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  1. puckman

    Wanted, Apple II and Mac 128k clipart

    Thats exactly what I'm after! Do you have more?
  2. I'm in desperate need of some vintage clipart depicting the first compact Mac and the Apple II. I used to have loads, many years ago (talking 20 years) but the floppies I had the clip art on are toast. Can anyone help?
  3. Ok, so I took the WHOLE thing apart, then back together, still same problem. Then I thought, lets plug in the dock and an external screen, just to see if it was the screen or the logic board..... Video fine, from both internal and external screen, go figure. Going to unplug and test now
  4. puckman

    Anyone else noticed the rise in value of compact Macs?

    Yup, most collectible Apple items have gone up in value, specially after Steve's death. Kinda painful to think of that seeing I had a WHOLE room full of Apple stuff that I had to get rid of when I moved to Japan.
  5. puckman

    Convert a Mac Plus power board?

    Just thought I would follow up. The power converter arrived in the mail and works like a charm. Get's very warm but what do you expect from a 14 buck transformer? My son is playing Dark Castle now
  6. My PB Dueo 2300c was working perfectly back in the UK, I packed it to be shipped to Japan and once here I found that the display is all garbled. The machine still works as I can see the OS starting, mouse moving etc, but graphics are scrambled. Anyone got any suggestions? This was one of my collection that I still used, gutted!
  7. puckman

    Convert a Mac Plus power board?

    Just bought this puppy: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/110v-240v-100w-2-way-ac-travel-voltage-converter-us-plug-36336
  8. puckman

    Convert a Mac Plus power board?

    Wow, did not realize that step down transformers were that cheap. That might be the easier solution. Also still open for changing the board or swapping it as that would be the cleaner solution.
  9. Hi. I have just moved from the UK to Japan and of course I took the best examples of my classic Mac collection with me. Most items have switching power supplies but sadly this is not the case with my Mac Plus. Does anyone know if I can convert it or do I need to go down the costly road of buying a 100v power board or converter? Love to hear any ideas.
  10. puckman

    Exploded View 128K Design

    I'm wearing that t-shirt right now. Shame the designer screwed up on the front logo, SUPER minor detail, otherwise perfect!!!
  11. puckman

    VST 100 zip drive PowerBook 3400c

    OS 10? Hey this is the 68KMLA yeah yeah, I know, 3400c is a G3, anyways, Zip drive works like a dream under 8.6 so guess a troubleshooting session with extensions and control panels is in order. Gosh I miss the simple days of classic Mac OS. Hey who know, maybe I will get my Colour Quickcam to work under 9.2.2?
  12. puckman

    VST 100 zip drive PowerBook 3400c

    The VST drivers are simply rebadged Iomega drivers which are loaded. Restarting into my 8.6 partition, see what that does.
  13. As per title, grabbed myself a sweet, brand new in box, never opened ZIP drive for my 3400c but it don't seem to work. When I insert a disk it grunts 3 times and then just sits there. Seeing it was still sealed I'm hoping it's fine and I'm doing something wrong. Anyone got any ideas? I have 9.2.2 on the drive. Disk util sees the drive but claims there is no disk in the drive, tried several disks, all same sound. Disks work in my USB and SCSI zip drives.
  14. puckman

    my collection of vintage Mac

    Wow, that was short lived.
  15. puckman

    Concerning the editing post policy

    Ha so I'm not crazy! I was looking everywhere for the edit button but could not find it, now I find that's because there is none. WHY? I have never seen a board where you can't edit your post. Curious what the reason is.