clamshell! If you want too, and can solder, the battery recell is super easy and my battery now lasts 4 to 4.5 hours!
  12. Macintosh SE no video

    Can you test the CRT and neck board with the other SE?
  13. Macintosh SE no video

    Is the neck of the CRT glowing when you power it up?
  14. JetPack for SE/30

    It is an awesome NuBus 040 accellerator/secondary mac card.
  15. I think it has a standalone 64K chip.